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  2. Having read the 'Pet Peeves' thread on here I hope I don't offend anyone with my seemingly less than perfect (it may seem to others) build. This is the Revell kit version. Other than the twisted, buckled floor, front and rear windows buckled, and side windows too long and too high and oh yes trying to fit the body over the interior, was nigh on impossible. I had to shave down the door panels, take off the dash and shave off the mounting to the floor and about a 1/4" round the top of the dash as it touched the body without the windows in! With the engine surround there is a window panel at the back of the seats, this was also far too high and wide so shaved that down too! And a few other problems, too many to count! Anyway here's the finished article......................... The bikes, roof bars and top box come from a Fujimi kit. The decals are a Dot Camo from Scale Motorsport. The rear bike rack is scratch built. If anyone is offended by this thread please comment so that I can avoid this website in future!
  3. Three Cars - One Roof

    (ETA: SfanGoch and I just PMed each other some measurements, checking lengths from center of base of windshield to c.o.b. of rear window; base of vent window to base of C-pillar; and widths at base of A and C pillars. Happily, the only difference is that the width at the A pillar base on the Pontiac is just 1 mm narrower. Nice work, AMT and Revell/Monogram... and thanks Joe!!)
  4. Autoquiz 380

    After the tough one from last week I hope that I found a car that would be easier to identify. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type
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  6. Clay... that is looking great brother! I think the color choice is perfect. Nice work on the Axle, I need to take notes for mine. Can't wait to see the decals on it.
  7. Pet peeve of mine!

    If a photo is vital to the quote I just click on it,the resize it to a much smaller size. If the quote contains lots of photos I usually only leave the one which I'm addressing in my reply (also in reduced size).
  8. Looking for info about KAR-A-VAN logo/emblem

    Thanks for the info guys! I had a feeling that someone here would come through with some good info. But with Brad's magazine ad I have some good reference. Looks like Recreational Vans Inc. is long gone and not much info is available online. But the logo shown in that old magazine is all I need. @Lordmodelbuilder assuming it is a photo you just took of your old magazine, would it be possible to post another photo of that page? Just do a closeup of the logos themselves (you never know when I might need the other logos), and take the photo looking square at the logos if possible. That will make it easier for me to make decal artwork from them. Your original photo is taken at an angle. Thanks in advance!
  9. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    This kit does have the regular 8 foot bed on it but because of the F350 super camper special package it is modeled after, the wheel base is longer (140") than the regular 133" wb that the regular long box trucks came with. It's only the box sides/inner panels that need modifying. More info in this thread...
  10. Custom 1990s corvette

    I recently got an old amt callaway corvette for $7.50 and I’m not a big fan of the 90s vets so I decided that I’m going to put a 1962 corvette body on its frame. It will be biult box stock except for the body and rims. The rims are from a revell 1999 Ford lightning and the body is a revell 1962 corvette gasser. The engine is twin turbocharged. The wheel bas is the same but it will need some trimming up front and some material added to the back. Comments welcome
  11. '52 Ford Mainline Business Coupe/NYPD RMP

    Hokay, I didn't have any spinners to use as bases for the parking lamp lenses, per Steve's suggestion. Sooooooo, I had to go through the tedious process of making one and casting a pair. I used a '58 Impala tail light lens and glued the stem into a 3/32" OD aluminum tube. I then cut the mess down to measure 3 mm (don't you hate it when some stronzo uses both standard and metric measurements interchangeably? If I were me, I'd pop me right in the wazoo, but good, and I'm just the guy to do it.) and CA'ed three styrene fins to the tube. Using Magic-Sculpt (No, I'm not a compensated spokesman shilling for the company. This is really great stuff!) I made a mold and used fiberglass resin to make the copies. Lemme tell you, they are small! This is the grille with the lenses temporarily installed. I coated the grille with Model Master Semi Gloss Black followed with Metalizer Stainless Steel applied with a cotton swab. I don't bother with the airbrush (too much of a hassle, maaaaaaan!) because this is done to check the overall look and to highlight any imperfections I might have missed. The deal on using the swab is to dip the tip of the swab directly into the Metalizer and let the solvent evaporate completely. When it is completely dry, lightly rub the swab on the part. You'll see a gradual buildup of Metalizer on the surface. The more you rub, the brighter it gets. A trick I learned years ago is to follow up the Metalizer application by buffing the part with powdered graphite, which really imparts a realistic chrome look.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I picked up the "Mod Rod" and since Lindberg's '34 Ford pickup was on the shelves, I got one of those as well. The plan is to use the chassis and wheels from the pickup to try and duplicate John Athan's roadster.
  13. Aoshima Mazda RX7

