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Valve Stems / Side Marker Lights

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 08:25 AM

I'm not shure if this has been posted before or not, so if it was, please for give me. But I have found another way of making a valve stem other then taking sprue and heating it up and pulling it apart and starching it is to go to you local dollar store or fabric store, go to the cloth pin area, and look for the all metel pins that are in the small black plastic boxes with the clear lids on. Some places they want 2.00 where some places only wants 1.00 for a box of them. They at mostly 1,000 in a box depending on what box size you get.

Anyways to make a valve stem, you need is a needle nose pliers and your hand and small drill bit and wire cutters. Just take the head of the pin and place it in your needle nose pliers and using your other hand and being careful, just bend the pin downwards. BUT hold the pin head very very firmly in the pliers though! It can slip out very very easy if not hold hard enough. It can cut you as well if it slips out (remember there is a needle point at the other end of it).

Take the rim you are working on and using the drill bit, drill a small hole just the same size of the pin rod in the rim. Now take the wire cutters and cut the rod down to size. Then easy fitted through the hole in the rim you drilled and if you can counter sink the hole alittle for the needle head to rest in. Once the pin is in place in the rim just add alittle glue to the head area and also smear the glue over the sides of the head as well making shure the head is covered all around. Leave the glue set up and also make sure the valve stem is also facing the same way you want it to be as well before the glue sets up and drys. You can use any glue you like. I use superglue for all my stuff though.. but that's just me though.

To make side markers for the older cars like the Road Runners and '68 Chargers with round side markers, just take and drill a small hole through the fender area, take the cloths pin and drill out alittle of the head on it, take some Amber orange or transparent red, and dab a small amount into the drill out hole area. This will give the head that marker light effect like the real cars back then had. You can place the pin head into the fender area and install and glue the back side with any kinda of glue you like to use (again I use superglue) but epoxy works great as well on this stuff too.

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 01:41 PM

Can we see pics?