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  2. 1/8th Scale Monogram Kits

    Looking for 1/8th scale Monogram unbuilt kits.
  3. AMT 1969 Cobra questions

    WOW! very very nice!
  4. AMT 1969 Cobra questions

    Thanks Mark, good info. I was hoping to see the GT reissued some day.
  5. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    I am on the email list from Hobby Lobby and today's email has a section for Clearance items. Some of the kits mentioned on this thread are there on the HL website on clearance but are marked 40% off, not the 75% seen in the stores. I guess if you really want some of those kits, 40% is better than nothing. I was tempted to buy a 75 Corvette but decided I needed to wait and get one at a swap meet.
  6. No flyer to link, but it's May 19th.
  7. US distributor for CTM PE Parts?

    Jamie should have it, Moluminum.com
  8. 1970 Charger

    Nice and stock love the color
  9. Some inspiration for those who want to use the station wagon option. I posted elsewhere about the custom-built Cadillac station wagons used by the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. The cars hauled guests and their luggage in from the airport. These wagons were called "Broadmoor Skyviews" for the Plexiglas panels in the roof. Here's a Hemmings article about the 1959 Broadmoor Skyview. It was built on a Sayers & Scovill hearse body, with further mods by Hess & Eisenhardt. Now if I can just find enough luggage in my Gimcrack Stash... https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/03/07/a-room-with-a-view-1959-cadillac-broadmoor-skyview/
  10. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    Thanks everyone
  11. My cars over the years

    Yes sir, it is my understanding that it was a factory W30 ........ and I was told that it was originally sold through the Olds dealer in Council Bluffs (that's where I got some replacement parts for it), the buyer couldn't make the payments , took the car to Lemars, Iowa and hid it in his grandfather's barn, it was tracked down and repossessed and then sold at auction ...... that's how the dealer I bought it from acquired it ..... I paid $1,885 for it in April of 1968.
  12. need a couple parts

    I might have these parts for you; let me check my parts vault tonite after i get home from work.
  13. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I still need to do a bit more work on the paint but wanted to have a look at the racing version of the Torpedo in mock-up form. I think it is coming along pretty well so far. Lots more to do but I am hoping to have at least one done by month's end.
  14. 1969 Dodge Superbee -- better pics added.

    Very realistic, great build.
  15. New GT-40 Engine Kit

    That is a beauty.
  16. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    I like the photos, like the car, like the model. The colour is perfect for this build of yours, the outdoor lighting shows off the finished build nicely and as someone on here mentioned, the model looks very real in the photos, in fact I would say most of your photos. American motor cars around the late 1960's and the early 1970's really interest me as an Englishman, as do those of the 1950's. Well done Michael. David
  17. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    Very nice ragtop.
  18. Buddy Baker

    Yes sir, Testors enamels out of the little bottles, Guards Red and Classic White.
  19. They were reworked for the Seventies issue. The original issue had plastic tires, the Seventies issues of the Ranchero and '59 Skyliner used vinyl tires.
  20. Bobby Labonte

    Great Olds build ...... very nicely done.
  21. John Andretti

    I couldn't find a purple that came anywhere close to the real color, so I mixed red and blue enamels until I came up with this.
  22. Wheel I.D. Help, Please

    Don't have a kit to check, but think this is a rear wheel from the Revell 1968 Firebird.
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