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  2. Fiesta WRC

  3. 1977 Firebird Funny Car

    Your going to have your hands full trying to replicate that paint job! Look forward to seeing it completed. --Dave
  4. 9 mid-engine Corvette concepts

    Thanks Mark. Great history lesson on the rear engined Corvette Concept cars.
  5. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    I hate this,I let the mess build up way too much,all the while saying,put that back here or there.Throw this or that away..But,Nope.So now I have to clean a huge mess up...Ah once again,my photos can't be loaded.Whatever.
  6. Yeah I sure do. It might seem a little weird modifying mowers (I did when I first heard of it) but when you have driven at 50km/h on one it is hard not to like it.
  7. Amazon is incredible

    Just got another package this past Sunday.Its great,but I'm just not used to seeing a mail truck driving around on a Sunday,or a holiday.
  8. Splash Paints LLC Order

    Unfortunately no we do not. We specialized in color matched automobile and motorcycles colors only.
  9. What Pleased You Today!

    My houses AC.Felt great.
  10. A SPEEDING TICKET!!!!!!!Does that count?Oh yea,I haven't gotten one in over 20 years.Meanwhile Ive got to get an inspection before July.
  11. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Is it 'cause they weren't Cobras?😁
  12. oldsmobile cutlass

    Both of these are really good kits..Maybe I'll try to build a Warren Johnson Olds pro stock car..I think Slixx carries the correct decals.
  13. 1971 thunderbird and Jaguar

    Very nice!
  14. 53 Hudson

    Great work!
  15. 41 BEER Wagon?

    Its actually stickier than I expected. I saw that Tamyia had similar weathering pigment, although im sure it is made specifically for this. But for a dollar its worth a shot. The redish color matches rust pretty well.
  16. Thanks Bill. Those are just what I need. I already am gathering a parts list to send to Norm. These aren't the only thing I have to ask him about that are no longer in his catalog. I have a stash of older catalog editions and I'll see if I can find the parts number. With Norm it never hurts to ask... Thanks again!
  17. Autoquiz 378 - Finished

    You're correct...the wheelbase was lengthened about 58mm or 2.3". My previous number was wrong. For whatever odd reason, I had the bore of the engine in my Spyder in my head. I may be also wrong on this, but I believe US cars for '68 had a one-year-only pair of side reflectors. In '69, the existing turn signal housings were modified to incorporate side-markers that complied with US DOT regs, and the separate reflectors were dropped...at least that's the way I remember it...so you got me on that detail too. I can't recall ever actually seeing a 911/912 with the reflectors. I'm supposed to know better than to post without fact-checking, even when I think I'm sure of something. My bad.
  18. BMW 2002

    Super nice!!
  19. Autoquiz 378 - Finished

    Only reason I knew this thing even existed was because a episode on Wheeler Dealers had one lol....I never knew,I always thought they were 911's...
  20. Not good shots as I don't have any WIP pics of the Ferrari. I was building this loooong before I knew what the internet was, and what the heck was a "digital camera"?? These are the seats I got from Norm............
  21. Truck Axle Service Vignette

    Thank you Brian.
  22. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    LOL.....NO you cant!!!!!
  23. Bernard, Norm Veber of Replicas and Miniatures once offered those seats as part of a detailing set when that kit was readily available. Unfortunately, he has since discontinued them and I'm not sure he even still has the molds available to do a special casting for you. I got very similar seats from him years ago when I was building my 250 GT SWB, but we're talking 20 years ago now. Perhaps you could drop him a line to see? He can be contacted here.............. replmincomd@aol.com
  24. 1970 Monte Carlo

    It's a beauty. Great job!!
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