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  2. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    "50's and "60's police lightbars and accessories would be good...
  3. Western Star 5964 Constellation

    Very very nice build
  4. Station Wagon Kits

    '65 (AMT) and '66 (Revell) Chevelles. All I can think of at the moment. There's always the various '55-'57 Chev Nomads, too.
  5. Just in time for spring, is this "spring green" 1/24 Western Star 5964 Constellation. Painted with Tamiya Candy Lime Green. A pretty straight forward build with no frills. Just added bare metal foil, reflective tape and added fender mud guards. Had some challenges with the hood lining up (which was surprising, given the precision of these Italeri kits).
  6. 1932 Ford 3 window coupe

    Re primed...😒
  7. Weber Intake and Carbs For 289

    Does anyone know of Weber intake and carbs fro 289 other than the trumpeter Falcon?
  8. Weber Intake and Carbs For 289

    Does anyone know of Weber intake and carbs fro 289 other than the trumpeter Falcon?
  9. 69 Camaro Project Update

    Thank you for the kind words, sorry but no I won't be casting these ........ Get out your saw, files and scratch building supplies Alan
  10. What do you think would make for a good selling, stand-alone Parts Pack from AMT? It should consist of newly created parts or a recreation of original parts which are long gone (like the forthcoming '57 Fantasy Parts Pack), but remember to keep it realistic-- it's got to be a small package and sell for $13-$15 or so. I propose: 1) 1/25 scale snowplow from (or similar to) the old MPC Jeep Commando, maybe add an amber rotating beacon style(?) roof light or two with transparent amber domes? 2) The Yard Tractor Parts Pack: Wheel Horse tractor found in the MPC Indy Turbine kit(s). If just one is included, the MSRP would/should be less: 3) Vintage Drag Strip Parts Pack: Mini bike from one of the MPC or AMT kits (maybe the forthcoming '86 El Camino?) and a few oil cans, two toolboxes, a floor jack, wheel chocks, or instead a starting line 'Christmas tree' like the one from the MPC '72 GTO, but all-new, with transparent bulbs/lenses in red, amber, and green? Maybe a decal sheet of vintage sponsor logos and vintage style class numbers and letters? 4) Vintage Service Truck Parts Pack: Two 55-gallon drums, push broom (both similar to those found in the AMT Ford C-600 Stakebed kit, but not necssisarily direct copies), a few oil cans, two toolboxes, a floor jack, wheel chocks, etc.-- things they could add to add extra value just about any pickup truck or van reissue. 5) Day 2 Wheel & Tire Parts Pack: One set of deep dish 5-slot wheels and some 60-series pad printed RWL BF Goodrich tires. Really, they could do multiple different sets of wheels using the same tires, and label it multiple ways. I think the newer pad printed Polyglas GT tires are great, and Round2 has certainly gotten a good return on that investment, but aftermarket wheels and tires for street vehicles, as a stand alone set, have been much overlooked, and Round2 has a ton of musclecar, pickup, and van kits in which they could include such a wheel and tire set as a bonus item. I realize this might be a tricky one, as they'd need to make sure the wheels and tires both fit and mount properly to whichever kit they are included with, but a few different wheel back pieces might be able to cover many of the variations. That's all I've got. Let's hear your suggestions/ideas, please.
  11. What's out there for wagon kits? 80s and older, any brand. I have a hankering to build a stock station wagon, a real plain jane mom type grocer getter.
  12. Mack Cruiseliner

    Great looking plain workhorse!
  13. 32 Ford Vicky - AMT

    Very nice build. The way you used different colors to show off the different components. Great looking color and finish on the body.
  14. AMT MOUNT 'N GOAT Jeep Commando

    I think I'll pick up one for parts to restore this beastie. Took a fall after these pics were taken and some of the fragile suspension parts got broken. BTW ,,, I had one of the square grille ones back in the day and cut the front fenders and hood from an MPC CJ5 and put on it. IIRC, it fit right up with no needed mods aside from reinforcing the glue joint. Makes a cool looking custom that still looks almost stock.
  15. '32 Vicky Cabriolet

    Great looking paint and finish. I like the way you detailed the chassis, engine, and wheels and tires. Cool looking Flat Head. Hard to tell if it represents yesterday or today as far as build style. In other wards it looks timeless.
  16. I took these pics in answer to a post in the 'general' forum so since I have them, they might as well be on here as well: The D-type Jaguars were one of my favorite sports racecars (from an era when style mattered and racecars were easily identified). As well as building models, I also collect some diecasts and this 1/18 metal model (mostly stamped metal body) from EXOTO back in 2011 was without a doubt the most I've ever spent on a model (even though it was on sale at the time of my purchase), but It remains, however, the most absurdly detailed model I've ever acquired. Although some versions of the Exoto D-types are still available from Exoto, the prices are now in the stratosphere. Because of the extensive detail, the model is quite fragile and just about every time I remove it from its display case, there's some part that I have to fasten back in place. This particular car evidently won the Reims 12 hour race in 1954, driven by Whitehead and Wharton.
  17. '32 Vicky Cabriolet

    Agree completely. Great set of photos. Altogether a superior build.
  18. Slant 6 cross ram

    I would like to find a model of the early Lancer GT or the Valiant as long as it's a two door.
  19. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Their side exhaust was kind of nice but not that accurate as I recall. The Moon discs in the kit also left a bit to be desired. To give you an idea about the time I first built this kit, I would go around to the local Auto Salvage and find any "Late Model" '59 - '60 Fords looking for the Dash Knobs. I would remove the shinny metal knob centers from the plastic knob. I think these were Aluminum and I would shine them and they fit perfectly in the AMT wheels of the day and when flipped them over they looked for all the world like the Moon Discs. Most of the Moon Discs I have seen in 1/25th cover the entire wheel and actually stick out to far. The original Moons that we bought at PEP Boys or where ever fit into the wheel and the "fingers" would grip the wheel. This left the "Bead" portion of the wheel exposed much like an OEM Hub Cap of the day. I don't know if that is a good enough description of the Moon Hub Caps, but I think you can get the idea from this.
  20. 69 Camaro Project Update

    looks good. nice clean work. any chance you will cast some of these?
  21. AMT MOUNT 'N GOAT Jeep Commando

    OK, now that Safari one is way too cool. Would LOVE to see that again and they can let you build it stock or with all the safari goodies.
  22. KW aerodyne wrecker - decal time !!!

    Small wknd update ! Added the CTM modern marker lights square headlights and reflectors. The parts are very impressive the lights even have a reflector kinda look inside The numbers came from jerry, actually forgot I'd ordered them !! Now to the handrail , and get the cab mounted finally
  23. Today
  24. Maybe Round2 can do the Mount'n Goat Commando kit as a One Run of Fun (do they even do that anymore?) and backdate it to the generic "Commando" version with the snow plow when the move on the the next oil company licensing deal. I think they've done Texaco and Union 76, but not Shell yet. I doubt the sales would justify the cost of the backdating, but who knows, maybe some of the inserts for the plow still exist. Hmmm, a separate 1/25 scale snow plow offered as an AMT Parts Pack...

    I drove a '75 Nova LN two door Demo for a time. I seriously considered ordering one for my self but I already had several new and newer cars at home that I didn't drive that often so it was hard to justify buying another. The love of the automobile is what got me into the car business to start with, plus an invitation from the dealer I ordered my new '74 Step Side from. Building a copy of the four door is going to take a lot of fabrication since I know of no models that shared that roof line, and even the AMT '76 Nova Model Hatchback is only close at best. Good luck to you on finding a sedan body.
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