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  2. Chopped & Channeled '37 Ford!

    Very Cool lookin' '37 I like all your choices on this...! Color, wheels etc. Great Job...!!!
  3. Unimog

    Yes they were Hugh, I could bounce the rear end like a basketball! Our plow Unimog had a flatbed so we loaded some scrap engines for ballast. The Uni that had the end loader had a factory steel block for ballast, as did our forklift, that weighed about 1,500 lbs., and we did not have a problem with it. I would cut some thick pieces of styrene and give them the rust treatment and stack them in the bed to simulate steel plates. A friend of mine did that with the plow truck pickups we used instead of weighing them down with sand or stone. That spreader that comes with that kit would be more than enough weight for ballast.
  4. RWB 993 - High $takes

    Cheers! Mostly just lots of Superglue & a bit of filler, Id tried my best to get the bending right before I attached it, quite difficult to bend metal 3 different ways & not put a hard bend in it... maybe I just put it in the wrong place. Cheers! I work in the CBD, a block away from Princes Wharf, yeah its quite hilly, esp when you have to walk uphill to a job carrying a ladder! Glad you had a good time here, its a pretty nice place! The weather was pretty hot over the weekend, so managed to get a clearcoat on, Ive sprayed it with Automotive 2K clearcoat, now i'll be able to sand that back & even it all out before the final clearcoat. Anyone know what you thin Aclads clearcoats with? My RWB kit comes with an "engine" too, its pretty much just a resin copy of the Iterali Porsche Engine, I was in 2 minds weather to use it or not, but I figured this would be properply be my only 993 RWB so went for it. The Engine is just a standard non turbo engine which was never going to fly in my Weekend Racecar. (Pic - not my model) I had to remove some of the bracing in the body to get this to fit Ive started to scratchbuild an intake similar to the Gunther Werks 400R (also an amazing porsche!!) which requires other parts to be removed. Not alot of it will be seen, but since the engine hatch will be removable by Magnets, & you can see a little something through the RWB mesh on the rear (seriously love this feature!!) - (Pic - also sadly not my car, but my its Gorgeous!!) Also had some time to piece together the chassis & weather it a bit for a racecar look. Interiors next, stay tuned Ash
  5. Revell '49 Merc

    Beautiful!!!!! Thanks for NOT putting spot lights(Warts) on it
  6. `Polished Plastic ; Please Share'

    Years ago, I bought a Monogram 57 Chevy snapper moulded in black. I polished it out, Bare Metaled it, and detail painted it. It looked great. People asked me if I painted it, and I told them what I did. I sold it for some crazy money that someone offered me for it. I told them what I did before they offered me the money, and they did not care. I bought another one to do the same thing to as a slump buster. The Polar Lights prepainted Pontiac GTO's I have came out great too. I did a black convertible, and a turquoise hardtop. I have a saddle tan hardtop to do. I love that 61 Steve.
  7. Highway thru Hell

    that they do! looks like they will need RastaBlasta there to clean up the mess. you have prob seen him , Mike Hall, been in a couple HTH episodes, blasting rock and stabilizing cliffs. here's something I bet not a lot of people know about Mike, he collects old cars and trucks, has about 400 of them on his property......and if you got 1.4 mil (CDN, 1 mil US) it can all be yours. you just got to check this out! paid off my house last yr....wish it was worth a few more bucks, know where I would be heading... pretty incredible set-up he's got- are you ready for this? and the only Mercury 'ute known to exist yeah, I know and it is....
  8. Thanks Luc, I do have the El Camino from the Bass Busters kit. I might be willing to trade the El Camino I picked up yesterday, not sure yet.
  9. 1931 Ford Rat Rod.

    Very nice results. I like the attitude you have captured with this build.
  10. Monogram Little T

    really sharp, nice makeover/restoration.
  11. Model show on ma?

    Just wondering if there is still a model car show in Taunton,ma? I know it was usually in March or April and at one point was run by masscar, but I haven't seen any info on it in a couple years, anyone know if it's still a thing, or have I missed out? Thanks,
  12. Chopped & Channeled '37 Ford!

    Great looking model!
  13. Yesterday
  14. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

  15. 61 Gurney tribute

    Fascinating indeed. I never knew of this facet of Gurney's career.
  16. A few of my current projects

    It is a tamiya Nissan skyline 2000 gtr engine with a turbo that I’m building for the cannonball community biuld.
  17. A few of my current projects

    I do do them separately. I just have them all out like this so I can pick one to finish.
  18. Tamiya Jaguar XJ220

    The Jag is coming along nicely. I love the colour choice. I have been searching for the perfect blue for a Ferrari project, and I think this colour is just the ticket.
  19. A few of my current projects

    Yes it is a 4BT Cummins in the bronco.
  20. ‘77 MPC Ventura Hood

    think they're the same from 75 to 77
  21. Ferrari fxx-k

    Man that looks good!! Great Work!
  22. A few of my current projects

    I do have a question Cale, what is the engine in the Cobra?
  23. Lindberg Stutz Racer Build

    The important thing was deciding on 1/16 scale Lindberg kits to build. Was getting nowhere with 1/24 and 1/25 kits. Looked over Lindberg Model T, Mercedes Racer and this one and then said to myself 'This scale works for me'. They had been sitting on the shelf for 10 years but circumstances came together and the lightbulb went on. These are all 'low part count' kits and the parts are big enough to handle and fit together easily. All you have to do is just do it. Supplies and a tool are on the way to build it.
  24. 1951 Chevy custom

    Interesting paint job.
  25. 1970 Ford police car

    They had 429 s because they were interceptor police cars mainly for highway use not sold to the public strictly police
  26. A few of my current projects

    One at a time for me. I'd be getting all kinds of parts mixed up. Good luck
  27. 46 merc pickup

    Nice job Glen. Now you have to get another one and do its gig brother.
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