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  2. 1979 Chevy Chevette

    Cool. Love to see this reissued.
  3. 67 Shelby hi po race car—Updated 1/23/18

    Well here is the nose with flares on and first round of putty!!! Added splitter to the front and after the rear wheel wells get flared I’ll be adding side splitters as well!!!!! Sorry I didn’t have the hood at work to have in the photo!!!!!
  4. I echo what James2 said. You have perfected the art of illusion and absolutely makes your builds outstandingly gorgeous!!! Whatever paint you choose it will be the correct one!!!
  5. Ferrari Enzo

    Great Build, that blue is amazing!!! What did you use? Is it Ferrari Blu Electro? Great job on all the detail parts too!
  6. Ferrari Enzo

    Love that blue..!! You do some nice work Mark..!
  7. Dave, you would be surprised. A fella (a "quick" fella...ha ha!) near me brought a 1:1 GTHO to a cruise in Collegeville, PA several years ago. It wasn't done up Mad Max style, it was a nice stock GTHO. Unmistakably one of those cars. Black with a 351 and a shaker hood. I will have to find the pictures of that car I have and post them. I was taken aback at how small the car was- size-wise, it seemed to be just about as big as a Ford Maverick. Super, SUPER-cool car in real life!!! Don't get me wrong- I love me my Valiant Chargers, but - WOW. I think the films make these cars look bigger than they actually are. I think the styling does, too. The car I saw was in black, so darker colored cars tend to look smaller, too, but to me, seeing a real one up close, it was definitely smaller than I expected.
  8. I haven't touched this one. It's more or less a filler until I build one of my kits. The more I look at it. the more I want to fix, so...I'll just hold onto my kits, than you very much.
  9. Another deFoosed Caddy

    Thanks, Steve! Love the humor! I'm hopefully going to get paint on the Caddy tonight. As far as the engine, this one's going to have the kit BBC. I want to do another one sometime with more extensive changes. That Viper engine might be a possibility then. Great idea, thanks!
  10. Does anyone make a Second Generation Miata in scale?

    Actually, even better would the the facelift version of the car above - that had some little fog lights in the front bumper, but beggars can't be choosers...
  11. 2018 Cannonball Run

    not the subject but the lack of inlines
  12. 69 Corvette 427

    Gorgeous paint, Tom!!! The C3 Corvettes just look fantastic in gold!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more!!!
  13. I'm looking for one of these: Tamiya and Revell do the first generation version as a kit (the one with the cute pop-up lights), and it seems like Tamiya does the latest version too, but does anyone offer the model above? Maybe one of the resin companies, if I can't get one in plastic...
  14. 427 Cobra (street car)

    Nice, clean work, gorgeous paint, Pat!!!
  15. Great Traders List

    Thanks Kevin I really enjoy dealing with you. Great guy and great trader.
  16. Jo-Han 1962 Chrysler custom tail lights - FOUND

    Thanks to 1930fordpickup for the parts!
  17. Mystery Machine

    Great idea, turned out nice!
  18. GM and Chevy Quality

    I just need a time machine and a stack of $100 bills....
  19. Cobra racing team

    What a great looking trio!
  20. AMG GT3 #4 Nur 2016

    That is my next one, I have the decals, just need to get the paint ordered.
  21. AMG GT3 #4 Nur 2016

    GT3 class , this decal sheet was for the the 2016 24 hours of Nurburgring
  22. AMT 53 Corvette 1/23 update

    Got some more done.. I found a few spots on the body that I don't like so I did a little more work on those.
  23. AMG GT3 #4 Nur 2016

    Thank you guys
  24. Today

    Very nice, I like it, love the van wheels you used.
  26. '49 Merc

    From the Eyeballin' thread comes the '49 Merc I am not going to be using these wheels. This was just an experiment. My thought was to maybe chop the top. Immediately after cutting off the top I started thinking What the hell am I doing?!? I am definitely in uncharted water here! At this point I almost bagged the whole thing. Then I started to think what if I moved the rear window to the front... Not to bad. This look gives off a 50's vibe. But I really wanted the low down in the back chop top look more. Next I added a piece in the middle. Starting to feel a better about the project. Then I used the cut off window frames from the doors to form the rear side window opening. I think it's a little too far back. I think if I end the opening at the pencil line, it would work better. Stay Tuned...
  27. 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans #51 Harrod’s

    Great looking race car, nice building!
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