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Model die cast car store in Saint Petersburg Russia

25 October 2013 - 04:32 PM

I apologize since there isn't much model cars in this store but a whole lot of die cast cars you rarely see here, i should have taken more pictures next trip will be way more, i just seem to always proceed to buying rather than photographing... enjoy hope you like it a lot of american full size 1 43 cars i plan to get a few soon, they are called neo models http://neoshop.replicars.nl/


Promo 61 Monterey 60 Galaxie

25 October 2013 - 11:09 AM

Although not finished or technically under glass, i got these 2 promos on ebay which i believe were never kitted so i really wanted to restore these. I payed about 35$ for both and think its a great deal, cars have perfect glass no breaks no cracks, the monterey seems to have came pre foiled by someone so i will leave it like that unpainted and foiled but will redo the front for detail and add interior detail as well as license plates, the 60 galaxie however will need a full group up restoration ( i am thinking turquoise with white top and white interior), what you guys think are these rare models/promos? Did i get a good deal? I saw some promos sell for over 450$. Thanks for looking. 


Restoring two old builds, a 69 Gto and a Shelby Gt 500.

17 September 2013 - 04:55 PM

Well, i absolutely hated the 3 builds i had in my large built model car pile and decided to entirely take apart and overhaul these cars ( the cuda is also going to get redone, i really have to overdo the whole street machine thing and probably mix the kit with an aar cuda kit i have that's missing parts) but that is not now and i am only doing the GTO and the gt 500, i built those about 5 or 6 years ago not sure and you can see they are not the best looking models, so i made them even more ugly with some tamiya weathering and paint markers and then decided to strip and repaint the bodies and other body colored components of the cars, i will also be adding some "restoration aftermarket" parts and new parts to these cars like the ford valve covers and air cleaners from the drag version of the GT torino i just built and did not use, could not let them go to waste and since my gt 500 427? engine i believe is missing its valve covers and air cleaners i will do these instead, the cars were parts cars for a while so some parts were taken. I will do them both stock as i was lucky to still have the leftover stripes and decals even for the engine, i did some street machine thing back then and didn't use some stock parts so i had a brand new 69 hood and face piece for the GTO and many other new parts, also got them brand new radial tires and new wheels, unfortunately the PMD decals for the center of the wheels could not be saved. I did save the original hood tachometer decal and the shelby caution fan decal as well, so i hope with the new wheels and the GTO update set the car will really brighten up, even though i wont be using the 68 grills and markers, many other parts work for the 69. I picked these colors as the restoration colors ( sorry i am crazy and really enjoying taking old builds apart and reviving them, i almost would do that over new kits)


Summer builds, 2 Torinos, 68 300 and a 69 gtx

14 September 2013 - 11:03 AM

Well i really enjoyed building these over the summer and all but the gtx are pretty rare and cool kits, i gotta say these torinos are the coolest revell kits ever and i would so do 2 more with the red and brown stripe decals, some of the minor errors i know of are that cobras probably did not have those gt laser stripes but i couldn't resist using another out of the 4 given in the gt kit since i had 2 torino kits in the pile, i mean look at them! Would so do a kit of a twister special cobra, king cobra and ranchero cars of this year, and of course if they had one a stock cyclone spoiler with those cool gauges which should really be re released! The wiring in the cars is probably not the most accurate and i don't have any official update kits for the wires just sewing store items, excuse for any errors there but i tried to make it look better than bare, it is a model after all. The torinos both got 2 different tachometers installed on the column and dash, i liked doing those goes well. The Chrysler 300s interiors is a little too flat but still looks great, i don't think there is any color this car should be done in but black or white because its such a rare kit and looks so official and like a very powerful luxury cruiser.

The gtx i did in silver and added resin hubcaps and experimented with a blue interiors first time, the stripes are painted and also the stripe on the GT torino is probably not common on the hood but i saw a 351 car with that stripe on the hood so maybe its an option for that engine only i don't know but, i copied it on the hood anyway.

Also pictures of all my stock muscle cars, or slightly but almost stock i guess. Lol there is a picture of the desk and the mopar cars on it from a year ago in the picture of the desk with more cars on it.

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Usps Problems.

28 May 2013 - 11:38 AM

So i have ordered something on ebay ( a rare kit that is..) and it was ordered on may 13. The first time the seller gets the address wrong and it was eventually sent back to him, so i was like fine one mistake is cool, mind you this item is from Pennsylvania and i live in new york so since most packages even from California take on average 2-3 days to arrive i got a little concerned, now the 2nd time he finally provides the tracking number and it says package was delivered: 9114901075742375721287 you can check out the tracking here, but nothing was ever delivered to my door and the seller is not responding at all, does this mean someone in building stole the package or what exactly is going on? Would love some suggestions from anyone that had this occur to them. Very Frustrating at this point paid over 50$ for this kit.