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Hello guys

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 02:26 PM

Hello everyone,
I thought I would drop in and say hello being the newest member of the modeling site here and with the fewest models to boot.I just got back into this game with my 8 yr old son.I'm a hot rod lover and looking at building up my collection with mainly fords 1929-40 and then maybe to muscle cars.I just bought my first one yesterday from the goodguys collection
(1932 ford 3-window) and just today another goodguys 1941 willy's.I almost forgot how enjoyable this hobby was and when all the kids are off tucked in bed I can go and relax in my own little scale model world and just relax.I will have many questions being new at this again.First,I was looking for the name of the hod rod on the cover of the model cars issue #112 that I saw and if in fact you can buy one.It is purple in color and has flames and doors that open.It looks as to be a 1937 ford or a boyd coddington smoothster model.Can someone please help in finding me this model.Thanks Dave
PS-I would like to put on spark plug wires on the 32 and need to know the best way to do it.Thanks again all.Good Night and happy modeling.

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 03:28 PM

Yes, you're right, it is a Boyd Smoothster that Eddie Hard cut open the doors to.
The two kits you got are some of my favorites. I have at least a dozen of the `32's and about the same of the Willys, in differnet forms.
As for wiring the Ford small block in the `32, it depends on how detailed you want to go. The easiest way is to get Replicas & Miniatures Co. of Maryland's predrilled distributor and some wires from Detail Master and follow the firing order the 302.
If you want to go all out, get the RB Motion miniature spark plugs and boots, and some photoetched spark wire looms and use real car mags for reference on the layout of the wiring.
We are going to run complete engine wiring and detailing articles in the very near future.
Again, welcome, and hope you enjoy the board.

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 03:39 PM

Welcome to the site!

The Good Guys '32 coupe is a sweet little kit, great to get back in the game with, so to speak. Everyone has their own way to add plug wires, and hopefully some others will post theirs.
Here's what I do: I use 30awg "wrapping wire" from Radio Shack. It's a single strand, jacketed wire that looks "right" for 1:24 and 1:25 scale. It comes in red, white, and blue (God bless the USA!), and the jacket can be painted if handled lightly. For the plug boots, I strip the jacket from a slightly bigger wire and cut to short lengths. To drill the holes in the distributor, coil and cylinder heads, I use a #75 drill bit in a pin vise. A small drop of CA (super glue) holds the wires in place. First, make sure the distributor posts are large enough to drill without splitting them. If not, file them down a bit so you have enogh material to drill into. Drill the holes approximately 2-3mm or 3/32" deep. Attach the heads to the block, and drill the holes where the plugs would be. You may want to go ahead and drill through the block so you have some "wiggle room" to get the length of the wires right. Cut eight lengths of wire, a little longer than needed to reach the cylinder furthest away from the dist, then attach them to the dist. If you are going to add boots, then make eight of them, and slip them over the wires. Start running the wires to each cylinder, making them look as natural as possible. Cut the wires a little longer than needed, and isnert them into the plug holes. Once you have the length correct, glue the wire in place, and slide the boot in place. Here's a flathead I did using this method:
Posted Image

Hope this helps,

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 08:30 PM

If yer gonna add ignition wires to, say, a Chevy smallblock, there are a coupla ways to go about it: over or under.

Here's an "under" example:

Posted Image

I used a prewired Part By Parks distrubutor and ran 4 wires to one cylinder bank and 4 to the other. Then I did the drilling and insertion of "boot" material (larger diameter wire insuation) and routed the wires under the headers.

Then there's the "over" example:

Posted Image

Again, a Chevy smallblock with a prewired distributor, but this time I used photo-etched wire looms and routed the wires over the top of the valve covers and ram's horns. Same deal on the plug boots.

It's a little tedious (trying to get them wires thru the itty-bitty wire looms could try a fella's patience) but it's not really difficult.

Just to voice an opinion, the thing that makes a model stand out more than any other single item is some detail witing under the hood. Just my personal opinion, but it's the only one I got. :(

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Posted 22 April 2006 - 07:08 AM

Welcome to the forum