AMT 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible

MOLDED COLORS:White, Clear, Black Vinyl, Chrome Plated
SCALE: 1/25 MSRP: $19.99 USD

None. This is a curbside model, actually an unassembled promo.

As was the case with the companion coupe kit/promo, the basic chassis pan has the engine, transmission lowers, and drive shaft sections molded in place as well as highly simplified versions of the independent front and rear suspensions. These last items are not quite 100% scale accurate, as they had to allow for the two straight metal axles that attach the wheels and tires to the chassis. Overall detail on the pan is a tad on the soft side. The exhaust system is separate, consisting of a one-piece twin-pipe unit, two mufflers/resonators, and two separate exhaust pipes with hollowed-out tips. Separate also is the transmission support, exhaust pipe support, and (unique to the convertible) front and rear cross bracing. Four disc brakes with caliper detail attach to the chassis and act as guides to insert the wheel bosses. Of note here also is that the chassis does not attach to the body by means of metal screws–a real plus point for the traditionalists among us.

WHEELS AND TIRES: Four 20” Camaro SS five-spoke cast-type wheels ride on big-and-little no-name low profile unidirectional tread tires. The instruction sheet points out how to mount the tire tread properly.

The interior floor does not have a rear plate and, unlike the coupe kit, no package shelf. All pedals are molded to the interior floor, and the lack of a third pedal indicates an automatic transmission-equipped car. The side panels are separate, have good three-dimensional detailing, and are bolstered at the rear for the convertible dog legs. There is no detail on the door-mounted speaker grilles; however, this can easily be rectified by the use of photoetched pieces or decal material from aftermarket sources. As is the norm for Round2, the front and rear seats are both molded in black vinyl and, as mentioned before in this column in other Round2/AMT curbside promo kit reviews, will require special treatment in painting as standard model paints don’t stick very well to vinyl. The console is separate, as is the shifter and parking brake lever. The dash is very well done, with decalized instruments and radio/multifunction panel.

The one-piece body has the convertible boot molded in place. Mounting to this are separate front and rear fascias, a separate rear spoiler lip, a separate clear high mounted brake light, a separate tiny satellite antenna, and a separate hood. The front fascia has the SS scoop molded in, and to which attach the grille, headlight bezels and separate clear lenses, and two tiny clear fog light lenses. The rear diffuser is molded into the rear fascia, and four clear taillight lenses (that need to be treated to a coat or two of transparent red) attach here. There are two separate “elephant ear” side mirrors that will need their faces covered with your favorite chrome foil. The windshield has the wipers molded in place, is thin and very clear, and attach from the outside of the car with tiny pin locators–care should be taken here so as not to break them.

Included on the smallish decal sheet are Z28 striping in black or white, CAMARO scripts, SS scripts for the grille, rear deck, and headrests, gold Chevy bowties for front and rear, a small CAMARO logo for the horn button, a black CAMARO plate, and a Michigan BCF 7714 plate. Spares are given for the instruments, radio/multifunction panel, SS logos, CAMARO scripts, and horn emblem. The decals are matte (not glossy) and this will be problematic in one area: the Z-style striping. These should be carefully cut away from the clear car- rier and applied separately to avoid any silvering issues after clear coating. OTHER: As with all recent Round2/AMT “Showroom Replicas” kits, no less than six instruction sheets are included in the box–in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!