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  2. AMT '40 Ford

    Very clean build--very tasteful and timeless, and your finish is flawless! Well done and model on!
  3. Ford 31 1/16 minicraf

    Very cool! I love showroom stock builds.
  4. Glue Bomb Rescue: '66 Buick Wildcat

    Don't often see these built. Great work.
  5. Gremlin Drag Car

    Looks just dynamite, Johnny....one of the nicest box builds of this I have seen....BTW, are your race seats the pair found in the MPC 67 GTO kit....great replacements if so, they do nicely as lightweight seats....best, the Ace...
  6. Maverick’s Little Red Wagon

    Nice clean build! Well done and model on!
  7. I'm getting in the mood to get back to some of my original AMT '65-'67 Corvette glue bomb resto/rebuilds.
  8. Maverick’s Little Red Wagon

    Hey Guys, just wanted to post my Little Red Wagon that I just finished. I’ve got a lot of started projects, so I wanted to finish one. There are some excellent builds already that i’ve Seen, so I hope you don’t mind seeing another. I didn’t add too much detail, just a chute release cord and a wire for the tach. I ended up gluing to doors shut as I got tired of trying to get them to work right. I did make a little diorama with the driver figure from jimmy flintstone’s mounted on a drag strip and a back drop showing Lions drag strip. Thanks for looking!
  9. Pet peeve of mine!

    Getting down to scale eye level will give you the same view that you see in real life, and in most pics of real cars.
  10. '69 Yenko Camaro

    Great looking build! I agree; the darkened-chrome really enhances the overall look of this build! Your paintwork looks excellent, too! Here's an idea for you, DumpyDan; send each of those (5) pre-painted Yenko Camaro kits out to some forum members here that would gladly finish 'em up for you! I'll be the first to volunteer... LOL!
  11. Found this one at Hobby Lobby; with coupon I was out the door for well under $20. They also come in the traditional white with blue stripes scheme. I thought the thing looked bigger than 1/24, but measuring the wheelbase with a dial caliper, it's darn close to right on the money. I'm not an expert on these by any means but google-imaging pics of the things, the shape and overall look seem pretty good to me. I couldn't find much to Snake-Fu on it. I sanded the tire treads, and worked down some molding marks and flaws on the rear spoiler. Had to remove some molding sprue scrap from the top edge of the clear headlight covers. I could have disassembled the thing, removed the headlight covers and done some detail painting in the headlight area, but after doing all that with a recent late model Camaro kit build, I'm not sure the finished result would have been worth the extra effort and aggravation. I did paint the (came in silver) front turn signals with pearl white and painted on the amber front side marker lights, but that's about it. Maybe two hours total of work on this one, and that time might even include some net research. BTW, the paint isn't as “bass boat sparkly” as it looks in these pics. It's a nice shade of metallic dark blue. I like the new Mustangs okay, but not enough to do a full-tilt kit build on one. For the time, $, and effort expended, I'm very happy to have this one on the shelf.
  12. I have a zillion projects started. I guess the ones in the pipe right now are: -63 'vette, late 60s style show custom -T bucket, mid 60s style -Bantam AA/FA -'34 Ford pickup with cadillac mill -'30 Ford coupe, channeled and unchopped with Tbird mill and 6x2 intake -'59 Impala mild custom And about 6 more that I consider WIPs, 6 additional projects that are started but not priority, and about 20 others that I anticipate building in future. I hope to get them finished, but at my current rate It'll take 20 years!
  13. Johan Superbird

  14. How to create tiny silver rings

    I think either one could be done with a little practice.
  15. Pet peeve of mine!

    Hmmmm ? I always look at models from high up. Not that being 6'5" has anything to do with it though. Am I doing it wrong ? Am I supposed to get down to table height to look at them ?
  16. 2018 Arca Toyota W.I.P.

    The rear bumper is a little different on the Charlotte car than the Talladega car I'm doing.
  17. I'd love to get this one finished. It's so close to done! And I started messing with this old junker. Original issue Monogram Model A coupe with the two side mounts! Three day weekend... supposed to rain, we will see!
  18. Today
  19. Porsche 924 Carrera GTS

    The flares are not as tall or wide as they should but they are restricted due to the wheel well size. On her feet:
  20. '69 Yenko Camaro

    Nice job! I like the darkened chrome, it looks much more realistic.
  21. Pet peeve of mine!

    That's exactly my point. I can deal with high shots to demonstrate or emphasize a point, but most modeling subjects are viewed from a low angle. I can't really get a feel for the subject though high angles, especially with a subject I'm not familiar with.
  22. AMT '40 Ford

    Nice clean build! Paint looks beautiful. Do you have any close ups of the interior? It looks like you've done some detailing in there.
  23. AMT '40 Ford

    Very nice! Great color too
  24. Isn't it time....

    You're already buying Chinese kits, since Revell, Moebius and Round2 have thier new kits designed and produced there, they only provide the Research and 3D files.
  25. Real wild thing!

    the real Wild Thing
  26. Isn't it time....

    It's a surprise and a shame that we haven't seen more Chinese kitmakers jump into the popular/competitive priced 1/25 American car market. They're doing it with airplanes and armor. And we know they have the car research in China because most if not all of the 1/24-1/25 diecasts are made there. No, they're not all perfect but some of them are QUITE nice and would be welcomed here as plastic kits if they could compete on price point with R2/AMT and Revellogram.
  27. 1957 Ford "Old School" as in Sha-Na-Na

    I built it from memory of cars I saw in my younger days, back before the earth's crust cooled....
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