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  2. 1930 Model A Ford Woody

    Very nice!
  3. 1964 Dodge 330

    I like that a LOT!
  4. Audi R8 Mountain Bike Carrier

    Being a mountain biker and a cool car enthusiast I really like it. What kit did the bikes and racks come from exactly?
  5. Rockford files 1977 firebird

    Thank You!
  6. Today
  7. 2017 Acura NSX in Valencia Red

    wow This car looks fantastic!
  8. Couple of Victorias.

    This black finish looks awesome! Not more to say
  9. Mazda MX-5 (Retro Flame Job)

    Pretty good idea and well done! I think, you did a lot of more on the MX5 Wider body, big rims and tires. Good to know too, that there is a driver figure in the kit!
  10. 1964 Dodge 330

    This is what I'd liked to aks: do you have the slant 6 in it. You answered the question with the additional pictures. Good. It looks good all over. The color is good for the car. I printed mine a little darker blue with the slant 6 I like this model kit. When I remember building mine, there were no issues or problems with it. A good one! Like it
  11. 1930 Model A Ford Woody

    The colors looking pretty nice together! Nice one.
  12. Fireball Roberts 57 Ford

    Looks great!!
  13. MPC Rupp mini bike

  14. Ferrari 512BB

    Some month ago I was the lucky winner on ebay for the kit - again. but 20+ years later So I'll maybe give it a try soon. Your decision to glue the doors etc. in place is a good one. When I built mine, I was really to Young. Nowadays I'd check the fitting first and try to get it work and look properly. But when I see your 512 ... Maybe I'll glue it too. It's a nice car anyway. When I compare the pictures I don't see any different between the wheels. Ok, my picture isn't that good to see some details
  15. 70 Mustang Track Car

    Very nice!
  16. 66 Pearl White Nova

    Great build!
  17. '66 Fairlane GT

  18. AMT Gas Man 49 Ford

    Well no matter what intake it sure is a pretty build, nice job
  19. Ken's 1990 Lumina

    Looks great!
  20. Aoshima Mazda RX7

  21. Audi R8 Mountain Bike Carrier

  22. Autoquiz 380

    Absolutely no clue!
  23. Ford stock air cleaner

    Thank you guys
  24. Three Cars - One Roof

    No prob, Chris. I'm happy that it will work with minimum agita.
  25. Having read the 'Pet Peeves' thread on here I hope I don't offend anyone with my seemingly less than perfect (it may seem to others) build. This is the Revell kit version. Other than the twisted, buckled floor, front and rear windows buckled, and side windows too long and too high and oh yes trying to fit the body over the interior, was nigh on impossible. I had to shave down the door panels, take off the dash and shave off the mounting to the floor and about a 1/4" round the top of the dash as it touched the body without the windows in! With the engine surround there is a window panel at the back of the seats, this was also far too high and wide so shaved that down too! And a few other problems, too many to count! Anyway here's the finished article......................... The bikes, roof bars and top box come from a Fujimi kit. The decals are a Dot Camo from Scale Motorsport. The rear bike rack is scratch built. If anyone is offended by this thread please comment so that I can avoid this website in future!
  26. Three Cars - One Roof

    (ETA: SfanGoch and I just PMed each other some measurements, checking lengths from center of base of windshield to c.o.b. of rear window; base of vent window to base of C-pillar; and widths at base of A and C pillars. Happily, the only difference is that the width at the A pillar base on the Pontiac is just 1 mm narrower. Nice work, AMT and Revell/Monogram... and thanks Joe!!)
  27. Autoquiz 380

    After the tough one from last week I hope that I found a car that would be easier to identify. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type
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