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  2. Another deFoosed Caddy

    great job looks awesome
  3. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, A Few More Inferior Photos.

    fabulous, very nice job, love it
  4. Enamel paint removal query

    I agree and keep it on hand....
  5. Love the fab’d separate windshield wipers. A touch that makes the truck look real, which is the point of building a replica. Great model Steve.
  6. MPC 1985 Ford Mustang SVO

    nice job, looks great
  7. Everything remaining is packed up waiting to move to the Pacific Northwest with my wife and I. After we settle down, I will reassess
  8. 442 Hood

    Does anyone still make a W30 ram air hood for the old Johan 442
  9. 1980 Ford Pinto Wagon 4x4

    Neat build and idea Chuck!
  10. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    But, Clam chowder ...
  11. LAPD Ford Crow VIc

    Looks great!
  12. AMT Tommy Ivo FED

    It's 3/32 plaststruct tube. Part number 90603. It has a fairly thick wall, so it does not kink when bending. I use a lighter to heat and bend the tubing. I use a homemade jig made of thick sheets of styene to make the bends and cuts all the same. I need to make a tutorial on how to make the complete header.
  13. Pro Shop kits for trade

    Up for trade are some pre-painted kits from AMTs Pro Shop series. The black and red 56 Ford Crown Victoria, the yellow 41 Woody, the black 56 300c, the black and red Edsel, the purple 70 Monte Carlo and a few of the violet phantom 32 Ford Victoria roadsters. It was called the Pro Shop series. They came painted and detailed really nice and building them should go together quick, but I don't like the colors they came in and I hate to strip them just to repaint them again. I'm hoping somebody else would like to build them as they are. What I'm looking for: Lately I've been into everyday bread and butter cars from the 70s. Pintos, Vegas, Volares, 2 dr Monacos, Matadors, Gremlins, Pacers, Mustang IIs (don't laugh) I'm trying to make Cobra II and King Cobra. Or anything similar from the 60s and 70s. The more unusual the better. I don't mind built-ups or restorable glue bombs, I also look for stock parts too! just value your trade based on it's condition. My offers are unopened, unbuilt and pre-painted. Let me see what you've got!
  14. I have bee wanting to build a school bus now for a while. I found the Bonnet bus is the right size for what I am wanting to do. I love the 65 Chevy body style and wanted to do this conversion. I found the 65 Chevy is a perfect fit for the Bonnet Bus. Almost like they were made for each other. It was a curbside, so I cut out the engine/trans area and I am going to install a stock 350. The windshield is going to be easier than I had expected. so, here it is.
  15. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, A Few More Inferior Photos.

    Steve, your models are always a treat to see. It's especially great to see such a rare model done so well. Beautiful colour choice! Eric
  16. Homeless kits are still growing

    Your picture's are kinda blurry... PM sent anyway.
  17. Another deFoosed Caddy

    Cool looking Caddy! Well done! tb
  18. 1967 Belvedere GTX

    It looks pretty good
  19. AMT 1/25 2016 Camaro (pre-painted kit)

    looks good, nice work
  20. 57 ford wagon beater

    I like that idea! Definitely gonna try it
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