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  2. Mustang I picked up at the same second hand store. This one was still in it's original box. It hadn't been built. So, I put it together.



  3. 64 Buick Wildcat I picked up from a second hand store. It was this horrible color of green when I bought it. I stripped it and repainted it gold. 



  4. 32 Ford's

  5. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider

    I’m currently working on the Modena version. And I agree. Probably the most well engineered intermediate kit ever made for box stock purposes. 1. Tamiya 360 2. Tamiya Supra(93) 3. Aoshima Countach
  6. Another solido model. This one is also a 1:20 scale. And I had the solido Eldorado. I started looking at pictures and realized the Eldorado wasn't a lot different body wise than the standard series convertible. So, I modified the body, grinding the fins off and building the little fin bumps. Added the antenna and the lower body trim. Also created the skirts. 




  7. wow very convincing rust, great job
  8. this is a diecast. the scale is 1:20 and manufactured by solido. It's another eBay purchase that I remodeled. It was white when I got it. I stripped it did some work on the body eliminating the seams from the casting.

    I found a picture of one of these online in this color. So, I repainted it silver over black with red interior. I added the antenna, parking lights, the bar across the grill and altered the wheels to look like the real one.



  9. love it, great job. the color is great too, fine work Jim
  10. AMT ‘56 Ford Victoria front windshield glass

    Great idea, Gerry! I didn't realize that they had reissued this kit. The windshield I have now is just too blemished for contest display. I have used novus and future also but sometimes new is best. Thank you guys for your responses, they are greatly appreciated.
  11. GM and Chevy Quality

    I worked with a guy who owned an X1/9 that he bought new in 1979, and carpooled with him for two and a half years, using his vehicle one week and mine the next. He had a 4x4 and another car also, so the Fiat wasn't in use all of the time. But it did get used year-round. That said, it never stranded us. But there were never two weeks straight where absolutely everything on that car worked. One week it was the A/C, next up was the instrument panel lighting, then the radio, then something else. The dealer that sold him the car went under, and he was taking it to another Fiat dealer. That guy didn't know numbers under $100 for anything, even in the early Eighties. The Fiat bit the guy one last time when he sold it...the buyer paid with a rubber check. Of course, he shouldn't have handed over the title until the check cleared, or he had cash in hand. Everyone seems to do well in the "initial quality" surveys. How many people will badmouth a car they just purchased? I've never owned a GM vehicle, but have shopped them a few times. Not the last couple of times though; my current employer has gotten rid of several 2009 Chevrolets (Malibus and Impalas) that have had major transmission problems at fewer than 100,000 miles. These cars are all well-maintained and not abused by the people driving them. I'm sure those scored well in "initial quality" too...
  12. man very nice, looks great , nice colors too
  13. This is one I got off ebay. It was broken but all the parts were there. So, I got it and put it back together. Made some minor modifications. mainly paint details.






  14. Ferrari Enzo

    looks awesome ,nice job
  15. 50 Mercury "Cobra" (base kit is Revell)

    love it looks great, nice work
  16. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    ok, I did not mean to stir up so much BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, but since it has been a week I would like to take the Baracuda off Kevins hands, I will post up my offerings in a bit along with my 3 from previous.
  17. 69 Camaro (Revell)

    awesome looks great, nice color and detail
  18. 65 Plymouth Satellite (Moebius)

    sweet build, looks fantastic
  19. Stock up on Humbrol Paints now!

    Humbrol isn't easy to get in the USA. I'm lucky to have a local shop (Section 8 Hobbies in Buffalo) that carries an extensive selection of the tinlets. I was told it's the only place in a 75 mile radius with it, and I don't doubt that. I was unsuccessful in several attempts at airbrushing it, but I still paint a lot of things with a brush. For that I prefer Humbrol and use it whenever possible. Covers well, brush strokes level out well, and dries hard/not sticky like some other enamels.
  20. That one looks great. I just picked one of those kits today. One of my cousins had one back in the 70's. I have to do some research on the real one for my build.
  21. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider

    Nice! I built the coupe over a decade ago and to this date it is still one of the most enjoyable kits I've ever done.
  22. 70 Monte Carlo SS454 (AMT)

    nice job, looks great
  23. 66 Chevelle (Lindberg)

    very nice, love the blue. looks great
  24. Brush painted.

    You nailed what he does. Even the Humbrol enamel paint. I had zero success on brush painting anything glossy larger than a radiator, or a engine block. Cats hair? That's inevitable. I invited Michael to join our forum.
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