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  2. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    I think they were trying for a neo classic look, but it doesn't really help. It's as the British say, neither use, nor ornament.
  3. Cheez Wiz 1955 Chevy update 1/14/18

    Lookin' good so far keep up the good work..!!
  4. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    John... That paint work turned out awesome!! man does it look Nice. This is going to be Killer when it's all together and finished. Keep up the Awesome Job
  5. 63 Tempest AWB

    While paint cures on the body I'll get the chassis , engine and interior done.
  6. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Boy oh boy. You can be sitting on the can across town and flush the one at home. Multi-tasking at its finest.
  7. BBC

    I thought that you were referring to this kind of BBC .
  8. Cobra racing team

    Really nice lookin' combo Ray....! Love the colors...
  9. AMT Surf Woody

    Thanks to Casey for posting the Surfin Van and the Horse's thing. I had no idea either existed (yech) but they do give me some other interesting ideas.
  10. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    I zoomed right in on that bad boy , too ! That's an awful lot of eye candy there ---- I want the 1974-1976 Camaro to see that light-of-day again !
  11. Stock up on Humbrol Paints now!

    I wasn't aware of Humbrol until late 1984 , and even then only because of the Monogram tie-in . Heck , I didn't know about Bare Metal Foil until 1985 ! I was driven crazy by the box art builds whose chrome trim actually looked like plated parts !
  12. Cobra racing team

    No, only about 60 bucks !
  13. Looking for certain type of blower

    I'm looking for a certain type of blower that was used in late 60's early 70's in drag racing. I would put up a pic but I tried and pic won't upload. The blower was used on Don Garlits swamp rat 12B (the kit that was reissued a little while back) The main markings is that it has 6 ribs per side unlike the one provided in the kit. Thanks, Charlie Pro Tech
  14. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    There was a test forum up that Bob had made posts on. It went down and now there is nothing.....but the test DB may have been needed to restore real DB.
  15. BBC

    The circles are freeze plug locations on the block. Without the heads, it's difficult to identify that one unless somebody recognizes the specific kit. Identifiers of the BBC are evenly-spaced exhaust ports, intake ports spaced like a smallblock Chebby, distributor in the rear, and a timing cover that also looks rather like a smallblock Chebby, starter on the RH (passenger) side. On the photo below, note the even exhaust port spacing, paired intake ports, distributor in the rear. and 4 bolts on the lower valve cover rail. Oil filter is on this side (driver's), starter on other side.
  16. BBC

    Thanks Rick. I think you may have a point with 3. The circles would be frost plugs. The ports would be on the heads which aren't there. But the tall crankase looks like that of a y-block.. Also I thing the Chevies have the starter on the other side.
  17. Bronco

    Very nice! Great work on the detail painting!
  18. 1975 Camaro glass.

    I didn't know this existed. Anybody know where I might find one of these? I had a 1:1 that I bought new back then, and would love to build it.
  19. 1975 Camaro glass.

    thanks guys for the tip. The only firebird kits I have are 1/24 scale and the glass is to big. Iam not trying to spend the money for a new kit just for the glass. Good idea though. Thanks.
  20. Shelby Team 427 Cobra's (update 1-21 )

    Gauge faces look great but speedo should be the reverse wind setup. Comp and S/Cs used the "backwards" speedometers.
  21. AMT Trojan Horse funny car completed

    Great job and fantastic build! I to ran into the same underwhelment of the AMT kit. I absolutely loved the car so I decided to do a remake for myself. I did the box stock version and what I saw as a truer version which AMT could of saved me the trouble many years ago. Again great job on a tough kit
  22. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Modern technology is destroying our simple quality of life. Back in the 50's & 60's we had to do everything by ourselves and it really wasn't that hard to do.
  23. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    This is what I saw when I went to the site so yes it looks like some progress.
  24. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    I'll take that Deuce Tudor. Back in a minute.
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