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  2. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    I would love to have either of those builds on my shelf!
  3. Nice hauler

    That one is beautiful, here is another one.
  4. The new tool carbs are awesome in the latest reissue
  5. AMT Trojan Horse funny car completed

    I love the model; Andy seems less enthusiastic.
  6. '63 F100 - XL

    1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 with a race cam sounds so awesome.
  7. Has anyone built these?

    my wallpaper I had the great fortune to hang with Norm for most of a day in San Diego about 2008. Awesome! I think this is Santa Ana, runnin' 4 up
  8. I posted about these tires before and the consensus was they were AMT possibly in the first issue of the 56 Ford.
  9. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Or a team of stripey superheros.
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

    He probably puts his shoes on the wrong feet, and damm handy they make Velcro so he won't have to deal with laces. What's REALLY sad is that apparently 30% of the audience didn't know the answer either.
  11. Which kit(s) were these Firestone tires originally included with? Asking for a friend.
  12. What do you drive?

    Thanks!, yeah the Impala has original paint, but it is heavily laquer checked. no plans for a repaint i like it the way it is. Heres my 57 Belvedere and 59 Buick. The Belvedere is pretty much unrestored. the Buick has been a long ongoing restoration project.
  13. 2019 Ram

    The new Ram at least bears a strong resemblance to the Ram we have become used to. That said, I owned a 2006 Ram 2500HD. It was a very nice looking truck, bore strong resemblance to the bloodline, and was unfortunately the biggest POS I ever owned. I had previously been a GM guy, through and through, with a very few exceptions, (two previous Dodges, a '74 and an '80, and a '93 full size Bronco, and ALL were great vehicles), and I LOVED my 1980's square body GM trucks. So I went back to Chevy for a 2012 Silverado, and flat out love that truck. Chevy/GMC has always had a strong year to year resemblance and one could tell that a truck was a Chevy or GMC by it's look alone. They carried looks and features over well from year to year. It is sad to see that they have ventured far away from that trend with the 2019 truck. In my humble opinion, it's look is very polarizing, I hate it, others may love it. But, as always, it isn't the cover of the book that tells the true story. Hopefully, all of the makers don't abandon their loyal fans and come out with something so new, one cannot tell the make of it when using it. Still love GM!
  14. Stupid Is the New Smart

    According to my calculations, one llamathrust is roughly .48 horsepower. And then there's this...
  15. 2019 Ram

    That's why in 2016 I didn't order a Ram truck as the dealer told me that MY truck would be made in Mexico, and I said no comprende. I went to my local Ford dealer and ordered a truck from them, and I'm happy with it.
  16. Henry J Gasser

    I love SOHC 427s
  17. 1982 Nissan Skyline Turbo Gr.5

    I think it looks great! We're Skylines ever available or raced in the USA?
  18. Today
  19. Tamiya Ferrari F189

    Spectacular! Awesome build and details!
  20. Lil' Red Corvettes

    good looking models, looking forward to the rest!
  21. 1965 chevell ss

    Just like downtown!
  22. CF doubles and SD tractor

    Nice build ! Displaying them doubles is definitely the most difficult part , I’m doing a Kenworth Road Train (4trailers deep) and I’m trying to figure out how I will display it ! 8 foot display cases are not too common .
  23. Cobra Racing Team project

    Thanks guys. Tires on Cobra will be white lettered Goodyear.
  24. '65 Olds 88 taillight lenses

    I'm guessing you are wanting the stock lenses, not the longer custom pieces, correct?
  25. AMT Surf Woody

    The XR6 was modified into an empty mold cavity to make room for the My Mother the Car travesty. What makes it even more sad is the real TV car wasn't even a 27. It was butchered from Norm Grabowski's 24 touring. AMT should have tooled up a new kit with the MMTC stuff as an option. Then we'd at least have a 24 Touring and the XR6. But I was only 4 years old then and they didn't ask me.
  26. Double-Take Replicas

    Yup excellent service great products and a great fella to boot !
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