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  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    purple people eater
  3. Seventies Land Yachts?

    I have the Country Sedan as well and wish I had ordered a Colony Park.
  4. Jaguar Mk. II Saloon

    The Story McNally returns to his Hotel and has supper in the Dining Room consisting of a small steak, mashed potatoes, and a mixture of vegtables with a cold Budweiser. He signs his dinner check for his room and goes up to his suite. He calls Stateside to Boston Police Dept. Homicide and Lt. Det. Adam Troy. He asks Adam if he could do him a favor and check out Crumbelt Enterprises in Cambridge for him. He's looking for an address book or any computer files might give him a clue. Adam says he'll check it out for him since Scotland Yard never called BPD Homicide to check the business. He'll call McNally on his cellphone later with his results. He then calls Charlotte "Charlie" Rothmann and updates her on the case. He tells her of his frustration with Scotland Yard and how he is being "guided" not only through London, but his investigation as well. Charlie says she might be able to get the State Department involved if she has to. McNally replies that he doesn't want to involve the State Department right now, but he may have to later, if needed. For now, he'll try to stay out of Scotland Yard's way and try to find some clues on his on and if possible, without them looking over his shoulder. The Build I have been thinking about my color choices lately. I want this build to be more factory stock than not. On the Jag's body, I decided to use Polly Scale CSX Blue, a flat paint, but it is the shade of blue I want without the metallic. This will be gloss cleared when dry. For the floor mats, I'm using Polly Scale Grimy Black, a very dark grey and then a mixture of white and black embossing powder to give the mats some texture. McNally will return...
  5. 1/20 MPC 76 Corvette

    Testors British Green Metallic over a solid bright Green base shot through my airbrush, no clear or polish.
  6. Complete an un-started. Trade for a Trumpeter Falcon Hardtop.
  7. Amazon pop up on site

    Haven't seen what he's describing, but do think a month or so ago there was some kind of adware on this site (no proof it was here, but would only have issues after looking at the forum) that would redirect to a scam page. This was happening in Safari on an up-to-date Mac. Only look at the forum in Chrome now with cookies blocked, and haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary lately.
  8. John That is awesome! Great work there as always!
  9. Shapeways Reviews

    One aspect of Shapeways' "quality" is the quality of the individual vendors' 3D models (something Shapeways doesn't have much control over; it's up to the individual content creators to try and make items that print well, don't break and fit together properly). I haven't ordered from Ron Olsen, but the Shapeways materials are consistent across all vendors on the site, so if you like the look of the parts he offers, give them a try! Another aspect is the materials themselves, and for scale models I'd highly recommend Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) or Frosted Extreme Detail (FXD). The cheaper White Strong Flexible (WSF) material has a rough finish, as shown by Pat above. It's more suited to, say, scale concrete blocks. FUD and FXD are fairly fragile--these materials behave a bit like clear resin or clear styrene, in that they fracture if dropped or cut with a dull blade. These materials can be carved, sawed, drilled, and sanded. If the parts are on sprues, I use a razor saw to remove them rather than clippers or an x-acto blade (which can fracture the sprue and either take a chip out of the part, or send it flying across the room!) With FUD, it helps to seal the parts with a layer or two of Future (which also starts to level out the stepping/layers in the print), then apply a healthy coat of primer and give the parts a light sanding to further level them out--in particular if you plan on getting a very glossy finish in the end (ie, chrome). Here are a few photos of items I've ordered from my own Shapeways store (full disclosure--I sell stuff there). I'm still experimenting,and so far I've found that spot application of Tamiya Surface Primer (the brush-on stuff) can be quite effective, and with some careful sanding parts can become smooth enough to chrome with a Molotow pen.
  10. VW beetle funny car .

  11. 2000 Firebird Pro Stock

    Looks Great!
  12. greetings all, currently looking for a hasegawa vw t2 pickup but may also get panel van too. hit us up if youve got any available (UK based0 cheers joe
  13. Looks Beautiful Chris! Glad to see your getting some time to get back on this bad boy! Hope to see you in the 14th!
  14. Our Michael's is a joke

    x2, the Hobby Lobbies I've been too have lately exceeded the amount of kits that Micheals carries by at least double it seems.
  15. All 15 Varieties of 1932 Ford

    I did not ask Norm about the 32 Pickup so not sure about that one but below is what he said about Deuce bodies he currently offers and I did see the Cabriolet and Sports Coupe in what I think was my most recent R&M price list. As far as I know the panel delivery is no longer being cast by the original producer. Apparently there is a 32 Ford 1/25 diecast piggy bank panel delivery out there. Otherwise one could be fabricated with a lot of slicing and dicing of a 37 panel. Norm Veber says - There are 4 of the '32 bodies currently available. All are ment to work with the newer Revell kits. B-19 '32 Sedan Delivery B-24 '32 Vicky RH-4 '32 3-window chopped body (discontinuing this one, due to sales falling off!) & molds are worn out. RH-5 & 5A '32 Roadster Body with Duvall Windshield (RH-5) & with the Doane Spencer Hardtop (RH-5A). B-36 and B-37 were discontinued years ago, when Revell came out with their 5-window coupe kit.
  16. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    For me, I would never quit my current job to become a model builder. I happen to have the luxury of working from home. My work desk is connected to my model desk in the same room, so as I work, I am working on my models. So, I am getting paid by my employer as I work on my models. I talk on the phone doing technical support. So, often times I can sit and work between phone calls, or work on stuff as I talk to the customer or wait for them to do what I asked them to do. If I did build models and sell them, it would only be to supplement my income, not replace it. Way too risky and would take away any fun. So, if I only made $5 an hour, no big deal, I am still getting paid by my regular job during that time anyway.
  17. What did you get today?

    The wheels on this are the coolest Johan custom wheels ever! Do they have the red inserts? If you don't want them, PM me!
  18. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    Hard to pick out of 70 vehicle over my lifetime. I guess my first would be my 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. 2 door hardtop. Black with red interior. 200 cu. in, automatic.
  19. New Power Slide decals with SMH trans-kit. Looking to trade for: New version of the AMT '36 Ford, or Trumpeter Falcon Hardtop
  20. My latest finds

    OK. I'm sorry. I saw a post in the General section of someone's boxes of parts that just acquired. That's why I posted it there. How do I delete this one?
  21. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Art is the man! Thanks for the info.
  22. What did you get today?

    I just acquired these last week. There were over 200 model car kits. I called Monday to see about going back down seeing my SS check came in and someone bought all of them. Darn.
  23. This was one of those fun, one-day projects, based on the curbside Tamiya kit. The car was lowered, and fitted with tires from Revell's Cadillac lowrider. The Caddy's outer wheel rims were also used, but centers from a Revell '57 Ford were turned down and inserted into them, and capped with Tamiya S800 hubcaps. The car was also fitted with a straight pipe and fender mirrors from a Subaru 360. Then it was treated to a coat of rust and dust. Other than some silvering on some of the Rat Fink decals, I'm happy with the way it came out. The "Too fast to live, too young to die- Cream Soda" front plate is from a Fujimi wheel set. I guess the Japanese take cream soda very, very seriously.
  24. Today
  25. '58 Bonneville Hardtop Back on the Bench! 3/20/18

    I'm glad to see this one back on your bench. It is looking ever so sweet with each step completed. I look forward to seeing more. By the way, the chrome looks flawless.😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🏁
  26. Revell

    The way I look at it, Revell and Monogram have many owners over the decades, some more successful than others. The brands will likely live on with new owners, away from the financial incompetence of Hobbico and hopefully in a better position..
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