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  2. 70 Chevelle (Jack Reacher kit)

    Great looking build and I loved that movie.
  3. 64 Plymouth Belvedere (Lindberg)

    Looks great!
  4. 65 Plymouth Satellite (Moebius)

    Very nice build!
  5. Brush painted.

    One method I've heard is to retard the enamelnso the paint has time to level. Becuase of a longer dry time you then need to cover the painted item to avoid dust.
  6. Brush painted.

  7. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    The DOH kit was originally marketed by MPC, not Revellogram, even though their 69 Charger had that ridiculous flag in it too. It's a shame that Dylan Roof will not get the same treatment that he did to those innocent people.
  8. Brush painted.

  9. wire wheels???

    Still seems strange there are none the Scale Aircraft crowd uses that would work
  10. Just finished this one up this morning. This is the Harrod’s McLaren that finished 3rd at Le Mans in 1995. Built stock from the Fujimi kit with Tabu decals. Paint is Ferrari yellow from Scale Finishes and Tamiya Racing Green (TS-43).
  11. polished aluminum on wheels

    You might want to try Alclad "Dark Aluminum" for that. Polished aluminum will be brighter. Steve
  12. Thank you, yes the tires & rims are Fireball, I use them a lot
  13. Estes Garage

    The one I have (1/24 scale) has a 2000 copyright date on it. I too bought one at WM (only place around here that had them). After returning a couple of them with various issues (damaged parts) I just got a refund. Then I heard about the legal dispute and gave up on it. It was the R&D Unique stuff that was copied for the Estes kits. I did find another one for cheap a couple of years ago...everything in this one is intact, nothing damaged or missing.
  14. Great Traders List

    Did A trade with br67 (Brandon) Awesome guy thx for the trade. went well.
  15. Brush painted.

    Excellent workmanship, but for me, it would take too long.
  16. What did you get today?

    Probably not. I had two of those and both had the bad bodies. Fortunately for me Revell replaced them with no problem. I have yet to finish mine. I understand that some off the later issues had the corrected bodies. All of them had vinyl roofs and mouldings. I want mine to be a slick top, so I am going to swap the body with one from a '68, an do a Bullitt car.
  17. Any clear. I've used Testors & Duplicolor, so I'm sure that it will take just about anything. I don't have any photos of large areas. I use the Alclad paints mainly on smaller areas, but the results should be the same. This '62 Pontiac engine has been detailed with Alclad Polished Aluminum on the bell housing, Steel on the transmission, Dark Aluminum on the exhaust manifolds with a fogging of "Exhaust", & a mixture of Pale Gold & Aluminum for the carbs. Steve
  18. I think I've got it. Nothing a bit of clear won't help.
  19. Photo-etch mesh

    There have been a number of companies that have made different photoetched mesh sheets. KA and tritool(hasegawa) come to mind but I can't seem to find it, sorry. Just knowing it is out there and who made it is a start though.
  20. Stupid Is the New Smart

    While some of these examples of off-the-charts stupidity are entertaining, it's the creeping dumb among AVERAGE Americans that's the REAL problem: Automobile technicians who don't have a basic understanding of how an internal-combustion engine operates. Licensed electricians who have passed the licensing exam, but can't read and understand installation instructions. Millions of people, maybe tens of millions, who can't do simple arithmetic with a pencil and paper. Office workers and managers who are incapable of writing a coherent business letter. High school graduates who can NOT read at first-year college level, and have to go to remedial reading classes. Voters who have no knowledge of the history of this country, or the rest of the world. These are typical of what we need to be focusing on.
  21. I couldn't tell you right off which kits had them but I remember that the Spiders were an option in many AMT kits in the late '60's and some '70's era kits.
  22. need 6 wheels/tires

    the backhoe tire are too tall and too wide..bnl has tires close but have detail on one side only which would not work for front grader tires...making a tire and casting it is way beyond my ability
  23. 70 Monte Carlo SS454 (AMT)

    Bill, you’ve completely taken over Under Glass this weekend, and I LOVE it!! All great builds, but this one just has something extra in the stance, colors, subject... it’s my favorite. I could repeat this on each post other than the favorite part. GREAT WORK!!!
  24. He got that right. When these became popular it was acceptable to drive with your left hand on the knob, remember no power steering back then, and your right in a head lock on some innocent young damsel who's trying to grab the door handle on the right so she can escape. At least that's how I remember it.
  25. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    I accidentally discovered a way to turn white metal to gold. Keep quite about it.
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