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  2. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I see a familiar Foad in there.
  3. TROG true Gentleman's car

    Here is the mockup of the other car...which obviously would be disqualified for TROG if it showed up there. Has anyone else discovered the Testor's Model Master "Deep Sea Blue?" That is the color of the car (which I failed to notice was a bit out of focus). I am telling you, coming out of the gun it is absolutely stunning. The model needs another light sanding and a couple more coats of the blue but my initial reaction was "WOW, what a color." Any thoughts or comments are welcome.
  4. amt 1970 dodge superbee update 02/21/18

    Real nice another home run, great work Steve
  5. What is a 'promo' model?

    Yeah, I take it it is an American thing? We never had new cars, but event then I don't think such things existed in South Africa while I was growing up. It really is eye opening some times to see the differences between countries.
  6. 1958 edsel pacer custom

    Sweet looking ride, what color is the roof gonna be?
  7. 1957 chrysler 300c custom

    Wow man that is nice, I thought the first pictures with the car all silver was nice but then.......Bam looks real good
  8. What is a 'promo' model?

    Don't feel bad Shaun. I've been in my forties for 27 years and I have yet to see one in the flesh.
  9. What is a 'promo' model?

    Thanks for the replies! Appreciate it, now I know what you are all on about in the threads
  10. Nicely Done! I love how this truck is not a show queen and shows signs of use....as a truck!
  11. Moebius 4x4 Ford

    You're doing a great job! The detail work is excellent and the weathering looks good. Cool concept and well executed. Truck on!
  12. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

    Awesome build, beautiful!
  13. 69 Yenko Nova

    Looks great the white is striking, now get a little brush and paint the Nova on the truck silver.....Then that photo will pop.
  14. 1965 Linoln Continental

    Very nice.
  15. What is a 'promo' model?

    Hence the name..."promo", short for promotional.
  16. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    making fish tacos
  17. Today
  18. 69 Yenko Nova

    Really nice! The white looks great!
  19. Looking for tips on adding detail to a black interiors?

    Sometimes mixing a dark grey with your black paint for the interior looks nice. Especially if you offset that with a black flocking or vice Vera.
  20. 69 Yenko Nova

    Very nice..! Clean build too..! I still have a 1 to 1 70 Yenko Nova intake manifold...use to have a ton of old muscle car and custom parts.
  21. What is a 'promo' model?

    Shaun.... I love promos myself and love restoring and collecting them. A promo will have screws holding the chassis on ...no engine but a molded engine plate,etc. on the chassis. Sometimes they will have writing molded into the chassis like information on the real cars features. Some will have a friction mechanized motor on one set of axles while others are just coasters. Some have been reissued while others never have or will be. They were advertising and thank you gifts from the dealerships years ago...many times when the dad would come in and buy a new car with the son the dealer would give one to the son to have. Hope this helps you some.
  22. Hello from Long Beach.

