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  2. Warming your paint

    I use rattle cans exclusively and always warm the can in some hot tap water. let it site there maybe 5 minutes then spray away. this is primers to clear., even rattle can duplicolor paints and primers
  3. Gas pumps #1, #2, #3, Pop and Ice machines

    Bill.... the baseboard for the gas station portion of your diorama is 4 feet by 4 feet, and my Hooper & Co diorama occupies a baseboard area of 3 feet by 2 feet 7 inches so I can appreciate the scale of your project. This is so interesting to watch and you must be enjoying the whole process yourself. My diorama has one main street and one side street, so quite a similar arrangement really. David
  4. Newer Version Challenger TA

    I like the retro look and that paint is bright. They both look great side by side.
  5. I finally finished something

    Outlandish looking body. The good news is you made it look like the box art, so I'd say well done.
  6. Outage (again)

    Sadly no. We have a major software update that may address that problem, but I have to iron out a couple other things first.
  7. Chaparral 2C by ARII

    I like what you did with this kit. What did you use for the spring panel fasteners on the sides?
  8. I’ve messed around with this truck going on 4 years now and it’s time to finally build it. I cut it down to a short bed a couple years ago. Made some plans and scratch built a new frame for it. I have some of those jps custom wheels on the way. This build will probably get some sort of LS engine. Haven’t completely decided what I’m gonna use yet.
  9. I finally finished something

    I dIg it! That looks like something I'd like to try. What was so lousy about the kit?
  10. Bending Aluminum Tube

    Does it have to be tube? Michaels has some 1/8" aluminum armature wire that is soft and bends well.
  11. Another Firearm Fantasy Build

    I like this. I'll eventually do a fictional sponsor stock car. But it will be something weird to make people go .
  12. Another Firearm Fantasy Build

    I was thinking of a light blue Smith & Wesson #29 car with dark blue decals. Even the roof and door numbers would the old timey font of their logo. Josh Muma at Bedlam Creations makes my decals. The guy is a genius.
  13. Another Firearm Fantasy Build

    Snake, you know me as St__ts from a certain firearms forum.
  14. Gas pumps #1, #2, #3, Pop and Ice machines

    Wow stunning work and excellent craftsmanship!! Keep up the great work . Love the small details you added makes everything very convincing. I recall stopping by my dads shop after school and always getting a " pop " out of they're machine..exactly like yours

    wip, making sure the hood sits right with the air cleaner on
  16. What Pleased You Today!

    My Aussie hurt herself (most likely playing with one of my other three dogs) so I called the vet. She was limping on a front paw as well as had that old man walk (that I myself know and do too often). It was almost the end of their day and she was able to lay comfortably so I asked if they had an appointment the next day. Will 10:30a work? Absolutely! I gave her an anti-inflammatory (took care of the limp) and she slept through the night. I can call my vet (we recently changed as the other one was farther away but they knew how to treat greyhounds which both have passed) and get an appointment within half a day (either one would do this for me). Call the family Dr (four in the practice), spewing from both ends like a fountain....we have an appointment a week from next Tuesday? BTW.....Jamie is doing fine. They gave her an Rx for the anti-inflammatory and a steroid shot. Strained the muscles in the middle of her back.
  17. Firebird Pro Stock

    One day I get a massage on my facebook from a guy that saw one of my models of a Butch Leal pro stock that I posted on this forum. He wanted to buy it. I told him that I sold it many years ago. But I said I could build him another one. Well he said I want you to build it but just like my car. I was confuse but after a couple of days I realize that the photos were not from the original car but from a replica that he owns and drives in the Nostalgia Pro Stock series. I was stunt, so I started to find the kit and parts from by part box and this is what I have so far
  18. Today
  19. Outage (again)

    Thanks Dave. Any chance this will fix the 404 problem?
  20. Warming your paint

    My paint shop is in the basement which is 62 to 65 degrees all year long. A dehumidifier runs all year long too. The hot pan of water was my usual warm up for spray cans. Since getting a Dehydrators I warm the cans in there since it's more convenient than running upstairs for more hot water. ))
  21. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Slow cooker pork roast ( with potatoes , carrots , celery and onions ) , cornbread , brown rice and iced tea .
  22. A few kits to trade

    Good luck with your recovery.
  23. Herb Thomas 1954 Hudson Hornet

    Thanks, Mark.
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