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  2. ISO KW W900L

    Google images sure loves there long links. But I'm looking for a W900l cab like this. The new style flat top. Even if it has to be 3d printed. Im wanting to build my 1:1 real life truck. https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-americamovil-us&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=MRJhWo7oPInKsQWTlI2IBg&q=2002+kenworth+w900+flat+top&oq=2002+kenworth+w900+flat+top&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.12...53504.62917.0.71488.
  3. Ford Asphalt Modified

    Looks really good!
  4. Ford Asphalt Modified

    Nice work in this , looks great .
  5. 32 Ford's

    WOW!! At last a proper '32 Ford!!
  6. 49 mercury wagon roof rack

    Here's one example: I would get some maximum dimensions (max width, length, etc.) then figure how you want to mount it (drip rail brackets, "feet" directly to the roof, etc.), then get some tubing (Evergreen or Plastruct styrene or brass/aluminum) and cut file, and glue/solder until it looks good to your eyes. It's almost guaranteed to be unique to fit this particular vehicle, so you have a lot of freedom to be creative-- use it. You could also Google search for pics of woody wagons, then copy or emulate one you see which you like.
  7. That is cool ... where can I get one?
  8. Tamiya Ferrari F189

    Great looking build , a lot of nice detail work .
  9. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    Looks Flawless to me! Beautiful work!!
  10. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    I always like seeing your work , and this is another nice one , great building skills .
  11. Repsol Honda RC211V Valentino Rossi 46 Tamiya 1/12

    thank you very much, it is a good idea that the fairings can be removed and the interior detailed. a greeting
  12. Cobra Racing Team project

    I like it!
  13. Yeah, its for a odd choice for everything outside of the Japan, this is more focus for the Japan market. I agree, a new big rig kit is needed.
  14. 2019 Ram

    Hmm, Itailan is now American, I did not know that.
  15. 2019 Ram

    I would own a Ram over a Ford/Chevy, but not over a Nissan or Toyota The 2015 Ram I get to drive is very nice, solid truck, and feels like a truck, my only issue I have with the Ram is the turning radios, its horrible.
  16. 2019 Ram

    This is actually a very good point , and the location plays a very small role in the over quality of said vehicle.
  17. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    great looking Ford, super clean build
  18. I'm looking for the marker lights (chicken lights) that come in the Revell Peterbilt Can-Do/Will-do wrecker kit and Bill Signs kit. They can be the loose ones or the ones on the light panels. Please let me know what you have. Thanks! perhach2@mediacombb.net
  19. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    Very beautifully done, great work!!!!!
  20. simple 55 bel air

    The Revell '55 hardtop is basically the same kit as the '55 convertible. Both are pretty nice kits. Steve
  21. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    There's a plate of aluminum epoxied into the back before the styrene finish detail was added, and a strip of brass sheet is epoxied around the exterior of the window area to give it structure as well.
  22. Hi guys. I will be building an old Ford COE flatbed truck as a Shelby hauler. I want it to be hauling a Cobra and was wondering if anyone had an idea for making a reasonable looking set of tie downs. Thanks
  23. Honda S660 Resin Kit, The Modelers

    I am so impressed with this presentation .. KUDOS ! Thanx ..
  24. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    A dove is nothing more than a glorified pigeon. Flying rats in my opinion! Steve
  25. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    Now that is serious modelling. Excellent job!
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