    Nice clean build. Beautiful paint.
  14. Great Traders List

    thank you afx, your a great trader too
  15. i just picked up the AMT kit today. While Revell does make some very nice chassis parts, I think the AMT '29 roadster is a better choice for making a traditional rod because the wheel wells are the stock height, and it comes with a Deuce shell as an option.
  16. I picked up this AMT Ford Ranger F-350 kit today on E-Bay. I'd like to make it into an F100/F250 with an 8 foot bed. I'm pretty sure this kit has a longer bed than 8 feet. How is the length of the bed determined? Is it measured from inside of the tailgate to the inside of the bed’s bulkhead?
  17. Revell parts?

    Good luck to you.
  18. Aoshima Mazda RX7

    Beautiful build of a car you don't see much anymore, 1:1 or in scale. I actually think it was a good design that still looks good today.
  19. Full Monte

    I remember that article. I think it was in SAE, but I don't remember the issue. Glad to see the car still exists! Nowadays, they only put LS motors in old cars. I talk to my younger coworkers and they don't even CONSIDER small or big blocks anymore. Shame, they were great engines and they have more raw character than the modern powerplants do. But you can't chip 'em like they do now. A by product of the computer generation, I guess.
  20. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    From everything I've read the other bid options required financing, whereas the Blitz deal was paid in cash. The bankruptcy court, yes could have decided not to approve the deal and send the ball back to Hobbico's court - but at the same time Hobbico is the one that chose the bidder, not the court. I'm suspect of any individual and/or group that couldn't come up with what amounts to 3.1 Million in cash up front AND then have any sort of viable future thereafter. I mean if you think about it, if they didn't buy the existing inventory, and make a play for RevellAG - then the purchase price of Revell was $100,000.
  21. 1955 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

    Oops, somehow I can't add any more pics at present, will try later. Meantime the full build progress is here Let me know what you think so far. :-)
  22. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Tower Hobbies was sold to Horizon along with Great Planes with all of the R/C manufacturing.
  23. 1955 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

    I have always loved the look of early Formula One racing cars and recently came across a Protar kit of the 1955 Mercedes W196 as driven by Fangio at several Grands Prix that year including Monaco: I did some online research looking for inspiration for a diorama of the car on the Monaco street circuit and came up with some great period photos like these: Some time ago I had downloaded the files for a 3D printable gothic building (coincidentally the Sydney General Post Office building) for some future product. It looked perfect for the period: The file is broken into a left and right hand side for each level so I was able to omit the ground floor and print just one of the upper floors and the roof components. I scaled it down from a true 1:25 as it would have been too large. The plan is to sit it on a retaining wall with a steep uphill section of track and maybe some signage and spectators. Printing was successful, and here is an early mockup:
  24. They're releasing EIGHT kits in July, how many more do you need?
  25. 3rd Annual River City Rumble

    Thanks for sharing Leslie, enjoyed the pictures
  26. New guy from Upper Michigan

    A big Welcome from the other end of the state.
  27. Ollie's strike again

    I once had about 500, a job loss and the realization that I was never gonna build them all woke me up. Whittled down the ones I wasn't gonna build, still have some more to sell off, but getting closer to having what I will build in the stash.
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