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  2. Danny Sullivan's 1993 Indy 500 car

    So decals are finished on this one now as well. I am impressed with Michael's new printing method the ink is bullet proof almost, the only think i found is the paper is tough as well but as long as you trim tight to the printed area the carrier film is basically non existent. I recommend this and the new sheets to anyone....Nice work Michael. So now it is onto the rest of the work for me with the two builds, but real work beckons next week so things may slow some...
  3. 70 AMX

    Beautiful! Why no kit maker has picked up on the fact there is a demand for a new tooling of this car is beyond me. You did however run a big risk I think putting automotive clear over Testors paint.
  4. Ducati 1199 Tricolore

    Well for your first bike kit....you nailed it. It looks amazing, and the pics show it off nicely. Two thumbs up mate.
  5. DROOOOOOLLLL! That BRZ, the FD3S, Eleanor (ScaleProduction?), RWB 993 ... I envy you;-) Great work! Back to the Ford...
  6. Today
  7. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    Moebius kits are really a lucky dip as to whether you get a good body or a bad one from my experience. There is no shortage of disgruntled buyers out there on other forums and Youtube who have similar issues with the bodies. Its a shame because I think they are making some great kits but are being let down with a lack of commitment to quality control.
  8. GM and Chevy Quality

    What an interesting, informative, meandering, but still civil thread. Thanks everyone. I would suspect quality decline in all cars after 2007 because of the economic meltdown. It would be interesting to see real data on complaints and problems in this century. I would guess/bet they mirror the economy. I'm happy with my pre recession Dodge Ram 04 and Chrysler 300c 06. The Dodge had water pump, fuel pump, and clutch at 80-90k and the Chrysler had a bad cyl 6 lifter at 75k. These two combined were in the shop much less than the Chevy I had and I won't even talk about my Ford. It's whatever makes you happy and I am happy with my current vehicles after some bad experiences.
  9. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    Thank you guys!
  10. Jet Rod Community Build

    I added these cool intakes under the front fenders. I might put radiators behind them.
  11. 1979 Chevy Chevette

  12. 1967 Corvette road racer

  13. A realy nic e work on this '56 Montclair ... and I know how hard it is to do the windows on this Revell/AMT series ... some years ago, I did it on the Lincoln of this series ... but not so nice as your model ... I especialy like the yellowed aspect of your windows after so many years ...
  14. '77 Trans Am "NOT BURT"

    Lookin' good!
  15. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

  16. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    I really like that one. I got the latest issue of Muscle Car Review in the mail yesterday, and on the cover is a gorgeous red 69 RR with a black vinyl roof. I may do mine to match that car.
  17. 69 Camaro Pace Car convertible

    Very nice!
  18. 70 AMX

    Looks fantastic!
  19. 70 AMX

  20. 69 Camaro Pace Car convertible

  21. 69 Corvette 427

    That is sharp!
  22. Autoquiz 358

    Please no comments about the type, year or make for this vehicle. Please sent PM
  23. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

  24. Jet Rod Community Build

    Cool builds guys, love the creativity.
  25. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    Hey Mike, what scale were you planning on making the tires in.. 1/24 and up or just a specific scale?. I see large scale missing alot of options. Starting at 1/18 and up. I normally build in 1/12. Over the years i found and collected tires from RC cars but the sizes werent accurate 100% and the tread patern was always mediocre. I also made a rear pro street tire using a Muscle Machine rear tire and the sidewalls of the kit slick from one of the original 1/12 orange Camaro kits.. eventually i made a mold and casted it in Rubber. I know alot of guys want to build Pro Street cars, 10.5 tire cars, pro touring cars etc so mostly any tires are a big welcome in 3D... I sold a few of my tires back in the day. I wasnt all easy either lol.. but i had Micro Nitro help out with wheels. I shipped a few of my tires to him and he made measurements of them so when a client wanted a certain subject we could entertain them but it wasnt always the case... maybe making certain teams of wheels and tires might help you? Offsets are also something to think about. Tires that i would like to see are the current BFG 235/60r15 through 275/60r15 , L60's from the 70's..... Slicks for Pro Streets, front runners for drag racing etc.. those are the one i think are missing from the hobbie in large scale.. its just hard because certain project depend on certain tires.. I stopped making tires in rubber a while back when Micro Nitro was sold.. so no more tire making for me lol...just make tires you think might benefit for the hobbie.. and hey thank you for helping or atleast trying to help... 👍👍
  26. 69 Camaro Pace Car convertible

    Super job on that model.. Looks really clean.
  27. According to the brochure below you got springs, shocks, and front and rear stabilizers. Tires were G70-15 and or FR78-14 .
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