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  2. XM-706 Commando Armored Car

  3. Moebius F-100 issues

    I don't remember ever getting a reply when I inquired about a replacement for this one but it didn't matter anyways. Really tough styrene to work with but hot water just off boiling got most of it corrected. mike
  4. My 2017 Builds

    I just checked that German website out, cool stuff!
  5. Alclad II website down?

    Oh good, looks like they took care of whatever needed to be fixed. Last night going to Alclad II was getting me to http://alclad2.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi
  6. XM-706 Commando Armored Car

    I would not have chosen 1/72, prefer 1/35. At first I was daunted by the tiny parts, but many car details are just as small. I've also been into German armored cars, this is along the same theme.
  7. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    celulose insulation between
  8. Autoquiz 362

    I am also getting close to do that!
  9. What is this?

    NASCAR engines run between 24-32 quarts
  10. need a couple parts

    Neal, PM me you address....I have the hood inserts Kevin
  11. Type "K" Concept

    Actually, I believe the Lindberg is just a reboxing of the US Airfix, as US Airfix also issued a standard 80 Camaro like the "K" version of it as Greg showed in the opening post, as well as an 80 Corvette. The standard versions of those three also seen the Testors rebox from the mid to late 2000s, and in fact the Firebird actually has the dash and wheels from the 80 Camaro in that Testors rebox. The US Airfix sealed kit is copyrighted 1980, so I'd guess it is the original release of the Type K, and since it shares much everything with the standard Firebird with the exception of the body and the interior and I was also able to get a rebuilder so I didn't have to open the sealed kit, here is generally what to expect in the Type K. The Lindberg version was molded in the same horrible metallic brown as it is shown on the box, as I also had that issue back in the mid to late 80s. Also, as you can see on the US Airfix box, it is a snap kit, but also builds into a decent curbside, because while it does have opening hood and basic engine detail, there isn't really much to write home about there. I have not tried it yet, but it may be possible to make it a full detail build using one of the reissues of the Monogram 78 Trans Am kit, but still isn't bad just as it sits.
  12. What is this?

    16 qts of oil, that's more then a engine holds,,,,,,,,,
  13. Today
  14. What is this?

    lol, no they dont run more oil than whats in the engine, its called a dry sump oil system, and all the oil is housed in the oil tank instead of the oil pan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_sump
  15. Looking for the Revell '83 Camaro Berlinetta(1/16th) instructions

    Its missing pages 6-7 but thats not a big deal as it seems its just the interior stuff, thanks to you I can get this done! Thank you so much for being so quick you legend <3
  16. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Extra points for not writing "pour over".
  17. What is this?

    That is the housing that the oil tank sit's in, you will wan to paint it the same color as the rest of the chassis.
  18. Thanks Mike for posting this! However I'm looking for actual interior pictures and one showing what the bracket behind the spare tire looks like.
  19. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

    Another great looking model Steve.
  20. What is this?

    looks like the oil tank, they run more oil then whats in the engine. Option 2, is a cool tank for the driver, they have the hose that runs to the helmet, to cool them off Option 3 find a picture of the real car.
  21. Hot Rod Lincoln, the salvage job

    Nice save,
  22. Carl Casper's Popcorn Wagon

    Nice show rod
  23. Motormax 1960 Ranchero mods.

    Just click where it says created a topic
  24. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Not a problem, hope it works for your builds!
  25. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Thank you, Gotnitro!
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