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  2. Our Michael's is a joke

    I read an article about that. KB Toys planning comeback after demise of Toys ‘R’ Us I doubt I'll find those 8 buck Tamiya kits this time around.
  3. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    marks the spot
  4. 32 Ford Custom Vicky

    Pretty neat. Good job making all of the parts from different kits work well together.
  5. Dale Jr's 2010 National Guard Impala

    Not into the later cars at all ..... but I am into beautifully built models ..... great work sir.
  6. Kits & Parts want list

    PM sent
  7. 65 Ford Fairlane Modified Stocker

    Very nice build sir ..... you do great work.
  8. AMT Mustang GT Funny Car AWB

    God, I'd forgotten about those wheels, as back in the day there was a zillion street/strip wheels out there by another zillion manufacturers.....I think all the players were trying to capture your bucks by coming up with as many ideas and designs as possible, and all copying each others designs with a slight change or ever so slight difference wheel to wheel......glad you jumped in here, Steve, as I need a jolt like this from time to time to check and see if I'm still awake...lol...the Ace....
  9. '65 Olds 88 Modified Stocker

    That's a really cool idea .......... and extremely nice execution !
  10. Slot car track...WITH NO SLOT !

    That was cool! Even better, when I off'd the audio. Don't need the obvious explained to me, repeatedly.
  11. 1/24 scale kenworth w900

    Very well done.
  12. Plymouth Volaré redo

    With everything that went wrong mechanically on my Aspen SE, the one thing that never gave me any trouble were the T-tops. They never leaked, even in a high pressure hand-held car wash!!
  13. Peterbilt 359 Revell AG

    Very nice build!
  14. Cheap and easy "braided hose"

    I've used braided fishing line leader...available in various sizes, depending on the test-weight.
  15. Hudson Hornet Salt Racer.

    Agree! Very cool
  16. Ferrari FXX K with Hobby Design Super Detail Set

    Great looking workspace set up. Following along with the build...good luck
  17. Rear engine Austin Mini

    There are several around here with various Hondas in the back. Good track day and autocross cars.
  18. Cannonball 2018: ´69 Charger Slant-6

    Faster than expected...first coat of green already on the re-primered body. Since this is a no-care-hackjob-build I wanted to try something. I always thought Chargers look quite mean when the headlights are visible, so I removed the outer parts of the grille inserts...which are wrong anyways. I cut the grille open and glued ´68 Roadrunner headlights to the back of it. The grille is definitely the weakest spot on this kit and this is actually a good option. Half of the wrong grille insert is gone and the remains are a bit overshadowed by the presence of the headlights. I like how the front came out with the modified grille and scratchbuilt core support detail.
  19. building a fully detailed Pagani Huyara

    Oh dude hang in there...lots of rest, fluids and chicken soup...really does work Where did you get the Stig figure...I think I need one
  20. 1/20 Tamiya Lotus Type 79 Martini

    Thank you gentlemen for all the comments and encouragement So next up was putting together the sub assemblies ...engine on, cockpit in and seatbelts made. I used the paper Tamiya belts from the kit, they are ok but would use fabric in the future I can’t upload photos at the moment...will try later
  21. Plymouth Volaré redo

    Exactly. That lack of inner fender made it a mess. But then again, so many other cars had their faults, not just Chrysler. I remember there was a lot of Aspens & Volarie's on the road. And now, almost none. Can't remember the last time I saw one go by.
  22. Slot car track...WITH NO SLOT !

    They were fun when they worked right. I had the semi truck sets with the blocker pickup. The biggest problem with them was they would stop when changing lanes because the pickups lost contact.
  23. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Nice score. Was it in that shape for $600? The 1/8 Shelby Mr Obsessive mentioned above is also a nice looking "subscription" kit and I think that company is related to Eaglemoss. That would be a fun one to convert to look more like your 1/1 stang. I've always wanted to build a model of a car I owned but since I've only owned rather humble daily drivers I've never found a kit of any of them
  24. Trailer & motorcycle available

    Which AMT '40 Ford, Jim?
  25. Love the 'Roo Bar! That colour is sharp too. What a great build. Were the Olsen Roadster Doors difficult to install. I want to use a set on my Bronco, but have not bought any yet?
  26. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    It is of the BTTF Delorean which is a shame because it includes a full engine and nicely detailed suspension. I actually thought about how easy it would be to convert it to a stock Delorean while building the bumper. While not impossible to do it would be a ton of work. The interior has many of Doc's gizmos molded in so that would need tons of work to make stock. The body also has various holes drilled in the panels for the time travel parts and completely omits the rear Louvre. Again not impossible to alter but since the Delorean is "bare metal" I don't know how you'd cover the fill holes without a coat of paint. So if you would want to make it into a painted stock Delorean and could find some 3d printed parts I think it could be done. Just out of curiosity what about the BTTF Delorean didn't look good to you? I loved how the prop guys made it look like something Doc built in his garage! Many of the parts they used were salvaged from military/early computer parts and I always felt it was the most believable looking movie prop out there.
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