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  2. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Obviously, he's an equal among his peers. Stupid people, like lemmings, tend to travel in groups.
  3. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    I spent most of the 90s and early 2000s working for a Porsche dealer. First as a detailer while going through university, then as a sales guy for 5 years. These have been my dream car since I was a little kid. Not sacrilege. At the end of the day, this particular car was just a 1979 Targa. Not particularily collectible, fairly easy to come by. So I think this is a very cool project, and no more of a sacrilege than building an RS replica out of a similar car. Having said that, if someone took a genuine '73 RS and did this? Where's my flaming pitchfork? i'm starting a mob and raising heII!
  4. NEW 1/24 TAMIYA AMG GT3

    Thanks! Seam lines are bit of pain in the rear end but it's not too bad
  5. Yesterday
  6. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    I would recommend .50 cal API rounds instead of the traditional 71/2, 8 or 9 shot shells. The main advantage is that API allows you to cook your quarry as you shoot it. You should see what these babies can do to deer or wild boars caught downrange at the .50 cal. Qualification Course in Grafenwohr.
  7. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    I guess one or two converted wouldn't be such a bad thing. I'd like to take it for a spin.
  8. Blue Bandito

    Great job!!
  9. Honda S660 Resin Kit, The Modelers

    You like it till you have to pull the top part off, which always sends parts flying if you are not very gentle.
  10. '63 F100 - XL

    Have seen the real truck in person. real vinyl top with seams and chrome trim. Dennis
  11. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    Howzabout a "peace" of this: Delicious Pan Fried Dove Appetizer Recipe Servings: 4 Ingredients 12 Dove 1 cup buttermilk 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 tablespoon paprika 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper peanut oil for frying Instructions Remove the breast meat from the dove. Place buttermilk onto a shallow bowl. In another shallow dish combine flour, paprika, salt, and pepper. Dredge the dove breasts into the buttermilk and then into the flour mixture until just coated. Pour about 1/4 inch peanut oil into the bottom of a cast iron skillet and bring to 350 degrees. Fry the dove breasts in batches for about 2 minutes turning once during frying. Remove the dove to a platter and serve with your favorite dipping sauce or my favorite, plum jelly! Seagull, preferably Gulf Coast or Northeast varieties, may be substituted for this recipe.
  12. 32 Ford's

    I have not finished yet. This is my "32 Deucster Project".
  13. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    They sound like EXCELLENT airgun targets! And cat food!
  14. Thanks Tom! I'll check out the Paasche H. I just saw it at Hobby Lobby and the price is good with the 40% coupon at about $126. I went ahead and ordered a few bottles from Gravity for some bodies and will try a few different brands for the rest of the car. I've been reading around and their are a ton of opinions on paint, so it seems I just need to try some and see what I like. At least most paint is relatively cheap. I also have a bunch of Testors enamel, so I can try those with a AB as well.
  15. Stupid Is the New Smart

    No. But today he is running for the United States Senate.
  16. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    Sacrilege. Leave the classics as they are to be appreciated rather than butchered.
  17. Honda S660 Resin Kit, The Modelers

    Looks like a cool kit. I really like the way it is packaged.
  18. 1965 chevell ss

    And while they have the Fixit Ticket book out, they'll probably write you up for "obstructed vision" for that hood, too.
  19. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

    Very nice, the decals look like they were a pain.
  20. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    I like them both but that convertible is really cool.
  21. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Only took me a minute to find that they DO exist--or DID, anyway: http://chuckmost.wixsite.com/madhouse-miniatures/single-post/2016/05/03/JoHan-1969-SCRambler
  22. Wasn't expecting to see it 'this close" to stock...but will hold out for the longroof.
  23. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    Very Cool! Great work!
  24. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    Looks like performance may be good but its not for me. I guess I just like to hear the engine.
  25. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    Fabulous! Magnificent! (Let's hope this thread doesn't get banished to the Diecast Gulag.)
  26. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

    Love it!!! Looks awesome!!!
  27. Hot Rod Comic

    I have two or three of these things, from around 1963 or '64 or so.
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