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Contest Issue, #206, is DONE!

It’s about time! After what seems like an eternity, Issue #206, our Contest Issue, is finally done! I’m doing the final proofing, looking for any of my infamous misteaks, and getting the final ads sent in. It should be going to printer on Monday, October 7, 2019.

One thing I noticed just today is that this issue will mark the 20-year anniversary for Model Cars Magazine. WOW, 20 years! That’s a milestone. Although it doesn’t feel like it, especially since I have been so far behind. But, as they say, the worse is behind us.

Here is the Editor’s Corner for this issue, which tells the story of all the setbacks with me, and the magazine, over this past year or more.

Editors Corner #206

About Us

Model Cars Magazine was started way back in October, 1999. We are the only magazine printed in the US that is published by and for the model car hobbyist. We love model cars! We are not a big company, with dozens of magazines in-house. We publish Model Cars, and that’s it! We love model cars. We build model cars. We collect model cars. Need we say more? Enjoy the web site, let us know what you think. We are now up to Issue #203, and yes, he’s still late. After seven back surgeries, you think he would be done with all this medical stuff (Gregg is the editor/publisher of Model Cars, and he has shared his life story with every one of the readers of Model Cars over the years).

Golden Bell Press printed/published Model Cars since the beginning, and as of December 2015, they have shut down, opting for early retirement for the Bell’s of Denver, Colorado. As such, we had to get ourselves a new printer, financing, and of course, that pesky back issue, but we are getting everything in order, bit-by-bit.

Updated, Jan 21, 2019

A lot of you have asked for another update, so this is what I can say now.

As for Issue #206, I’m still working on it! I really miss Harry P. The work he did was incredible. I know this issue will show how bad I really am at this whole graphic design stuff, but I have been copying, I mean creatively borrowing, his old layouts/styles/etc. I have also been reading a ton of design books, something I should have done back in 1995 when I started in all of this publishing stuff. Back then, I would see layouts I liked, in “real” magazines, and adapt them to Plastic Fanatic, and then later in Model Cars.

Update on Issue #206

Itʻs September already (2018), and yes, still no new issue of Model Cars Magazine. Still doing the best I can at getting everything together, hopefully another couple of weeks and all the troubles are over.

Thanks for staying with us!


Atlantis Model Co. buys Revell-Monogram USA Toolings



Contact: President: Peter Vetri FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. (631) 499-6733

Atlantis Models
“Preserving the Past while Building the Future”

LONG ISLAND, NY, August 29th 2018 – Atlantis Model Co., manufacturer of plastic models and toys has purchased the tooling for many plastic model kits from the new owners of Revell, Revell Inc. USA-Blitz Partners. These molds were from the tooling banks of Monogram, Revell, Aurora and Renwal, some dating back to the early 1950s. They were stored in Revell’s Elk Grove facility in the great state of Illinois and represent Automotive, Aircraft, Ships, Military, Figures, Space and many other interesting subjects.

Peter Vetri, President of Atlantis, states, “It’s a lifelong dream to own this historic tooling and archive material related to these molds; to be able to preserve the tooling is a real honor. We look forward to reissuing many classics that have not been available in quite some time. All of the model kits will be made here in the USA and all the tooling and the Archive have been moved from Elk Grove to our facilities in Deer Park, NY. I would personally like to thank Julie Dombrowski, Edward Sexton, Lou Aguilera, Chris Borris and the legendary Ken Funk for the hard work they did at Revell over the years and especially the last few months which were a difficult closure for them.”

The deal was worked out shortly after the Hobbico bankruptcy was settled out. It was a very smooth transaction. It took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. Rick DelFavero, VP of operations, states, “I think model enthusiasts around the world will be pleasantly surprised in the coming years to see what the tooling bank and Historical Archive contains. We believe our releases will appeal not only to people that saw the original issues of these kits, but also to a new generation that can help expand and grow the hobby!”

Look for kits to hit store shelves 1stqtr 2019, our 10 Year Anniversary!

About Atlantis Models

Atlantis Toy and Hobby was founded in 2009 by Peter Vetri and Rick DelFavero with some guidance from former Aurora Project Manager Andrew P. Yanchus. With a combined 60 years of hobby experience, not only are we lifelong hobbyists, we know what it takes to run a successful hobby manufacturing business. Atlantis Toy and Hobby has sold thousands of products all over the world since 2009. Atlantis is an MDR company, Manufacturer-Distributor-Retailer, offering World Class Knowledge and Service in the Hobby Industry.

2018 Update

Yes, the magazine is still late. It’s the end of January, 2018, and I had hoped to have #205 at the printer by now. I’m about three days away from that goal, so that’s a good thing! If I keep up this blazing schedule, I’ll be able to do the six issues this year, and start on the Annual Contest Issue, which will be a stand-alone issue. Remember, I’m doing everything myself, from the mag, the bookkeeping, data, subscribers/circulation, ad sales, dealer sales, web site, everything but the forum. So, please, have some patience. I have been getting a lot of requests for refunds, and if you paid me, or rather Model Cars Magazine, LLC, and not Golden Bell, I will honor your request, delete all your info, data, and sadly, access, and send you back your pro-rated subscription monies. I can’t refund any Golden Bell Press subs, I never received those monies.

Thank you, everyone, who has sent emails of support. I will make this work, even with back surgery #8 now being scheduled. I will have to go through one more round of injections in March, then probably set up surgery for May or June.

So, Mahalo Nui Loa.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Issue #205 will be one of the last issues with Harry’s work in it, and it’s been real sad working on this issue. Every time I open up one of his layouts, I see him. Miss you my friend!

Meng Jeep Rubicon

Mengʻs New 1/24 Scale Jeep Rubicon

Mengʻs new Jeep Rubicon is here. And, like the Ford F-350 they released previously, itʻs very-well done! There is no motor, itʻs basically curb-side, but we know that this will be a model that will be built up more ways that we can count! Check out the

photos to see whatʻs in the box!

Tamiya Mercedes-AMG GT3

Tamiya Mercedes-AMG GT3

Tamiya sent their newest kit, the Mercedes-AMG GT3. We have to say, this is one insane looking kit! Just roughing the body together made such a good looking model, it mades us wish we had an extra half-mil to go out and buy the real car! With all seriousness aside, even though the kit is curbside, it’s really a superb kit. Check out the photos to see what we mean, and go pick up your kit from your local hobby shop now!


Issue #204

Inside Issue #204

Cliff Read’s Sharp Sedan

Evolution Of The Automobiled, Part II

Dirk Joseph’s Scratchbuilt Motorcycles

Dr. Cranky’s Phantom Gasser

New Chrome Pens