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  2. The 1:24 scale Hasagawa kit of the first generation Honda Civic hatchback. Since my first car was a 1977 Civic CVCC, I *had to* get two of these kits. I still have dealer brochures, great for reference (cutaway picture). I have not opened up the bags yet, if that's required for a proper review, I will do so. It's a curbside, decent engine bottom detail, but there is proper shock tower detail, as if there will be a chance for an engine kit. I'm wanting to build a US version, which will require scratch-building the front turn signals, door mirror, side lights, and the most demanding part of converting the dash to LHD, and I would need to modify the hood. I do see a CVCC chrome badge for the back, which is greyed out on the instruction sheet, but still need to do the grill and side badges. Decal sheet has lots of tiny things, but I have never seen window trim which is sort of silver done like this, all Japan market badges. Makes me think I should hold out for a US version of the CVCC?
  3. Unimog

    Great looking Unimog. I like the weathering. Very well done.
  4. There's a very finely tooled multi-Stromberg setup in this, usually available pretty cheap on eBay.
  5. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Yep....I am 2nd owner of her. I have everything....even the service card. First owner took great care of her....I am too. Never wrecked or damaged. Original interior. thx
  6. Unimog

    Great looking model, very realistic.
  7. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    That's awesome it's nice to see someone open the hood on that kit.!
  8. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Excellent model!
  9. And, don't use super glue on windshields in the future...
  10. Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland. Item DD20, 8 Strombergs Shapeways - just do a 1:25 Stromberg search
  11. 70 Dodge Charger R/T

    Very nicely done!
  12. 41 Willys - slant six hot rod update 2/19

    This is awesome I'm a big fan of in-line 6's I rebuilt a 67 Mustang GT after I retired 5 years ago and went with a built up 200 in-line 6 the factory hp was 125 it now puts out 265 more than the stock 302. I will watch this one keep those pictures coming and as for the new chrome pen's they are the best thing in modeling in years in fact the very first thing I used it on was a valve cover for a slant 6 like you did.
  13. My cars over the years

    Another one of my cars from the 60's that I owned. The Corvair was a Corsa with the 140 h.p. engine with a 4-spd., 4 carbs, and posi.
  14. 70 Dodge Charger R/T

    nice job.....
  15. Station Wagon Kits

    I converted one to a Sedan Delivery about 50 years ago. Didn't do a very good job because I didn't realize at the time that whole tailgate and back end of the two are completely different. Oh well.
  16. 63 Cobra from the Racing Team Kit

    Love it!
  17. 70 Dodge Charger R/T

    I'll second that!! Great details
  18. Unimog

    Great job with the weathering, looks great!
  19. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    Beautiful !
  20. Revell Porsche Tractor review

    This Porsche tractor kit looks like fun!
  21. Revell Porsche Tractor review

    I've wondered the same thing over the years, since that's how Ferruccio got started. Diecast: http://www.lambodiecast.com/detail.php?item=model548
  22. Finished up the Cobra part of the kit last week. Somewhat happy with the results and happy overall. Added some pics of the whole kit including the truck and trailer as well. Tried to replicate Dan Gurney's CSX2137. Still missing the hood number plate as the kit only had two 99's. If anyone has the number 99 from the kit - I'd happily take it :-)
  23. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Some more work on the intake, it's nearly there. I wish I'd known more about turbo set-ups when I started this. I'd have done this differently. A top mounted intercooler would have been a much better idea, and the intake would have been a different shape , fitting with the turbo better. Live and learn. That's my body color. I'm going to do a slightly distressed patina finish with some hot rod door art.
  24. 2006 FedEx Monte Carlo

    I got quite a bit done over the weekend. The rear suspension is installed an complete. There may be some bolt head detail here or there that I need but I am calling it complete and will take care of that on my final detail. The air cleaner housing got coated in SMS 1/20th scale CF decal and cleared. As of this picture, it needs another coat or two of clear and then a little polishing. Once that is done, I'll ad a washer and nut and some tape. The short track grills are installed on the front, along with some tape. The tape may not be correct, however, it adds some dimension to the front end. I also added some bolt heads for the spoiler.
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