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  2. GM and Chevy Quality

    This was just before that, and it was a print ad.
  3. GM and Chevy Quality

    yeah, wasn't that "Joe Isuzu" I'm lying campaign?
  4. KWhopper900

    Nice choice to build.. there are some down falls to this kit like the tires but overall you will enjoy it and it should be a fun project...Make sure you thank her brothers for their service to our country. Will be looking for pictures down the road.. Are you going to use those Mobius after market wheels and tires? Good choice.. have fun
  5. What do you drive?

    yeah, now there is a sight I haven't seen in awhile. your floor looks reasonably solid under the snow and leafs (?) is a good dream you got Cale, but mucho expensive, 'specially in Canada...don't sell the 440 short, if you plan on street driving it as well as dragging it, the 440 is waaaay more tractable than a hemi, and can crank just as good. my dad actually had a hemi car, '67 charger, I do remember him cursing it a lot....and the 727 is just as durable as a th400, auto's can be made to shift faster than a human can row the gears too. keep them and wit the money you save, upgrade your axle down the road. i'm assuming you will also do most of the work, so, more money saved for your truck the 440 in my old challenger could melt the tires at will... come from a fam of old skool gearheads, especially my dad and my uncle and my bil. my dad was into Chryslers back in the day, prob had 25 or so, chargers, windsors, 300's, newports, dusters... have some pics of polaroids from the late '70's to the '80's. those were my "golden" times as a kid, had quite a collection of machinery, then.....marriage...... . we had a house fire in the '90's, not a lot comes thru undamaged... we lost most of our photo albums (your young, go look up what a photo album is...lol) so I don't have a lot left from then except some great memories in my head... these are just pics of some photographs I got left gangly little 16 yr old with my '68 nova (was a big nova fan)................................."inherited" this duster from my dad......................................................cause he was playing around with this at the time of course like all teens I did not want to be like my parents, so I branched off mopar my 327 vega and my 'stang,. notice the similar design paint schemes? white with blue stripes, I also had a '70 Camaro painted pretty much the same way, I will try to find the pic my chevelle and my (true) SD Beaumont. I had a few other cars as well, a '58 desoto, a '66 fairlane, a '73 torino, 4 asst '68-'74 nova's, a couple japanese cars, 4 street bikes.... then my uncle moved to town... he had this bitchin' mud racer in the '80's...at which point cars pretty much ceased to exist to me...lol. some of my first trucks, the Glad and f100 are mine, the sub was a few hundred dollar truck I never plated or insured, used it out in the back 40 only, till it ended up on it's roof one night....the wagon was my dad's, he made it into a sleeper, dropped a LTD 460 into it my old '68 custom cab, my K5 and my K20 behind my dad's Cordoba. this was pretty much the last car he bought for himself too, he's into ford trucks, has a fleet of SD's, his current toy is a '011 diesel crew longbox 4by with a bigger turbo, power programmer, and propane injection. it's a beast, prob around 1500 pounds of torque...my dad's corboba may look mild, but it had a very "special" 360 under the hood. it could and did do 150mph on the highway, as confirmed by the Williams Lake RCMP..... can also throw a '69 K10, '72 jimmy, 3 squarebody's from the '70s and 2 from the '80's in the collection. my wife had 2 real nice chevy steppers 20 yrs ago as well, a '77 K10 and a '81 C10. my current trucks I have had for over 15 yrs and 22 yrs...that marriage thing.... this is my Bil's truck, pro-street LRE. this pic was actually taken very late in the '80's you can read all about it here..... http://www.440magnum.com/mopars/2004/october/1979dodgelilredexpress.shtml
  6. I'm not looking for scale size flake. I know that what I want will be out of scale, but that's ok with me. On something like a 1/16 funny car or the Tamiya 1/12 scale Dodge van, it would still be out of scale, but not quite so bad. Those two subjects are also good place to put a wild paint job. I used to have something even bigger; a toy RV made for the "Bratz" dolls. AFAIK, not a faithful representation of any real RV, but a huge canvas for a cool paint job. I no longer have it, though. A friend of mine came over with his 4 year old daughter. She saw it in the garage and started playing with. She was just fascinated with it, even without the dolls. She's a good kid. I gave it to her. I did tell my friend that I would like it back when she gets tired of it. About 3 or 4 years later, I asked if she still plays with it. "Yes. Every day". Eh. That's cool. That's what it was made for.
  7. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lose the 93mph limiter and throw some slicks and skinnies on lightweight rims on one of those Bolts, and you could go and play with Musclecars in the Quarter Mile, and probably put a few on the trailer!
  8. What do you drive?

