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  2. 1969 Dodge Superbee -- better pics added.

    Really cool, awesome weathering!!
  3. 1931 Ford Rat Rod.

    Well done. looks awesome really cool
  4. Looking for the date of the May Simpsonville SC show and a link to a flyer for it. Thanks
  5. 1931 Ford Rat Rod.

    Your level of added detail is fantastic! David G.
  6. I bought this in early 2008 and have just got round to building it.Due to the very thin casting/moulding it's been a trial sticking the deck and hull together, so not that pretty. I added my own wood decal to the deck. The website picture The build..................
  7. Today
  8. Stupid Is the New Smart

    That's very interesting. You communicate in written English far better than the majority of native English speakers. I wonder what the difference is in the way your brain is wired that makes you WANT to use the language well and fluently, and all the people born here who just don't give a damm, and think that communicating clearly is an unnecessary skill.
  9. Escort Pro-Stock

    That would work for sure! Or if you want to build it for some "real" class, it could very well run in Comp Eliminator with that engine and naturally aspirated. Anyway, no matter what you do with the class business, it's going to be an interesting project!
  10. Monogram Little T

    Perfect build -wow !!!
  11. Hi ! Another video of my junkyard... There are some new junkers and details ! What do you think about it ?
  12. Escort Pro-Stock

    With a big enough shoehorn and a lot of ingenuity it can happen.
  13. AMT ‘33 Willys

  14. couple 38 fords

    Yes they're both definitely amazing !!!
  15. couple 38 fords

    OMG! This is the best build thread ever! I absolutely love the kit bashing! The yellow pickup looks as if it could be a hot wheels car! The only two things I would have changed would be lower the rear suspension height just a little and smooth the tailgate. But WOW what good looking builds!
  16. Someone say "D" Type ?

    I think that Fisher make a resin kerbside kit of the D Type in 24th scale. Got a feeling that they make a Briggs Cunningham Special in same scale. I had the Lindberg one some time ago, and agree it is not much more than a slot car shell. Can see why cross kitting with the Revell C type looks feasable to kitbash. The D Type is such an iconic Le Mans racer that I am surprised that it has not been kitted with full engine detail by one of the mainstream kit manufacturers.
  17. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    I love what you are doing here! Can't wait to see it in primer. I'd like to see that "Dream Truck" some time too.
  18. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    I would go for something like that also since they could also be used in police vehicles that are lacking those options, but I also like to use shotguns as a custom shifter in some of my big rig builds. Add to that list wrecker bodies Chris. Though the only wrecker body that AMT ever made I would like to have is the Holmes 750 (I think but I know it is a Holmes unit) from the 1/43rd scale Peterbilt wrecker, I would love to see Revell put out a Parts Pack of their two wrecker bodies as well as Italeri make a parts pack of their wrecker body. Also to somewhat answer your question about the Moebius wheel and tire set, that was a big hit for me. I have four sets and whenever I find a set lonely at the hobby shop, they follow me home!
  19. Wheel I.D. Help, Please

    Strange... they must have been retooled at some point. Here's what I was thinking of; it's an Advent issue similar to what I had: Same thing, previous '70s issue:
  20. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    I moved onto the headlights tonight. The original builder glued the headlight surrounds directly to the fenders and then puttied them in. For a cleaner look, I made them smaller and then recessed them into the fenders.
  21. Alclad II website down?

    http://alclad2.com Hopefully they just forgot to pay for hosting their site.
  22. Daytona 500

    Hmmmmm........I didn't know they made the Camaro front wheel drive?!?!
  23. Escort Pro-Stock

    We had several V8 Mk 3/4 Escort race cars here in the U.K. here is a example that ran in Super Gas class. There is even a tubbed street driven van variant here too.
  24. Autoquiz 362

    Otherwise it would be to easy
  25. I don't think they are from that kit as that kit has full Moon style wheel covers. It doesn't look/feel/seem like they were ever chrome plated, either.
  26. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    Ok then go for it! How long do you think on the pace car ?
  27. Thanks, Don. Here's the long side showing the wheels...with lug nuts.
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