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  2. Faking Denim?

    Thanks guys, I'm going to try the paint trick and keep the download and print to decal paper in mind. Tricky part will be that I want to have it look like green denim instead of blue, since I want to paint the car that Model Master Lime Green Metallic Lacquer.
  3. AMT Fire Truck

    I do indeed want the pumper. Foreverfords, I've sent you a PM.
  4. Dakar 2018 build; Renault 5

    Wat een werk zeg... Cool and very outside of the usual box... lookin forward to the finished piece.
  5. What did you get today?

    We have a yard of about 2600 sqft, but Dad decided to go and get a riding mower.....and a snow plow attachment since we have as much, if not more pavement than we do lawn.
  6. Doc Love's Street Beast Update 1/23

    So I finished the intake tonight by adding the second set of nitrous solenoids wiring and plumbing them thanks for looking
  7. Ferrari F12

    This just went on my "future purchase" list....
  8. ICM 2018 Catalogue

    I highly doubt it. I believe they are making plenty of money off of the 1/35 military stuff, that there is no reason to delve into 1/25 heavy trucks. Right now they're riding the "WWI 100th Anniversary Wave", so it's kind of cool to see some decent WWI stuff.
  9. Auslowe makes 1/32 tires & wheels? Does he make US wheels, do you know?
  10. "Optical" or "Laser" Mouse tip...

    If they are wired mice, cut open the cord and you might be rewarded with pretty colored wires!

    Excellent build!! very nice looking truck. Dennis
  12. Any body watching Barrett-Jackson ?

    Sold on Monday for $431.25; unopened case of 12 plus a 13th car in Dark Claret with box. Must have been a case of buyer's remorse or an unqualified bidder because the exact same lot was re-sold on the following Sunday for only $230... Another unopened case + 1 of '85 Vettes went for $690. (The duplicate of my old Dude Wagon pedal car went for $2185 .)
  13. "Optical" or "Laser" Mouse tip...

    Interesting. For years I used the ones where you had to take the Mouse Balls out and clean out the dust every so often. When you had to clean out the dust every two days, it was time to replace them. Since then, I think I've "worn out" two laser mice. Only paid $10 for them new, so never thought about cleaning them. Wonder if that's the problem? I probably have them both somewhere, as I'm famous for never throwing anything away because "Hey, maybe I can use that for SOMETHING someday." (I'll bet I'm not the only one here.)
  14. 69 Corvette 427

    I've noticed that some of the Testor colors can look quite different depending on what kind of primer they're over. Icy Blue comes to mind. Very soon I'm going to try their Fiery Orange over black primer and see if it looks passably close to '68 Corvette Bronze. It'll be a semi-custom car, like yours, so it won't really matter if it's not a perfect match. Yours looks quite nice in that color, BTW.
  15. Someone above said 30 ga wire will be too thick for factory stock wires. Is the 30 ga Kynar wire(with insulation) the correct thickness for factory wires? What (size)wire is good for boot material?
  16. Today
  17. Does anyone make a Second Generation Miata in scale?

    It's a nice kit that goes together well, and was recently re-issued so should be easy to find. The headlightbuckets aren't chromed, so you'll have to dig out the Bare Metal Foil. I built this replica of my daily driver:
  18. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    Very sharp, Excellent build!! Dennis
  19. 1967 Corvette road racer

    That turned out pretty nice!
  20. VW Samba Custom Triple Cab Pickup

    You did, it's just backwards on the instructions as well. I've had a couple of VWs with the folders, your drawing is the right way around - flat section to the front (this is the part that the lever clamps down to seal) and folds go up over towards the back. By the way your concept rendering is just as outstanding as your build, again really nice work.
  21. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    I really like it
  22. Garlits Drag Pak Challenger

    This kit has a set that would work. They are the closest you’ll probably find.
  23. Vintage 1:32nd Revell/AMT 56 Buick

    For the aircraft crowd there are limited run injection moulded kitsmade from fairly simple moulds that aren't intended to last a long time. Maybe a similar approach with multi piece bodies that don't need moulds with movable parts might be a way to go with automotive subjects that might be hard to justify for more conventional injection moulded kits.
  24. Taping off the doors and roof was a real bear.
  25. Taping off the doors and roof was a real bear.
  26. AMG GT3 #4 Nur 2016

    Awesome work. Ben
  27. I reckon they're too small. Being in Australia, I replace mine with auslowe spider rims and tyre sets. Ben
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