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  2. El Camino SS 1968 Weathered AMT model

    As a huge El Camino Fan and considering I have a 1971 1:1. I love this build. You did an amazing job with weathering it. I think it turned out Killer. There are so many little touches that just stand out. Again Nice job on this build.
  3. 2019 Silverado

    Sadly, that's what people want, an appliance, not a car. The sooner autonomous cars get here for those people, the better.
  4. Tim.... Outstanding work my friend. I know it might not look like much work but I know for a fact you have a lot time put into this small part of this build. I can appreciate the extra work you are doing because I think you are going about it the right way. Why try and shortcut anything at this point. Your work is amazing and love that you made a jig to square everything up. I am looking forward to your next update on this.
  5. El Camino SS 1968 Weathered AMT model

    Darn it...everyone else whom read this before I got to it already pointed out the obvious but subtle stuff I love about this one ! Thanks for taking the time to share the excellent photographs with us.
  6. Revell VW Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    I agree with Mark's comments, though i did once own a 1981 Rabbit painted yellow...you have me thinking...Great model in every way.
  7. El Camino SS 1968 Weathered AMT model

    Very nicely rendered decay. Well done.
  8. The twins from Aoshima are in and we took a look at them.
  9. Ferrari fxx-k

    Thank you...after this build I need to do something with out any carbon.
  10. 2019 Silverado

    I'm not liking this along with some of Chevy's other designs like the Equinox. Too many pointless creases along the body. Certainly not for aerodynamics. Same for the Malibu and to some extent, the Impala. They're just looking more and more like appliances.
  11. 2019 Silverado

    Oh snap! I never noticed that.
  12. Super Bee into a wagon

    A very cool creation! Looking forward to seeing more of this one!
  13. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Fred Candy made decals for this kit? Were they any good? And can one still get them?
  14. Today
  15. New kid on the block ?

    Aren;t those both 1/16th scale ?
  16. New from the Modelers of Japan, the Honda S660 resin kit
  17. new for 2018

    Way to ruin it, Jesse. Maybe Revell saw some nice returns on the Starsky & Hutch kit and they are going after that sweet TV/Movie collector market fan money again with the Greased Lightning. Sure help that it's a nice kit in and of itself, even without the (very) mild few new custom parts. Hard to tell on the flyer if those are in fact newly created baby moon hubcaps of the stock hubcaps, though.
  18. New kid on the block ?

    Looking at sold items on eBay, the '71-4 Petty Charger seems to bring $40 or so, the Buddy Baker Charger a bit less ($30-38), and the rest less than what a new Polar Lights kit would retail for. I think that shows just how important marker research is, and how vital it is to hit a homerun on one of the first attempts. The Petty name will help immensely, though I'm guessing Petty Enterprises licensing is by far the most expensive to obtain. I don't envy the risk SJRM is talking right off the bat with a lesser (but still well known) driver and car, as we've already heard directly from Dave Metzner at Moebius that slow (or slower than expected/hoped for) sales of existing kits can delay the production and introduction of new of modified reissues. Hopefully they have enough capital behind them to possibly weather an early storm if sales numbers are as positive as expected. I certainly hope they sell like crazy and SJRM does well, but this sounds like a very risky first subject, taking my limited knowledge of the vintage NASCAR market into account.
  19. I would if I could but I can't.
  20. What did you get today?

    Ahh, makes sense, I have those other tapes, but have not used them yet, but I would think they would be easy to bend a little bit.
  21. What did you see on the road today?

    1936 or 37 Cord 812. Not on the road but on display at Cap City in Fort Myers, FL.
  22. What did you get today?

    Thanks for the info, but I want really thin tape, even 2mm is way to wide. I'm really interested in the .4 tape. I know i could always cut my own, but I have no interest in cutting tape down if I can buy it. I've got some 1mm Line O Tape on order but it must be coming on the back of a turtle being led by a snail. I've been putting off a project until I can find some tape to fit my needs.
  23. Tamiya Ferrari F189

    Excellent detail work. The tire markings are a nice touch.
  24. What did you get today?

    If you are looking for vinyl tape that bends, Tamiya has some , its very nice. https://hlj.com/product/TAM87177 Also in sizes 5mm/3mm/12mm
  25. Has anyone built these?

    The 2LB '55 can be built from the AMT sedan kit or the Revell diecast. I'm planning to do one soon.
  26. new for 2018

    One Rare and fantastic car.....still own it???? First car I bought my son was a Mercury wagon so I am bias!!!
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