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  2. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    My 2005 Lincoln Town Car was the best. Bought it new as a retirement present from me to me and just traded it last August. Most fun? Probably the Lincoln's replacement, a 2017 Nissan Altima 3.5SL. I have never been a car guy, most of my time /money was spent with motorcycles. G
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  4. 2014-15 powerslide decals diecast fit

    yes, thats the theory and i dont have both to be sure. even the scale is the same there are always some differences. and that is the reason i ask if somebody tried it and it went. on randy forum there were people building nascars using diecasts and various decals but the forum is not usable now
  5. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    Yea big azz has guzzler cars.I don't know,maybe cause I grew up with 70s,and 80,s land yachts.Lincols,Caddy,Olds,Plymouths,and station wagons,etc.
  6. What would YOU like to see as a model

    While Hasegawa may have put out a good Ferrari Testa Rossa kit, its priced well above $120+ dollars, I certainly can't afford that version. But that brings me to another question: Why is it Japanese kits can't be more competitive with other markets when it comes to pricing and presentation? I know that people will say that their prices are high due to import costs, I say I could agree up to a reasonable point. But at 3 or 4 times the cost of their competition, it seems to me maybe they could put a little less Hi-Tech and just do a straight forward all plastic kit at a competitive price and sell to more builders and less connoisseurs. If Toyota and Honda priced their cars that high above their competition, they'd have a real tough time selling them to average consumers - no matter how good they are. On the other end of the spectrum, when Japanese kits are priced cheaper, they only come with basic details - no engine, platform chassis, out of scale steering, shallow interior and toy like appearance. I'd like to build that Ferrari, but at that price, it might as well still be on my dream list.
  7. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    Hi Dakota,the Grand Cherokees that you are referring to were Excellent Jeep's.Yea,V8 power,with leather,can't go wrong.Plus they have a complete coil suspension,where the Sport has leafs in the back.Its really just the very new stuff,I don't care for.Especially now that Fiat took over a big part of Jeep's global designing,(ex),no offense to anyone,but as I said before,the new Cherokees,just not my cup of tea....at all.
  8. I still might need another set, for another camaro build. I did happen to get a set of seats with a old junkyard seat lot. The ones I got were from 73 camaro kit from mpc. I think your set has better detail then what I have. https://public.fotki.com/Blackkat132000/camaro_parts/img-4571.html
  9. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    You mean something like this? It’s a 78 newyourker with a 440. It doesn’t run through.
  10. Does anyone have photo's of Detail Master Tachometers?

    I'm trying to get one that will look pretty close to these ones in the photo.
  11. Can you use Brake Fluid to remove model paint on parts?

    Thanks guys for the tips, and how to use this. If I have old paint on a kit, or junkyard kit, I'll use this. I went ahead and used standard paint thinner on the munster koaches interior to remove the old paint. It took fresh primer to coat the black interior, and 2 coats of red to get it looking right.
  12. 69 GTX

    Black semi gloss paint brushed by hand..
  13. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, A Few More Inferior Photos.

    Beautiful build sir
  14. Revell McLaren 570s

    I love this kit. I've got one to do in the same blue. As well with the Plamoz detail set and wheels. Will be watching.
  15. 1965 Linoln Continental

    love that color!
  16. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    I actually also like big 70s,and 80s American cars.Cars we just don't see anymore driving around.
  17. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    OK Charlie, you make it look SO easy. All right it is, if you have ever used more than one triangle at a time (I haven't) or are smart enough to have thought of it before (apparently I am not)! LOL
  18. FXI Trucking Hot Rod Peterbuilt.

    It been over 2 years?! Wow. Well, I have been working on this. I want to finish it. Here we have the engine I am replicating. You can just see to T/F blower on top. My biggest problem was the valve covers and heads. I could not fin them in 1:25 scale. I had to make my own, which took a good deal of work. To save time I also decided to try my hand a resin casting. The masters are pretty good. I could not get the upper/lower case lettering in the pic, so I grafted in all upper case from a donor set. The raised letters are a little lighter than I would like, but that is the best I could do. Casting was a learning experience. My first resin cast was goopy. I learned I should not have sprayed the silicone mold with silicone spray. They do not like each other. I made a second valve cover mold and things are looking better. Here is the 1:1 Hosted on Fotki Here are the molds with a fresh pour starting to solidify, masters, some castings, some of those chrome plates and breather vents on the right waiting for alclad. Hosted on Fotki Next is getting the blower up to snuff. I shaved the ribs and I am making new ones with the correct count and spacing. The technique is to lightly CA glue a block of sheet and shape the whole thing. Then I use debonder to separate them. It worked 1/2 the time. One side did not debond, so I had to shape them one at a time. Hosted on Fotki Until next time.
  19. Autoquiz 362

    I got the first correct answer. So go back to your favorite seach engine and try it again.
  20. What Irked You Today?