    Welcome Will..! Building is my life..cant imagine not building anymore...scary thought..LOL..
  23. Excellent detail work and weathering. David G.
  24. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    I agree on both counts, I just wonder how the Hobbico bankruptcy is going to affect Revells new tooling budget.
  25. Going to try my luck at this amt edsel pacer since the superbee in the motm build didnt go to plan. Going for a oob build with a little detailing and will be trying to get it a low as possible. Tried a couple of combos of rims and tyres and think I will go for the first set but still have a set of keystones to try as well. Decided on duplicolor crystal mint metallic for the main body and pearl white for the roof and side flash and will be using the continental kit and fender skirts. Though I had a set of old school lake pipes but looks like they have gone missing. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve Have painted the roof and the side flash duplicolor ultra white and waiting for it to cure before I paint the crystal mint metallic. The bonnet on this kit was real bad and and with primer it looked ok but once I got some color on it you could see the sink marks all over the place from the under hood strengthening supports but lucky enough to be able to sand down enough paint that it acted as a filler so after sanding was just a matter of re painting yet have another one of these kits I am building for a friend and is flawless, go figure. Have posted pics of before at the moment and to give an idea of color. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve Just a small update , got the main painting on the body done yesterday and gave it a quick mock up to see how it looks. Hope to have it polished up , bmf and clear coat in the next couple of days. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve Mocked up the majority of the interior today just a little touch up,the buttons on the seats need some bmf and dash facia needs finishing then the interior will be finished. Have to sand down the rear of the front seats along the top where I missed sanding down properly and a quick respray otherwise everything looks good. Have also started the motor which will be basically stock with a chrome air filter, shame they dont supply the decals for the valve covers. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve Have now sorted out the suspension and this is the final stance it will have. Planning on getting the bmf done in the next couple of days so I can give it a clear coat and get it finished up but may not get it finished in time due to my dad being admitted to hospital yesterday for emergency surgery due to bowel cancer. Cheers and thanks for looking, Steve Just a small update worked the rear end to bring it down a little more where I wanted it and now happy with the stance. Finished of the continental kit with some bmf and clear coat and have mocked it up to see how it looks, just need to install the bumper over rider rubbers. Now just have to concentrate on getting the bmf and clear coat on the body between hospital visits. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve
  26. Hi here is another one I have on another forum that I thought I would post up and show its progress. Started this one while I am waiting for paint to dry on other projects. This is the amt 57 chrysler 300c custom and have to admit it the body in this kit was really poor. On the side that the spruce was on the sill panel was all over the place. Had to sand most of it down and used styrene and super glue as a filler, then sanded the whole thing down and now looks the same as the other side. Have checked with another kit I have that is the stock amt kit and that body is the same. As its a custom decided to fill in the antenna hole, rear view mirror hole, trunk license plate recess, fuel filler door, lettering on the hood and the door handles for a smoother look. Also filled in some areas on the inner guards and smoothed them off for a cleaner look. Couldn't bring myself to removing the side chrome trim as I think it does make the car and have given it its first coat of primer followed by a sand down. Hopefully will have a chance to get another coat of primer on it tomorrow. Will be using the hemi supplied in the kit and is quite detailed, with fuel lines and carb linkage, but had to replace the air filter assembly for these filters from the amt 70 superbee pro street kit. Although the kit already has lowered suspension wasn't low enough for me so lowered it some more by modifying the rear springs, adding lowering blocks and removing the shaft front the front stub axles and moving it up higher. Still deciding on if I will be running caps or rims as the stock kit I have will have the stock caps on it. First couple of pics are stock caps that I modified with drilling a hole in the center and added amt ford Edsel spinners to them, the second set of pics are with the rims of the polar lights dodge coronet pre painted kit and the next set of caps are from the parts box. Have mocked it up to see how it looks and think it looks okay. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve . Painted in duplicolor light silver and have given the hood a cut back and polish, still have to clear coat it yet and then another polish. Will get stuck into polishing the body tonight then get it ready for the roofs color. Here is a few pics after spending about 8 hours of polishing up the body, then will get the roof painted and polished, then the bmf and clear coat and then the polishing starts again. r Have some color on the roof now, just need a day or two before polishing it. Have polished up the roof and hope to have the bmf done tonight and weather permitting will have some clear coat on it tomorrow. Here is a few pics of the roof polished up. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve Got some paint on the chassis and floor pan today and hope to be able to polish them up tomorrow before detailing them. Also shot the engine with paint and clear coat in the hope I can finish off assembling and detailing tonight providing it has cured enough. Have a small update on the interior, used the back of my knife on all the pleat lines on the door trims and seats to bring them out more after painting and installed electric window switches.Have painted it red rattle can from the cheap shop, bmf on the door trims and my first time flocking. Wanted to see how it all looked in the car and one thing that I forgot about was the mod I made to the firewall and rear location of the floor pan was that I had shaved them down to get the floor pan to sit higher in the body to get the body to sit lower so had to carefully shave a bit off the bottom of the door trims as they were sitting way to high. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve Paint looks like its turning out good so may have this one finished in a couple of days, only have the motor to do then starts the assembling. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve This build is nearing completion now, got most of the engine done apart from painting and installing the engine accessories. Also got half the exhaust done and rims and tyres installed. Next is glass and installing the interior and should be done. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve
  27. Nice work so far, a couple of my favorite subjects. Nice scratchbuilding on the Bronco!
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