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  2. Lotus 23

    Really nice! Back when racing cars were beautiful.
  3. What did you get today?

    Sweet. Few of those I'd like to have myself. Nice score.
  4. The birthday present.

    I totally agree with your "stock is best" credo - but by keeping it simple and slick you've made a great looking custom. The interior is the icing on the cake.
  5. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    If you dig behind that generic statement that was in the paper it was specifically referencing trying to secure a "Stalking Horse" agreement for the purchase of Estes-Cox. Which seems to be being bid on by some formulation of the current employees as the agreement references "Estes Industries" which is the oldie time name of the company when it was founded before being sold a bunch of time and then buying Cox Airplanes (which got the name change to the current Estes-Cox) and was sold to Hobbico in 2010.
  6. Today
  7. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    So there are some interested buyers , the company's investment banker reached out to 432 potentially interested parties , 184 entered into confidentiality agreements.
  8. 68 GTX grille

    In the Mopar world, a better detailed grille for the 68-9 MPC Coronets would be nice. But I guess the market would be extremely limited....
  9. new for 2018

    Forget the guard, I want a model of the truck!!
  10. "New" Revell 48 Ford

    The windshield is too tall to me. I agree, the roof flatness could be causing the illusion. The more I look at this pic and Túlio Lazzaroni's build (The best I have seen) the windshield may be pretty close, but the roof above the rain gutter is too low on the kit. I see the door frame issue. The kit almost has a corner above the vent where the car is a curve with no flat areas Will these things keep me from building it? Good chance, but I may try to correct one, just getting tired of correcting lately.
  11. new for 2018

    The Boss 302 will have a re-tooled front end, I've heard from a couple of guys it is much improved. I have an old AMT 69 annual, they were the only ones to get it right, but this Revell offering is supposed to be good.
  12. new for 2018

    I have three, but wish they had done the newer version, and I would love to see a 17-18, they are beautiful!!
  13. Our Michael's is a joke

    Hey Russ, no this was out in Goodyear, I cant remember what the name of the outlet mall was, its still there, but its now just a normal strip mall.
  14. Our Michael's is a joke

    Jonathan, Was that the one in East Mesa on I think Power Rd? In a center with a bunch of other outlet type stores? If so I used to go there a lot, used to live out that way back then. bought a bunch of models there with the idea of using them to practice with, but never did. Russ
  15. The birthday present.

    Looks awesome for sure !!!
  16. Our Michael's is a joke

    We had a K-B Toys outlet store here back in the mid to late 90's, I remember going there every week or when I had money ( I was a teen) and buying kits for about $5 at the time.
  17. 28 Ford Model A Parts Build

    This will be cool !!!
  18. Just a quick poll

  19. Shapeways Reviews

    I was just checking out 3D and the Maple Leaf products, so searched and found this topic. Started with looking at diorama figures.
  20. The birthday present.

    Very nice!
  21. Halibrand Quick Change

    The Mickey Thompson Challenger kit has 4 quick changes, and the Tony Nancy 22Jr set has a couple of very nice quick changes.
  22. Another quick Pole

  23. 28 Ford Model A Parts Build

    Here's an update! Ok, I couldn't find an engine that fit the mystery parts box frame, so I thought, "Why not try to fit a 32 Ford frame under the 28 Ford body?" (the differential housing got a little hot and melted a bit. No problem, I'll fix it so it looks like it got a good scraping on a speed bump) The rear fender assembly had a lot of glue on it, so I used sandpaper and a Swiss file to grind all the glue out. It's a really lousy fit and the 32 Ford frame is teetering under the 28 rear fender assembly. I thought Using a palm sander to grind down the extra height of the 32 Frame would help. I don't care about it digging through the frame, that's actually an area that's wood; now we have some rot. Nuts! Still not fitting... I've shaved the sides of the 32 frame, I've sanded off a lot of the top of the frame, I've scraped out the 28 fender assembly... Well, I'll remember this if I do this again; there's a small lip on each side of the underneath of the fender assembly. That's what's keeping the 32 frame from sitting snug. I used a sandpaper bit on my Dremel tool (the best present I've bought myself in years. If you don't have a newer, cordless, variable speed Dremel, get one) and scraped out the top of the 32 Ford frame at a 54 degree angle on each side. Now we're cookin'! A nice, snug fit. Now that the 1928 Model A body and fender assembly has a 1932 Model A frame underneath it, we've solved a few problems, the first being that several more modern engines, including flatheads can use the often shared mounting areas on the 32 Ford frame. Secondly, we get a much more sturdy foundation for our vehicle, plus the rear sits up a little higher which gives us a little tougher stance. This is where I'm at. Looking forward to some nice, warmer days when I can prime and paint.
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