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  2. N-scale dump truck ramp

    Great detail!! And on such a small scale. I built a lot of HO scale cars and trucks several years ago for a few railroad club members. I know how tedious it can be, and yours are even smaller. Looks great!! Dennis
  3. Stupid Is the New Smart

    If you had one of these "Clapper" key-finder things strapped to your phone, you'd be in like Flint.
  4. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Yes, laptop, tablet, etc. Through any web browser.
  5. I like your direction for color. I painted my 1:1 57 Cadillac amethyst over bright white. Carmak
  6. Ferrari F12

    Either or , you pick
  7. 1/12 1969 Camaro

    Hi thanks for nice compliment..... Iam quite busy this past weeks lot of work coming this is a little update on my wip..
  8. Stupid Is the New Smart

    With all those wonderful Internet-connected IoT devices you will also have IoT hackers doing all sorts of things to your precious thermostats, refrigerators, washing machines and toilets. Like turning on the cold-water bidet function when you least expected. All I know is that with all all these gadgets around us, we are in for one fun ride in the near future. I also get a kick of that find-my-phone app. When you lose your schmart-device, where do you run your app? In your head? You need another computing device with the access to the app.
  9. BBC

    Ok. Here we go: 1. Big Block Chevy, looks like a mix of parts, appears to be of AMT, or possibly MPC origin. 2. BBC pro stock motor from the many Monogram Camaro and Firebirds of the 80's and 90's. 3. 440 6 pack Mopar, most likely from the Monogram '69 Super Bee, possibly the '70 GTX which was also molded in blue once. 4. BBC from either the MPC '57 Chevy flip nose gasser or '53 Ford F-100 flip nose pick up. 5. BBC from AMT '61 Ford Ranchero. The later issues came as custom only and had that BBC. You can tell by the valve covers. Hope that helps! -Larry
  10. AMG GT3 #4 Nur 2016

    AMG kit, Tamiya Pure White, Clear, Studio27 decals, Molotow chrome replaced the kit chrome on the grill.
  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    So when the crossword needs two short words meaning "political rhetoric"...
  12. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Swell! I'll take a dozen!
  13. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Yup, a whoopie cushion.
  14. Stupid Is the New Smart

    'Brown noise' is a mythical sound that based on the tone/pitch can cause spontaneous diarrhea when it is heard. Would be a great weapon to clear a room.
  15. 63 Corvette

    Super nice!
  16. '77 Trans Am "NOT BURT"

    First, I apologize if I had shown this before; did this several years back. It's a full kit, but (IIRC) a pre-paint metal body. I still managed to do some detailing. Wheels from a Chevelle wagon. Scratched belts & clips. Windshield banner, and "NOT BURT" plates done on printer. Scratched hood hinges employ one "hook" to hold assembly into slot in top of firewall.
  17. Stupid Is the New Smart

    No, but it ought to me able to melt a Mac.
  18. Autoquiz 358

    My first impression is that it looks like Ford Mustang's little brother.
  19. Cobra racing team

    Beautiful models Ray! Love the color choice!
  20. John Witzke 77 T/A

    Thanks. No awards - just mainly new cars but you never know who or what may show up.
  21. 66 Mustang GT Funny Car

    Super sharp!
  22. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I first thought you said a brown NOSE weapon.
  23. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    What's the story behind that Atlas Moving Van model? What was it modeled after? The tractor looks like something a Japanese model company would have designed. And wasn't the tractor also available with a dump trailer? What I've seen of this kit, I've only seen online in the year or so. I never have seen it or the dump trailer model before that or in real life. It's an interesting model. And I'd like to know about it. P.S. Actually isn't that a North American Van Line truck, and not an Atlas as I look closer at it?
  24. 69 Camaro (Revell)

    Beautiful model!!
  25. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Heresy. Everyone under 35 KNOWS that if it's not insanely complex, it's useless crapp from the dark ages, and only ignorant Luddites hopelessly stuck in the past have any use for things with no touch screens, or that can't be accessed from your phone. Repeat after me: new is good, even if it defies all common sense. For instance: a digital camera and an LED screen, with a microprocessor to run them, are VASTLY superior to a ridiculously outdated mirror. Consume...consume...consume...dispose...dispose...dispose...
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