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  2. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    Just got back from my HL and they had the sale going on. We had a few more items on sale than listed above including a Paasche H set for $25 (which I got). I got several Model Master spray Lacquers at $1.54 a can... They had the Snake and Mongoose Top Fuel cars (like Clay, Chris and John are building in another thread) for $7.49. I already had the Mongoose one but got another. I got a second Mongoose Barracuda because they only had one left (wish I would have waited a week to get the other one and I wouldn't have paid $19 for it... might have to take it back but it averages out to $14 a car so that is still a good deal. They also had Paasche and Badger airbrush needles and accessories on sale and some hobby knife blades. I also got the AMT Dodge 300 super stock car for $7.49 and a 1/72 Navy fighter plane for $4.49. They had all the ones and more that I didn't mention that were in the original post. Even a large custom motorcycle. I only got the ones I mentioned. Thanks very much Mike999 for letting us know because I would have missed this sale since I was there last week.
  3. Dale Earnhardt's 1990 Lumina

    Beautiful build! Subtle tire sidewall weathering really makes it. Masterwork.
  4. Ford stock air cleaner

    The AMT Ford vans had a similar air cleaner
  5. Divided by a common tongue

    I always thought the same thing! At least using it as a short for Mercury makes phonetic sense. So when I see it as an abbreviation for the Benz, I sound it out as "Merse". Probably just to pronounce it the same. Just saying. 😁
  6. AMT '65 GTO

    Remember the original molds were hacked into a dirt track race car sometime in the '70s. Then is was "restored" in the '80s but not very well and then "restored" again in the '90s but still not back to 100%. The tail light lenses are really bad. To the point I had considered making a set from sheet plastic but I couldn't get the tiny chrome strips in to my satisfaction. They're not the same thickness all the way through, they get thinner at the back so they leave a noticeable gap when installed. I have an earlier rear bumper from before it was made into a race car and the lenses fit as poorly in that as they do the current part. One thing to remember is the chrome on the lenses of a GTO pretty well hide the red of the lens. I think this is one case where if AMT has of molded the lens in with the rest of the part it would have been better than a separate part. The strait red lenses were on the Tempests and lower level cars. Not really right for a GTO
  7. Ford stock air cleaner

    I had some but not sure what kits they came from,I am thinking the mid 70s AMT F350 p/u had them.
  8. '66 Fairlane GT

    Looks good!!
  9. Three Cars - One Roof

    "Pay attention, class. There will be a quiz at the end of the week." Very informative and educational. Thanks.
  10. TAT Mack B-61

    Thank you. Glad you like it.
  11. '66 Fairlane GT

    AMT kit. The paint is a mixture of Testors square bottle Maroon and Gloss Black. OOB except wiring, and I changed the quarter windows to clear plastic from a blister pack. Thanks for looking!
  12. I bought one of these... Now I just have to find a compressor.
  13. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    I have a set. Send me your address.
  14. Pile of Pontiacs

    Looks like a lotta fun, can't wait to see more updates.
  15. Off Road Off Topic

    AMEN to that Bill as that "look at me" fad is going around here also.
  16. 1957 Ford Del Rio wagon

    Added the gold "anodizing" to the trim and clearcoated the body. Assembled the interior. Began wiring of the engine.
  17. About the above mentioned Ford Mustang II. I knew a young lady who bought one of these new and it was the 4 Cyl. 4 speed. I even drove it a couple of times. It was more Pinto than any Mustang. Also had an occasion to drive a very clean 302 Auto. car, I thought it was a 6 cyl. at best. Sorry Ford guys but this should never have had the Mustang name associated with it. That '80 Challenger should never have happened also. The 442 Oldsmobile ? Well lets just say GM really lost their way and that is one of the reasons Oldsmobile went away. These companies were trying to sell junk with big markups based on an established name recognition and all they did was give up their market share to all the imports that were trying hard to win your purchasing dollars. Fear not, those responsible for this were richly rewarded and the people trying to make the product got laid off.
  18. Off Road Off Topic

    When you're incapable of building something that actually has some functional appeal, or you just don't get WHY anyone would want a vehicle that was competent off-road or ON-road, you build some moron stuff like this. All this junk does is scream "lookit me!!!! lookit me!!!!"...and there is never a shortage of other morons who will, with envy and lust in their hearts. Ooohs and aahs and attaboys. Idiots.
  19. AMT/Johan 1970 AMX parts needed

    Al, there were some parts on eBay this week
  20. Revell 49 Merc decals wanted

    Al: I've got some, and I won't be using them. PM me your address, and I'll get them to you. Jim
  21. Stop resurrecting once great nameplates

    I just thought of it as a Pinto in drag. I'd personally much rather have a hot-rodded Pinto than a Pinto pretending to be a Mustang. This fake 911 on a VW pan is about the same thing, far as I'm concerned. I'd rather have a Bug. Of course, I'm not much of a fan of grapefruit-sized phony appliances stuck on women, either...but much of the world seems to like them just fine.
  22. Pile of Pontiacs

    # real ones for me. '67 Firebird--400, 4 speed---convertible-----------'69 Bonneville--428, automatic---4 door---------'79 Trans Am--6.6(403 Olds),automatic. Sadly, all three were POS, but I bought them as used cars, so no telling what they went thru. I know the T?A was wicked fast!!
  23. Today
  24. Mustang wheels

    Hi, were these stock 69/70 wheels ever offered in scale?
  25. AMT '65 GTO

    I have one on the shelf that I built when this kit was first released. The Tail Lights fit perfectly and the kit is really very nice considering the technology of the day. I'm surprised by the problems you and others are having with your rebuilds, but as the molds age and are not cared for I guess this what we are all left with. Wish I could be of more help.
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