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  2. More N Scale Structures

    I don't know why I bought these. They're a little too Japanese sterile for my layout.
  3. 2019 Ram

    I agree does not look like the Ford! I really like the Ram trucks!
  4. 1982 Nissan Skyline Turbo Gr.5

    Cool. I've always been quite fond of Group 5 race cars. Not sure why. I've worked on a few 1/1 scale Gr.5 race cars. Actually Trans Am and another local track series, but same rules as FIA Group 5. I like 'em. This is a cool one.
  5. Super Bee into a wagon

    I like your progress! I used to have a 68 Coronet wagon. When the 66-67 B-bodies were updated in 68 the 2 and 4 door models got a slight top chop but the wagon and convertible models did not. This should not be an issue with your build since the Monogram 69 Coronet has always looked a little tall to my eye. Carmak
  6. Buick Brothers

    Very nice. I like them both! I do like a great Buick.
  7. Corvair rampside

    Just received and opened my Best Model 1961 Corvair rampside pick up. Its everything as advertised and nicer than shown in the ad. Got it in about 10 days, really nice. Now if I'm smart enough to build it it'll be great, Bubba
  8. new for 2018

    My knock is not on the base kit. It a very nice kit. My knock is this version. I just can't see it as boxed selling. Too many people will be turned off by the car's ugliness to not see the car under the lightning bolts. Its possible the ugliest movie car of all time. Why remind us of it?
  9. Buick Brothers

    Real good looking Buick's
  10. Repsol Honda RC211V Valentino Rossi 46 Tamiya 1/12

    A beautifully built model with great attention to the details. It looks like a real motorcycle.
  11. Why Can't I Post?

    Still no luck with it today. Though I was able to post a response, just not the actual response I wanted to post. Immediately after, it STILL wouldn't take it. So I started experimenting. I starting posting it in one sentence at a time. And then editing in the next sentence, and so forth. I eventually got the whole post posted, except for one sentence. Why it doesn't like that one, I have absolutely NO idea.
  12. '32 Ford Chopped Lakes-style Coupe - TROG Beach Racer No.2

    Thanks again The picture was manipulated in Photoshop. The original photo that I started with is the 3rd one down after the text. I added a background photo I had of the Bonneville salt flats and then processed it to add noise (the fine dots spread throughout the photo), reduce the number of colors used to make up the color picture, and incrase the contrast between light and dark areas, all in the hope of creating something that looked like an old magazine or postcard photograph,. I think I went a little overboard but it's a technique I hope to master. I'd like to be able to make old-timey postcard photos like this one:
  13. Buick Brothers

    Man those look good !!
  14. World's Coolest Paper Airplane

    Holy Crapola... That is so freaking awesome and the builder has some serious talent. Super impressive. Thanks for sharing with us.
  15. 2019 Ram

    I still think these trucks are at least passably good-looking. But the size, man oh man... I was just in mexico and you wouldn't believe the way mini-trucks are holdin' it down. Hauling water, a dozen guys in the bed, boats, loads of sand...and they've been doing it since 1989 when they were new trucks. I'm not sure why we norte americanos need trucks that could crush a herd of wildebeest and pull the moon out of orbit, even though they'll mostly be used to get to soccer practice.
  16. Buick Brothers

    Getting close to the finish on my two Buick projects: 73 Gran Sport and 76 Century Pace Car. Down to final details on both: lights, drip rails, door handles and miscellaneous trim.
  17. Old 69 Yenko Build Up Cut Up

    I like where you are going with this..You got lots of work ahead of you but after your filler shriks and you fill again, this is going to be a killer modification..Well done...Keep it going and for sure show lots of pictures..
  18. Today
  19. Old 69 Yenko Build Up Cut Up

    The rear looks almost like a Torino to me. Great job of working the parts together. Looking forward to more posts. Jimmy
  20. Hey Fellas... Sorry I haven't had a post in a while.... Stephen... You are welcome, Hopefully you have been able to find it in the Valley. I can't find it any where on the east side of the valley where I am at. Let me know if you do find it. Ray... Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Brian... Thanks for the nice words. Joe... Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for following along since the beginning. I know its been a long road and its long over due to be finished. You know when I do finish it I would love to be able to send pics to Mr. Hendricks. I would actually love to get pics of this build and the real car together if that was possible. Kind of like Putting it on the injector hat of the real car But I know its a pipe dream for that to happen. Few years back when I tried contacting Hendricks Motorsports museum to see if they could get me some pics of the real car, they told me that they didn't have the staff to be able to get me some reference pics of the car. So that's when I have had to make my own assumptions on certain Items that I had no pictures of. I have done the best I could with what information I have. Its not perfect but will be good enough for me when I am done. Mike... Thank you. Dave... Thank you my friend. I have been having my struggles with this thing and it gets frustrating after a while and makes me want to give up. Bob... Thank you. Sorry No new updates right now. Actually I haven't been to the bench in probably over at month at this point. I have had family in town for the past month and been spending time with them. I wish I could find my minions and be building like John but to be honest the motivation just hasn't been there for me. Sorta feel like I am in a slump.
  21. new for 2018

    Nothing says "FIFTIES !" quite like a set of Firehawk radial RWL tyres ! WOOF ! That thing is hideous ---- ugly enough to scare the vultures off a gut cart !
  22. '69 340 Dart

    Potentially silly question : you did offset the engine to the passenger-side , right ? The 383-powered A-bodies also had unique K-members vs. their small V8 counterparts (the Slant Six family , again , had their own specific K-member as well) . Perhaps the one from the AMT Duster 340 would be better ? Nice looking Dart !
  23. TS-13 on Zero paints

    Maybe the tamiya paint maybe little hotter than zeropaints that's why it may have ate through the "build up" spot
  24. 2019 Ram

    All of that touch-screen garbage ... NO THANKS . Give me a truck with vinyl seating , rubber floor mats , and little to no gimmicks and tech garbage . ( I know , I know : "Get off my lawn !" ) . I just enjoy simplicity ; I want a truck to ride like a truck , handle like a truck , and be user-friendly . I want to feel the transmission go-through its gears ... steel wheels ... easy spare tyre changes ... and not a bunch of TPMS lights and other Disneyland Electrical Street Parade antics on the dashboard and gauges . And , I want to be able to reach-into the bed -- on a two wheel drive , half-ton -- without having to use the rear tyres as a freakin' step ladder !
  25. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I think that’s close to the size of my entire car.
  26. 1/24 Monogram Trans Am Pontiac

    That is a nice site Steve! I've always had a soft spot for screaming chickens LOL!
  27. Testors brush paint

    FWIW : I have a bottle of Tamiya Clear Red bottle paint that's 33 (thirty-three) years old , and it's still good ! Same with a bottle of Gunze Clear Orange ; same age , bought on the same day , and still perfectly good ! I typically avoid buying Testors unless theirs is the only option ( e.g. , their automotive aerosol paints , enamel gloss clear aerosol , engine colours , etc. ) .
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