    2016 KIA Soul Plus
  9. No. It's a lacquer & is fairly durable. It will rub off with a lot of handling but you can clear coat over it & still maintain an aluminum look. Steve
  10. Jaguar XJ-S H.E. TWR - Hasegawa

    I had this kit in the original release, it is a lovely kit and one i am thinking of getting again. Nice start and look forward to watching your progress.
  11. Today
  12. GM and Chevy Quality

    Didn't Isuzu run ads way back when about how they came second in some survey? Granted, it's the only one I can't think of that doesn't shout "We're number one!"
  13. completed check top of page
  14. 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

    Nice! Clean work !
  15. 70 Road Runner (Monogram)

    I love it! Been a fan of Monogram 1/24 since I was young. I owned a 70 RR until I sold it in 04, not my smartest move lol
  16. Any body watching Barrett-Jackson ?

    I checked, and Velocity was in free preview mode, so I partook.
  17. Testor makes some large flake mid coat colors in enamel. But try finding a good enamel clear to go over them.
  18. Polar Lights didn't make a factory stock Torino or Cyclone. Did they crib something from another company? An AMT Torino? The Monogram Talladega kit is 1/24th so I think would exclude it. So what's left?
  19. 77 Pontiac Trans Am (Revell)

    Wow, great job detail painting the wheels! Excellent build! Mike
  20. Estes Garage

    Mine is 1/24. I'm interested in Ferrari Boxers and/or Lamborghini Muira. 1/24 or 1/25 scale.
  21. 2019 Ram

    yup, do like the color Dan, matches my toy. is that a crew or ext cab? the angle of the pic seems to make the rear doors really short... prob a 6 liter too? what does a base crew lb srw 4by come in at, 50-60? might have to check out your dealership when we go to Canmore..
  22. 80 Dodge Ramcharger (Revell)

    This may be the best build of this kit that ive seen so far. Great details and, again, your interior work! Love the Ramchargers!
  23. 77 Pontiac Trans Am (Revell)

    Great job and I'm a big fan of your interior work on your builds! This one is sweet 👍
  24. GM and Chevy Quality

    a good indicator of quality is to check and see how many TSB's have been issued for a vehicle-obviously a lot of tsb's means they got the design wrong or had p.o.'ed workers that day.... good guess Casey, but I was actually referring to ford's ignition fiasco in the '90's when theirs would catch fire...even when parked... and your right, if someone has 10 prob with X car, can always find someone who has had 10 prob with Y car, no brand is immune, your talking 20 000 parts in the hands of civilians, most who know only GAS and BRAKE....fiat x19....hmmm, they make good wheel chocks for my crewcab.... yup, so true on all accounts, and their not easily repairable. my buddy is a 30 yr bodyman, they just replace all sheetmetal now, even roofs, they don't even attempt to fix new "sheetmetal" once again you nailed it, so true. with proper maintainence you could get good miles out of even a yugo.
  25. 64 Plymouth Belvedere (Lindberg)

    Another beautiful car! Black on red is tough to beat!
  26. 70 Monte Carlo SS454 (AMT)

    Wow, that interior is fantastic! My uncle bought a 70 454 Monte new and kept it mint until he sold it in the late 90's. Nice work!
  27. need 6 wheels/tires

    Try, Sour Kraut's model truck parts,,, lots of tire to pick from,,, Or Action farm toys ( salvage yard) never known what your find there,,
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