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  2. Wow, that looks incredible.
  3. Enamel paint removal query

    Super Clean also works well & available at Walmart and auto parts stores here. I'm guessing its similar to the Purple Power suggested by Scott. Its purple too. It used to be known as Castrol Super Clean, but the Castrol name is no longer on the bottle (last time I looked).
  4. You can do amazing things with a polishing kit! If you're anything like me, your painting skills might not be entirely up to par, & your patience for hours of surface prep may match that. I don't consider myself a professional painter by any stretch, but I do get consistent compliments on my paint jobs, all directly attributable to my polishing pads & liquid polishes. You don't have to be a paint guru to get nice results. Steve
  5. What Irked You Today?

    Hmmm, I surprised to hear that as I always thought that the "bottom line" was to change the oil and filter on every vehicle that comes in?
  6. Cartoon Network Monte Carlo

    Looks really great!
  7. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    and whatever else
  8. The Cartoon Network Monte Carlo III

    All of these look great! Slixx decals or the Revell ones?
  9. Du Page Swap Meet

    I was there this morning, but only picked up three MAD distributors for myself. I had four sealed JoHan kits to sell, but no takers. Oh well.
  10. I use DupliColor on all my bodies.........I like them because they have a fan nozzle instead of the cone spray pattern that most other paints use. I scrub the bare plastic with Comet, wash thoroughly and let air dry, then I prime with the Duplicolor sandable...... Sand the primer with 2000# wet, wash again and air dry......... Then usually two or three color coats, then two or three clear coats....... Here's a good paint job I got using this method,, as Bill said, there are Many techniques to get a decent finish........ The clear can be polished once it cures, which only takes a few days since they are lacquer One other advantage to using lacquer instead of enamel is it dries faster so there's less chance of lint and dust getting in your paint job.............
  11. I've never used Createx before but this is the Pledge bottle I was told to get and it has worked good for me on a couple of projects.
  12. What did you get today?

    That's a lot more than I got at Du Page today as I only got three MAD pre-wired distributors. I had four JoHan kits for sale also, but no takers today.
  13. Movin' right along. I didn't get as much done as I wanted today, but that's OK - it's not a race. I started out trying to wire up and plumb the engine, and only managed battery cables and heater hoses... and even that was only after getting the body back on the frame. Finished painting and installing the winch. and got the wheels on. Wow - those battery cables are almost as big as the heater hoses! (Oh well - this is my first time going that deep - I'll use something smaller next time) The free hand Swamper stripe actually turned out pretty OK - I'm happy with it, anyway! My only complaint with the Aoshima tires is that they're more like a 38.5", rather than a 33" as are the ones on my full size (if I had 38.5's on the 1:1, it wouldn't fit in the garage - oh well, still looks cool). Still need to do all the scratch-building (front & rear bumpers, nerf bars, center console, wheel well speakers, and a 'bed webb' cargo net I spread out over the roll bar - thought it looked cool or something). Also need to come up with a windshield with the 'Mister 4x4' decal (wow... that's gonna be a challenge). Stay tuned.
  14. My cars over the years

    Both the Corvair and Bee were a lot of fun, and the Ventura I really beat the heck out of it. Yes that Wildcat was a good lookin' land yacht.
  15. 57 ford wagon beater

    Cool! Keep up the good work!
  16. 51 Chevy custom

    Nicely done Dan. Where did you get the Willys pickup? I want one! I sent you a PM.
  17. Man, that's cool - very well done
  18. I'm trying to apply Pledge over Createx Airbrush paint, and it won't stick. The base coat is Iridescent Yellow with 10% 4030 Mix Additive, and thoroughly dry. I'm using a soft brush, and the Pledge goes on looking good but almost instantly recedes into pools, it simply will not stick. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  19. Okay guys, made the mistake of adding the locking hubs on the front, this Suburban was just lifted so it's not a 4x4. It was built for a good friend and that's what he wanted. Tires and wheels are from Fireball Modelworks, they are GMC 6 Lug Truck Rally Wheels. Decided to hook up the engine a bit by adding a Holley carb also from Fireball, M/T resin valve covers from Replicas and Miniatures and an intake manifold from my parts box. Paint is Gravity Colors and clear is Testors Wet Look. Fun build.....
  20. Enamel, the Testors laquers dry a bit thinner than the enamels so you dont have to be quit as concerned about the number of coats.
  21. 57 ford wagon beater

    I love it! You've got a real handle on the weathering, I wish I could have done something this nice when I was 12
  22. VERY nice! thanks for sharing. I sure would like a new tool 67-72 shortbed pickup...
  23. The Cartoon Network Monte Carlo III

    Well done! Who was driving these?
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