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  2. Moving Avatars

    Recently, it seems that motion gifs for avatars has become A Thing(tm). Please do NOT use any flashing avatars. They can induce seizures in epileptics, Yes, this really is a problem. I've seen it and had to fix the errant software. If we see any of them, we will remove them immediately. Please do not put them back. Smooth motion is OK. Thanks, Dave Ambrose
  3. AMT Mustang GT Funny Car AWB

    Yah, they were Cragar GTs and the spokes were black (maybe available in gray, too). I've seen them in ads but I don't recall ever seeing a set in 3D, nor in magazine pics of any prominent car. Paint 'em black and the texture won't show so much, and they ARE technically period-correct.
  4. Thanx. Uhm well... this paint is a wild mixture of revell aqua dark green, auto air 4308, schmincke pearl medium and yellow. Want an 70ies fashioned green metallic wich wasnt too saturated
  5. Looks good! Nice finish--what's the paint?
  6. Porsche Parts Kit

    Got this built up if you are interested.
  7. 62 Ford Finally Done

    Super nice Ford!
  8. 49 merc Kustom

    A sweet Merc!
  9. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    and retirement plans
  10. AMT 2016 Camaro SS

    Super Nice!
  11. Revell '32 rat roaster

    A real beauty!
  12. andy griffith show

    You posted the page for the Andy Griffith show, which addresses this thread; for a more expansive search, the home page for that site is http://www.imcdb.org/ (or go to the link in slusher's post and select home page near the upper left of the page) Once on the home page, enter the name of the movie or TV show and you'll see the vehicles used in that movie/show. Very comprehensive.
  13. '32 Sedan Delivery Newstalgia Hot Rod: Updated 3/18/18

    It's not the center hub, the whole wheel is just too oversized (especially the windows) and too deep for the skinny tires. Maybe with a few more beers I'll start to come around....-RRR
  14. Stock-Kit-addicted german

    Beautiful model. Welcome to the forum...
  15. 1960 Chrysler Imperial

    Thanks much guys! I'm really starting to get the itch for this one again. The best part about it is that it should be a relatively quick curbside build. The most time consuming part will be re-scribing nearly all of the trim! The moldings are pretty faint in this kit, especially the side spear, so I figured that in order to make the foiling go easier, I had better do some scribing. I'm doing it to nearly every piece of trim on the car, so it's going to take a while. I have it about half way done now & then I need to fab the trim on the deck lid, do some filling & then it should be ready to prime. Back to the bench! Steve Here is the color that I plan on using This can of Duplicolor touch up paint is probably 30 years old! Hopefully it will not give me any trouble.
  16. andy griffith show

  17. andy griffith show

    I think there is a website for info on movie and show cars to find out wat was used. Google the question you asked on the forum.
  18. 32 5 Window Hard Chop (3/23/18)

    Impressive work thus far.
  19. 1967 Mercury Puma GT

    Can't wait to see this done. I'm planning on building one too ,using the Funny car kit that they rereleasing. Already did a 69 ,and trying to piece together a 70.
  20. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    For $25,000.00, I'll "walk" to your house! Steve
  21. '70 Bonneville

    Looks great!! Love the color.
  22. MPC Tires?

    Yeah, that's a new one for me! Almost had to have come from a custom. Steve
  23. The birthday present.

    I liked it a lot. Perfect example of less is more. Simple, yet very cool.
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