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  2. Essex Wire Cobra

    That engine is looking great Ben! A little clean up on the belt and pulleys but other'n that it looks superb!!
  3. Isn't it time....

    Yes, I figured someone would chime, eager to point out the other differences - which is why my original post said that "very little" would need to be included to do either year . . . Not that "nothing else" would be needed.
  4. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    ' What does it mean to be a trophy kit? ' A whole lot! Look at a Trophy kit with the parts pictures on the side of the box. You get more stuff! Take the 1925 Model T Ford Trophy. You get two 3 in 1 kits.'Build two complete cars!'. Double Dragster is another kit like that.Not every Trophy is a Double Kit though. AMT kits can go in the other direction too.Some you only get parts to build stock and custom. Even worse some you only can build one version.
  5. 40 Years of Indy Cars

    I would like to see more photos of this fantastic historic collection
  6. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    Most of the 1/25 AMT car kits that were not bases on promos or annuals tooled up in the early to mid '60s were originally released as "Trophy Series" kits. Some of the annuals such as the '65 GTO were also labled "Trophy Series" when they were released. Dosen't really mean much now.
  7. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    Slow news day, I guess...
  8. TAT Mack B-61

    Looks like I've done everything backwards. Wouldn't be the first time. Interior is next. I don't have a gray light enough. So it'll go on last...when I find it.
  9. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    I think you might be confused about what this thread is for ....it's for model kit news and /or model kit reviews.
  10. Making some fruit liqueurs

    Cheers Lee! I read about the egg deal, so I looked here too. Again, this stuff is right along the lines of what the wife's family, and most other Europeans have done as well for centuries. Conserving foodstuffs before the days of electricity. Reap the fruits of nature, and preserve these for the winter months and beyond. Meantime, after living many decades in Old Europe, there are still great ways to preserve the good things nature brings us, and marvel these in the deep winter. Cheap, and fun too. I always wondered why lots of older type houses here have cellars that are not hermetically sealed from moisture. The cellars are moist, yep. Make a pile of sand in a blocked off corner, cover up your glass jars of preserves with sand and occasionally some water spread over the top of the heap to keep the sand moist, keeps stuff really cool and the goods last for years. Lee, just my question about the method you show is why the fruits are not kept out of daylight? My experience, the fruits go into a glazed ceramic jar, being protected from light. Please keep the stuff cool.
  11. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    As far as today, it would be kits that are reissues of the original early 60s Trophy Series kits.
  12. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    What does it mean to be a trophy kit? Aside from box art?
  13. Former coffee house in a 1894 Queen Anne

    Amazing work, Ellen! So much detail - lots of time involved, no doubt! Sam
  14. TAT Mack B-61

    I usually spray the interior first, let it dry fully, and then some, and then mask off the whole interior for the two tone paint. I USUALLY would paint the gray first, and then the black, just because the black is easier to get marks on when masking it, so I would do the gray first, then the black.
  15. Share the Love?

    A few NNL Easts ago, I found a note from that other mag, asking to photograph one of my builds. I actually had to ask someone what that was about, as I had no idea. To my absolute surprise, my truck made the mag soon thereafter. I was absolutely amazed. Two years ago, I found a note again on the same truck, which had been lightly spruced up. So I went to the photographer again. He asked what I guess is a standard question........."has this build already appeared in the mag?" Yes, I told him, whereupon he explained that they would rather shoot someone else's build in that case. I totally understood that and thanked him for his consideration. The next contest issue came out, and low and behold, there was a build from someone else, who had the same build appear in the issue that mine had. And it was in again, from the same show that my build had been asked to get photographed again. And then I started wondering, and did some review of contest issues, and it is apparently very common that the same build does appear many times, in the same mag, at different shows, in following years as well. So, yes, it does appear that there is favoritism. Surprise, surprise! Who would have thought that a model contest was any different than life itself! I would also suggest that the OP contact the magazines, or the photographers themselves for a more accurate answer. I would also say, it was a privilege and honor to have one's build published......................but not having it done is certainly not a world ender. I never expected such, nor really even wanted to have it shot, as I really thought there were better builds and better quality work to be seen by other people. End result, cool, but again, to echo Steve, I really don't care.
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  17. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    Thanks.Meant '53.Has Trophy logo on boxtop. Here's the real 'hiding in plainsight'! Mr Speed '53 Starliner! Features the most far out version but it is a Trophy kit. A possible is the '58 Chevy out now. There was a Trophy version of it. This one out is molded in gold so maybe they blew off the Trophy parts.
  18. Porsche 924 Carrera GTS

    I thick Derek Bell has one of those JC. Great project, best of luck.
  19. Texaco station in 1977

    The pics of the restrooms are very interesting, all the more so because as far as I know Photobucket has not had a change of policy. I checked the image info for one of the pics and it does indicate a link to Photobucket. The quality of your diorama build is of a high standard. Not sure why your last post was November 14 in 2015, and now a new post in 2018 ? David
  20. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    I want one of those '58 Ford pickups. LOL I know what you meant,I've built several '53 Fords.
  21. PhotoBucket's Back?

    I left my pictures on their servers just to contribute to their general overhead of operations. While I consider their actions in the past couple of years disruptive at the minimum, and short-sighted and damaging to the communities they served, it is good to see that not only are they offering the possibility of more reasonable pricing, but that they undid the damage of breaking all those links. Those who have posted on this thread thinking they must subscribe to get their pictures back, this is not the case. They are serving your pictures up whether you ever do business with them or not. If they break the limks a second time this will destroy them once and for all. But no need to tell them "all is forgiven" by re-subscrbing...
  22. 58 Vette decals

    Looking for the decals to this kit. I have lots to trade or $$. Later- http://
  23. Nissan Gloria 280E "Gulf"

    Thank you guys David, i would be interested to see results..
  24. Italeri Land Rover Fire Truck 1/24

    I really hope they get this one out, I want one.
  25. Lawn mower in a kit?

    there is one in an airplane kit too but no mower deck, but I think its a smaller
  26. Here's one bona fide Trophy kit out now. '36 Ford Coupe Roadster. Another one is the '58 Ford Pickup that's been out for awhile. A possible is the '32 Ford Victoria. I know it's out.Just need confirmation it is a Trophy kit. Pretty good crop of Trophy kits! Maybe somebody can come up with some more.
  27. Share the Love?

    Of course building models to please magazine photographers and editors may not be what everyone wants from the hobby.
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