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  2. 1968 Road Runner

    Thanks Pat.
  3. Another Quick Poll

  4. Another Quick Poll

    I've zero interest in silly show cars. They bother me. The Cheetah though. We've only been clamoring for the model companies to make this for 50 years. I'd be happy to see those.
  5. Anyone know a source for these wheels?

    Thanks Steve, I've forwared your answer to him.
  6. 1960 Chrysler Imperial

    Ooo La La. My kind of model in my favorite color. I will follow along with interest!
  7. Does anyone remember this?

    Since this thread got dug up from the depths, I remember Monogram having a similar club way back in the day also. I can't remember if the Monogram was similar to the others described since it was over 30 years ago, but I do remember at least these two kits showing up in my mailbox back then.
  8. Shelby series 1

    Filling the gaping holes.
  9. Splash Paints - Website Up!

    I think I put up single stage paint in my own very definition and that is my mistake to confuse the customers. I will fix them to basecoat. The reason why I said single stage is because Splash offers 2 stage colors as well. base solid coat and a mid coat. Usually found in Pearl colors for the paints that I provide. I didn't mean to say it doesn't require clearcoat by saying single stage which is the proper definition of not requiring clearcoat just like you are mentioned. So I will fix it by switching to basecoat on the website. My background is building model cars with lacquer paints for past 4 years or so and presenting my work on Youtube since 16'. I am very young compared to most of the enthusiast that is in this hobby but I hope that my experience isn't underestimated. I am more than confident that my customers will be happy with the quality product and especially better quality service that I strive to provide that differentiates Splash Paints from the competitors. If there are any issues customers have with paints, I am more than willing to help out and resolve issues for 100% satisfaction. Sam
  10. Forgot the big news. Amaco Balsa Foam is on the way! Sounds ideal for shaping body parts and whole bodies from. Just have to try it and see how it works. I will say the Woodland Scenics railroad layout foam did not work out. It is like Walmart foam cooler foam.It was supposed to be cut with a hot knife for example.It is just good for putting underneath clay to save clay. Will report on Balsa Foam.
  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Even if FDoT is held responsible, most if not all of the states have something called a Tort Claims Act (sometimes called sovereign immunity) that statutorily limits governmental liability. The purpose of these statutes is to shield the taxpayer from outlandish jury awards, but most of them have not been updated in years or decades. I did a quick internet search and it appears that $200,000.00 may be available to each person hurt of killed. There may be another $100,000.00 available if the person has dependents. Not much there.
  12. Paranormal Activity On My FB Page

    How could it be a computer issue? I also logged into FB on my son's laptop and had the same result. I also have an alternate account, which was only known to Lynne and one other person, also deceased, and she comes up under that one too. Explain that. The other deceased friend was the one who informed me of her death. The other members of the group were unaware of her passing. My mentioning this fact when I posted about this situation was the first time they knew of it. Hoax? How could only my account get spoofed and why pick that particular person? There are a number of old friends which were on FB and they had their tickets punched. They don't stop by. For whatever reason, Lynne's the only one who does. Besides, there isn't anyone in that group who possesses anywhere near the technical smarts to pull off something as elaborate as hacking an account and playing with the code.
  13. Well, 2018 or 2019, maybe, but this one just popped into my head as a possibility after noticing the real car use Firestone goldline(?) tires, which Round2 just happened to recreate and include with the Warren Tope Mustang reissue (though they would need to print the design on a wider tire): The kit was last reissued in 2003 by RC2, and in 1995 by Ertl, so the molds are already in China.
  14. '61 Falcon Gasser

    That's beautifully set up, JC Now it looks like those front wheels could benefit from some of that silver leaf mike
  15. Just a few thoughts on scale

    For me, the associations run like this: 1/144: airliners 1/96: ships 1/64: Hot Wheels, but also Matchbox. 1/43: Lots of mostly European exotics and other collectibles. The biggest association is probably the big display case of Corgi diecasts I would drool over when my mom took me to Eatons as a kid. 1/35: Military, and the occaissional thought of why they just didn't stick with 1/32 1/32; Pyro, Life-like and Airfix for cars, and large scale aircraft mostly between the wars. 1/24-1/25: The "standard" scales for cars, and mostly interchangable. 1/20: Formula One, mostly Tamiya 1/16: Japanese Classic and Brass Era kits, and Otaki's European exotics. 1/12: Mostly outrageously expensive Tamiya kits. 1/8: Best summed up at "Nice, but you probably can't afford it, and where would you put it anyhow."
  16. MPC El Camino with cool little dirt bike

    Might be too pricey for most but if you want one here it is !
  17. '66 Chevy Impala

    Very cool.
  18. Another Quick Poll

  19. Excellent job on the Triumph. I have wondered what the Gunze kits were like. I have seen the Minicraft, et al kit and as mentioned, it is pretty basic, The Gunze kit looks nice. Does this kit have the soft rubber seats, etc? You have done some great work on this kit. Welcome back to the hobby.
  20. Just a few thoughts on scale

    You forgot 1/32, seems to be a common scale for older car kits. My two cents, discovered it makes a difference to fit a 1:24 scale 427 into a 1:25 scale Corvette, good ol' Dremel tool earned it's keep.
  21. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Some progress on my end with the ex-General. A week in oven-cleaner and the orange Tamiya spray paint was still totally unimpressed. I upgraded to brake-fluid...it is doing its thing now. A Slant-6 in a Charger...that alone is already hilarious. To make the model even more hilarious, I went with Tamiya TS22 light green. It´s more of a Kawasaki green, but close enough for my taste to act as a high impact color from the Mopar factory. I think the orange Slant in stock configuration looks preety neat in that green environment. And the slightly modified engine bay has been a huge improvement. In addition to the engine bay, some simple work on the front end works wonders on MPC Mopar kits. This model will have steerable wheels and a nicer stance than an OOB built Revell Charger. Would folks buy corrected radiator core supports and firewalls to make chassis swaps on their MPC-Mopars pretty much unneccessary? These two other builds have gotten the same treatment and that white 500 in particular has stolen my heart...that thing is just sexy and the little improvements had a huge impact. If a resin caster is interested...I´ll make a nice set of masters anytime. Huge number of MPC and AMT Mopar kits out there that could benefit from the availability of a core support and a firewall. I´m just racing through this build, maybe I´ll do another inline build when the Charger gets done quickly. One question to the Deora experts. The Deora is the source of my engine, got a yellow molded unbuilt kit without instructions in a different box someday. I´m unable to find an air cleaner for the Slant in that kit. Since I have no instructions, I can´t tell if there is an air cleaner even included or what part is supposed to be it. Can someone shed some light?
  22. '66 Chevy Impala

    Sometimes models can relate to family. This is a ‘66 Chevy Impala kit; my parents owned this car in this exact color scheme when I was very young. I even made up license plates for the model to match the ones on the real car (RI plates PX429). My very earliest memories include this car. Willow green over a dark green interior. Paints were from MCW.
  23. Another Quick Poll

    I'll pass on both, not my cup of tea.
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