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  2. 65 Impala SS 396

    Very, VERY nice, and looks like it's ready for a trip to the carwash! Well done and model on!
  3. Pet peeve of mine!

    That one gets me as well. Or the body is all nicely BMF'd, but they left the vent windows painted ? Steve
  4. Best Tide Orange?

    Thank you, great looking build
  5. Best Tide Orange?

    Thanks to everyone for the ideas!
  6. procedure for doing metal foil scripts

    That would be my recommendation. I've been using a variation of this method myself for probably 20 years. Steve
  7. They look like they should be pretty good! I've never tried making pickled eggs. I don't remember the last time I ate one. I have recently been making my own beef jerky in my electric smoker though. Got on a jerky kick a few weeks ago & I just cringe every time I see the prices of it in the stores. I can make about a pound and a half of my own for less than $10.00. Steve
  8. 65 Impala SS 396

    Great looking build. Looks like the real deal.
  9. Ollie's strike again

    Mine had the truck by itself, the flatbed/40 Ford combo and the yellow tanker version.
  10. 65 Impala SS 396

    Really, really like this build! The weathering work is outstanding, and the paint-detailing on the interior is outstanding as well! I agree; it looks like a 1:1; nicely done!
  11. Three Rivers Automodelers 1st annual swap meet

    Turberticus did you end up making it to the swap meet? I was set up there. This was our clubs first attempt at this and we had 26 tables with 13 vendors, which considering it was the first isn't all that bad! I actually did very well selling and did way better than I expected! I also got a couple of good kits and built ups for pretty reasonable prices!
  12. It has sugar also. The reviews said that the eggs were not as hot as people thought they would be. Looking forward to it.
  13. Best Tide Orange?

    Back when I was a printer, we printed the Tide boxes. To make the Florescent Orange on the box pop more, we printed it over Florescent Yellow. So if you spray yellow over white primer then the orange, you should get the same rich Tide Orange colour after you clear coat .
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  15. '55 Chevy Nomad 4x4

    That looks nice, definitely different! Great colors and well detailed.
  16. It's been rescued - the new owner has the parts to complete it.
  17. Arctic Cat Jeep kit gee gaw

  18. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.

    Painted it. Please forgive the poor photos.
  19. "Berlin Buick" ...."Outside" finished pictures 2/7/18

    Somehow I just saw this post today, I had to look twice, I thought you were posting pics of the real car until I saw the pic with your hand in it. Beyond spectacular!
  20. TAT Mack B-61

    Thanks Brian. Primed the cab and realized that pieces I thought were running boards were in fact inner fenders. Installed them breaking the windshield center post in the process. Fixed that. Now I will need some advice. The cab will be grey with black fenders and a green interior. In which sequence should I proceed?
  21. 14 stingray

    Sweet looking Vette!
  22. 65 Impala SS 396

    Very, very nice, with all your attention to detail it could pass for the 1:1.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Dakar Rally KTM

    protar did make some Dakar kits too:
  25. I have looked at AITM' s website and will probably order their 18" Mack front wheel and tires for this project.Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.
  26. Thanks for posting that photo,but I really hate to buy that kit for just the wheels and never plan on using any of the rest of the kit.
  27. Best Tide Orange?

    Testers Floresent red over the white base coat. DuPont automotive Cleat coat.
  28. Maybe it's just me or the camera angle but the whole car looks curved from front to back along the side. It's pretty obvious that whoever did the master for this model has never seen a real '58 Impala convertible.
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