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  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Mayberry's windows busted
  3. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    Adding modern parts would make no sense, but I think a parts pack consisting of only air cleaners is a bit too specific. I find the four style pie crust slicks parts packs are guilty of that-- who wants to use twin pinstripe slicks that nobody ever saw on anything bu the Munster's Koach? Those seem to kill some of the value, but I guess if the air cleaner set consisted of six of those Cal Custom carb scoops, a Cadillac air cleaner like in the attached image, and what else would be included? With parts this small, you'd have room for a lot.
  4. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Mars and Venus
  5. Western Star 5964 Constellation

    Very nice!! I like the color!!
  6. KW aerodyne wrecker - decal time !!!

    Looks Awesome to me!!!
  7. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    What about hot rod grills.
  8. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    Here's another one I'd buy 20 of: "Juice" brake backing plates for traditional hot-rods (the '48 Ford is the real-world go-to)... on the same sprue as finned brake drums modeled on the old Buick parts, plus a couple of Ford ('37) top-shift transmissions, and a '37 LsSalle and Packard as well. Stick a few generic cut-to length engine and trans mounts on the same sprue too.
  9. '69 Chevy Nova SS

    Here's my latest build. Revell Special Edition '69 Chevy Nova SS. I built it as if I had found an old race version and restored it to be a street legal car. Overall, happy with it. Interior hand painted My first attempt at a 2-tone colour with "rattle cans". Also, I tried using Rustoleum Painters Touch Clear Gloss. I think I over applied on the hood, and almost over applied on the body. (I was trying to rush maybe) Let me know what you guys think
  10. Bill Elliott Mac Tonight Decals

    I'm looking for the aftermarket decal sheet Mac Tonight Bill Elliott Thunderbird, any help would be great thanks jeff.

    LOL, three years? Try over thirty! I built the chassis and engine on this back in the eighties and just finished it a few months back.
  12. Highway thru Hell

    Looking forward to another season ! Wow that boulder destroyed that rig hopefully the driver was ok
  13. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    BTW how does one call these perforated metal plates you put under your tires when stuck in the mud?
  14. Weber Intake and Carbs For 289

    I don't think any of these parts are from the AMT 289 Cobra kit, but they do look like they'd work on a small V8, and the carbs seem to match the manifold on the right: You're welcome to it all if you think it'll work for what you have planned, Elvin.

    Yup completely normal ! Life has a way of derailing projects
  16. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    Here's one I'd personally buy 20 of: Quick-change rear ends, on the same sprue as transverse leaf springs to convert hot-rods to traditional rear suspension... on the same sprue as I-beam front axles and transverse AND gasser-style front leaf springs. These would have applications for many old-school street as well as race cars.
  17. Weber Intake and Carbs For 289

    Thanks Pat that is a good looking set up but I just hate to use it on a Ford motor. I am going to buy one for future build.
  18. KW aerodyne wrecker - decal time !!!

    Thanks it's some left over etch from a Stryker MGS . I'll add the NYR letters to it soon
  19. Beginner paint question

    Hey there you just have to find out whats works, i by no means am a paint guy ,but i DO believe what steve says about using flat paints ,,thats exactly what id do with the exception i use strickly the cheap acrylics that i get from micheals craft ,something like 80 cents a bottle, it took me about a couple weeks to figure out the mixture but i just kept on righting things down and finally found that MAGIC ratio and the right medium,once done with color i hit it with a few coats of duplicolor clear ,let it dry in the dehydrator for 2 days ,then color sand it ,,,to me thats when the color comes out is when color sanding,,may be a few more steps than some others use ,but thats what works for me,,a big PLUS is i no longer have to deal with ALL the fumes,and that made everyone in house HAPPY,, If you feel like it do a search on here and everything i posted IS the cheap acrylic craft paint jobs
  20. Tamiya McLaren Mercedes SLR 722

    Mooie heldere kleur blauw!
  21. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    A nice set of wire wheels. A 351 Cleveland would be nice. Hop up parts from the 40's - the 70's would be nice. Not sure how to go about that break up though. Some Photo Etch parts like brackets for Alternator and power steering pump would be nice. How about some suspension parts like a straight axle, rear end parts for drag cars. Wheel tubs maybe.
  22. 40 Ford coupe and sedan

    Found enough parts to build a sedan and coupe with plenty of extra parts,they will probably be next winters projects since I should be out in the garage soon and have a couple to finish.
  23. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    A good one Casey... Hmm GM 4x4 parts to turn some of the kitted Amt/Mpc GM pickups into all wheeldrive vehicles Ford 4x4 parts to turn some of the kitted Amt/Mpc FoMoCo pickups into all wheeldrive vehicles Mopar 4x4 parts to turn some of the kitted Amt/Mpc Mopar pickups into all wheeldrive vehicles a clear headlamp set, something like MV lenses offer's but better, with actual engraving on the clear, different sizes to fit most vintage Am/Mpc kits, round but also rectangular so kits like the Mpc Pinto Poney express, and the like, too can benefit from this Then adding to your proposals 1) add some decals as well 4) some real Jerry cans, the metal ones like used by the US army 5) 2 sets of wheel & tire set in one box, different themes, 60's aftermarket, 70s Street machine, and further to the Restomod combo.... Will post more if more pops into my mind...
  24. AutoQuiz 361

    That’s a good story! well..., I didn’t even know there’s a kit of this car... Will you build it as a standard car?
  25. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    If they were to release the wheel horse tractor lets hope they tool up a mower deck for it. Maybe even a little yard trailer to go behind it.
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