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  2. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    The best cars I have had have been reliable and fairly entertaining to drive. Unfortunately, they get replaced by cars which just aren't as good overall. I owned a '99 Toyota Solara, which I bought with 130,000 km on the clock. All the toys, and great fuel economy to boot. It carried me through several road trips and a return to college. I traded it in with 285,000 km, and bought a '06 Solara, which was nowhere near as reliable. I traded that car for a '06 Matrix, which was almost as luxurious, but had plenty of room for hauling cargo (model shows, gigs, etc.). I sold it to a friend of my stepmother with 235,000km on the clock, and bought a '14 Focus hatchback. After several transmission replacements, I want my Matrix back!!!
  3. Highway thru Hell

    if you go back a few posts, my wife was talking to Jamie just before Christmas, they did release the first season on dvd, but it sold out almost immediately. Jamie told my wife they were trying to get more seasons out, but the dvd producer was having production problems apparently, and James hopes to get more seasons out later in 2018
  4. Joe's Backyard Paradise-Updates 02/22

    lol. Thanks Dave.
  5. Willy's pick-up

    Did PB dissolve your account Pat? I see that 3rd party hosting logo. I would like to see this truck though.
  6. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    and threw trees
  7. Did you try ordering off MCG website? I was looking myself an seen they still have them on thier store. I ran my cart upto $35 for 3 things an wasn't ready to commit. I hope so cuase the detail master ones are not what I wanted.
  8. Where Belly Tankers Come From

    I believe the wood is just the molds/forms. These were made of aluminum. There were 108 gallon drop tanks made of paper. But they were one-use-only. Fill 'em up, use 'em, and don't even THINK about bringing 'em back.
  9. Miller Genuine Draft

    My favorite Rusty car! Looks great.
  10. ASA Russ Urlin Thunderbird

    Well done!
  11. Another Robert Pressley

    That's a beauty, John. I happen to like that paint scheme
  12. Torino time

    Great group of builds, thanks for sharing!
  13. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Maybe he is trying to justify to himself the reasoning for purchasing a riding mower to start with, or maybe to justify to his wife why he needed it. I have always felt some of those people up in the "high country" of NC were a bit effected by the cold air. Personally, I like to visit but will gladly reside in the Foothills.
  14. Yesterday
  15. 1967 Camaro - 3d printed 'interpretation'

    This is very cool! You made that (rough!) 3D printed body look really good! I can imagine the time and patience all that bodywork must have taken. I think it's incredibly encouraging to see modelers taking the step towards fabricating their own models using new technologies. I've entertained the thought of buying/building a 3D printer, but as you've pointed out, the learning process is a hobby in itself, and it's not exactly cost-effective! Still, I'm impressed by the relatively low cost of filament to print your Camaro. Food for thought!
  16. Where Belly Tankers Come From

    Cool, and you want to put a flathead in one, and try to go 200 mph,, must have a lot of toothpicks when you crash one,,,,,,
  17. 1957 chrysler 300c custom

    Nice work! I'm a fan of these cars when they're shaved and 2-toned; I have a project coming up that will be similar
  18. Stupid Is the New Smart

    My push mower makes as much noise as my riding mower, if not more.
  19. 68 Roadrunner

    That IS sweet Ken, great job.
  20. A few more of my builds

    All cool, especially that Firebird....WOW!!!!
  21. Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto

    Great pics Howard, Thanks for sharing....
  22. 68 Roadrunner

    Not at all what I'd call a "great" kit, but a good kit, and you did a nice job with it.
  23. Where Belly Tankers Come From

    No, the stork didn't bring them. Here's a great set of pics I'll bet you've never seen before showing the entire conception and birth process: http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=66266
  24. Styrene Kit Tires

    After I posted this, it finally occurred to me that, as Mr. Littman pointed out, styrene molding tools don't like hollow cylinders. Sorry to have taken anyone's time. I didn't consider that military modelers deal with smaller tires.
  25. 1/8 TDR Nova

    the material looks dead on and the chutes look fantastic you sure those are not real they truly look real
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