    I am fine but many fields,roads and any thing around creeks and rivers are under water
  21. Ford COE cabs:'37-'47, '48-'52, '53-'55(or 6)

    Mill City Replicas does the 38-39 Ford COE. Only problem is with the grill which was real bad. So I made a new one out of brass for the cab at right. To the left is a similar one with the grill partially made so you can see how it was done. The headlights on the finished cab came from a Yat Ming '38 Ford open cab fire truck.
  22. 64 dodge 330 update 02/21/18

    Thanks everyone for your comments, hope to have a delivery of bmf in the next week or so, so I can try to get this one finished off

    I don't do trucks but I do like to take my time with a build. Why? Because building is the fun for me. I don't get any great kick out of finishing a model. Competing with one is some fun but that is only good for a one competitive season as far as I am concerned. I just love creating something from a kit or sometimes nothing. Longest build was 5 years of continuous building. Just the way it is. If you are enjoying building then your doing the right thing. How long it takes means nothing.
  24. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    One or two of you Cobra fanatics might have seen this one on ebay, a cheap 95% built 16th scale MPC parts pile that was missing the driver's side door. Thought it would be a low-cost gamble (if the color really was what it looked like) to possibly add to my otherwise all-diecast Cobra collection, as being an increment larger than the 18th scale Shelby Collectibles one I have. Judging from the underside of the body, the color was originally a deeper blue, but it has now yellowed slightly to what is more of a subtle teal-to-blue fade. So what I'll do is fab up a new door out of aluminum sheet and leave it unpainted - to simulate a yet-to-be-painted replacement for a wrecked door, since I have no color matching skill - and then polish up the body better, lay down some new brilliant white vinyl stripes, and reassemble it. Need to narrow those MPC front steamroller tires by a 16th of an inch or so, though ..... or better still, find a pair of matching tread rear tires from an 18th scale diecast that would be a tic smaller in both diameter and width.
  25. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    Best?? Wow is that a relative term. If you are talking about longest lasting with the least repair issues then I have to go with almost any of the Toyota or Honda family cars we have owned. Always reliable, minimal cost to keep on the road and good drivers. Worst in that respect would have been my 74 911 Porsche. Within a month of owning it, it tried to kill me my bursting a fuel line in the engine compartment. Luckily it happened on startup and the car didn't catch fire. In 4 years of ownership, the electronic fuel injection went our and I had to tow it 50 miles to the nearest Porsche dealer to get it fixed, the heat exchangers rusted out and cost $1,000 for parts alone. In Northern Michigan you don't want to be without heat, and tuneups were ridiculously expensive. The darned thing required 10 quarts of oil to change the oil. Oh and chain tensioners needed replacement every couple of years. But it was the most fun to drive in my early years! Nothing else like it. My first sports car was as new 72 240Z. It introduced me to the true fun of sporting cars. Durable, easy to drive and fun. Up pretty good car. All time best though has to be my current car. A 1993 MR2 Turbo. I am the second owner had have personally put 100K miles on it. Never had any major issues with it. I am currently having it rebuilt with as many OEM parts as I can find, so I can enjoy it for another 20 years. It is fast, handles like a gokart and really is a looker. Yup, that is my best choice.
  26. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    I noticed the Lund sun visor right away, Lund went out of business years ago and the XJ ones are getting hard to come by, in fact I buy almost every one that gets to the local pick a part yard and turn them into hobby dollars
  27. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    big fan of JCR myself in fact still have the rear bumper that was intended for the white one sitting here un welded still, can't speak for the new grands but the ZJ and WJ isn't too horrible to wheel in with V-8 power and comfy interior and when the front axle stuff breaks just replace with XJ stuff, a lot of horrible plastic body trim that really holds water and rots em out bad I 2nd the NAXJA, great site and the headliner was perfect in the white 2000 the other dozen or so that's come and gone well that's another story
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