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  1. Past hour
  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with purple polkadots
  3. Out To Pasture

    Perfect way to display a bad kit as others have said, and I like the way you have captured the scene in a very small area of diorama. Kurt the diorama Master ! David
  4. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    I'm gonna have to get one of these just to build the custom version. I'm currently working on a custom '66 Vette roadster, using the annual kit custom parts. Then I could do the '66 T-Bird and Wildcat as customs. Maybe the Mustang, too. And I think I've got a full set of leftover '66 Skylark parts I could use to convert the dirt tracker into a nice custom. Hmmmmmmmm......
  5. An exercise in fabrication - 426 Hemi

    David, is that rolls in your Diorama?
  6. An exercise in fabrication - 426 Hemi

    Initially, since it was so small, I thought I'd mix up a gob of epoxy and put it in the mold.
  7. T Bolt

    I have one as well. PM me if you need it.
  8. Honey, We Have A Problem

    What you have achieved within such a small area of that diorama is marvellous. The vehicle, the terrain, the figures and the accessories all look good and your attention to detail is to be admired. Thanks for showing it to us and those awards are well deserved. David
  9. LAPD Ford Crow VIc

    Nice build.
  10. 69 Corvette 427


    And better racing instead of follow the leader . Change all the rules ya want..they've taken the driving away from the athletes.

  13. An exercise in fabrication - 426 Hemi

    Well, to say that is your first casting Pat, it has turned out really good. The casting looks better than the original and your clay mould is brilliant. Like you I find moulding and casting very interesting, but the chemicals in the resin scare me. Just shows what you can make yourself. Engines and engine parts are an ideal subject for casting and when you get onto body shells and chassis it becomes even more satisfying. My feeling when I produced a two part mould for a 1:24 scale Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was beyond words, and the resulting resin body shell that came out of that mould made me think.... did I do that ? David
  14. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Here are three recent acquisitions. The Elky and the Monte aren't all that "gluey" or "bomby" but still need a lot of work. I've now laid the standard Snake-Fu on them and you'll see them Under Glass as soon as I can get them photographed and written up. The '72 Chevelle is a real mess. The orange paint (probably hi-temp engine paint) shrugged off both Easy-Off and 91% alcohol--no afffect at all--and is even rougher than it looks in the pic. I'm currently working on sanding it off. I'm only doing this purely for the challenge of it, as the model really isn't worth saving. I just want to see if I can.
  15. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    smallest clown car
  16. RIP Tom West

    Didn't know him ...but do know his impact in the industry.... My condolences to his family and to all who knew him..
  17. Enamel paint removal query

    I don't know if you can get it in the UK. But this stuff works pretty good.
  18. AMT's 53 Corvette.

    Thanks unclescott58 for the information regarding '53 and '54 Corvettes, and that is unusual for a factory to produce a car in one colour only for a year.... unless it was black in earlier days I suppose! David
  19. The big question. What the kit? I'm always curious. I'm guessing it's an AMT kit.
  20. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    That's just awesome, both the car and the scene!
  21. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Got this off eBay years ago. Turned it into that.
  22. Flamed 55 Chevy Bel Air

    Love the color combo you used, this is a beauty!
  23. Honey, We Have A Problem

    Excellent, the only thing missing is a rattlesnake between the rocks.
  24. 69 Corvette 427

    Beautiful work on this, the detail work is fantastic!
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