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Fujimi's Lamborghini Veneno

04 November 2013 - 11:25 PM

I'm not sure if news of a new release belongs in this section.


I just pre-ordered this from HLJ...




It's one of their 'Real Spors Car' series, so I guess we can look forward to an over simplified engine, and little underside detail. Still; it's just such an insane looking car that I though I must put one on my shelf next to my Countach and Mercielago. It'll make them look boring.

In scale metallic paint?

05 September 2013 - 02:58 AM

I suspect that this question must have been asked before, but I cannot see it in the search.


My question is about achieving a metallic paint finish that is in scale. I have never been totally happy with any metallic paint job I've done. The metal flakes in an automotive paint (by that I mean paint for a 1:1 car) are far too big. Take a look at these pics...






Admittedly, the 'glitter' effect looks worse on camera than it does in the flesh but the paint job does look like a custom metal-flake job, rather than a factory metallic.


I have only ever used automotive paints for car bodies, but I wonder if anyone knows of any brands or types of paint that will give a finish that is more in keeping with a 1/24 or 1/25 model?

DeTomaso Pantera with added detail

16 August 2013 - 12:17 AM

I thought I would build a 'quick curbside' out of the box from Fujimi's kit, but as always I'm getting carried away with adding extra's along the way. Here's a pic of a nice 1:1 Pantera with the kind of look I'm going for. If only I had a set of 1/24 wheels like that.




I've started with Fujimi's recent release. The proportions of this kit are so much better than any I have come across in the past.






I'm also using the PE set from Studio 27.




The first job has been to cut away the moulded in grill mesh on the front and rear - it will be replaced with PE parts from the Studio 27 set.






Curiously, the PE set does not include any door handles. I find raised details like this are hard to work around when polishing out the painted body so I am removing it. I will be adding the door handles back in after the body has been painted and polished.






Nearly ready for paint. Now what colour shall I go for...

1965 Ford Galaxie Street Machine

27 July 2013 - 04:36 AM

This kit has always had a special place in my memories. I built a Barris 'Cruisin USA' kit when I was a kid - it was one of my first models I ever build. It came out pretty well (by my standard of the day). I wish I had kept it, but many years down the line I have no idea what happened to that model (but I a few of the parts have turned up in my spare parts box!).



I found a more recent re-issue of the Galaxie on eBay. It has been started and is missing the engine. I thought it would be great to do this kit again - only this time, I'd like to think I have a better set of building skills.


My intention is to build a 'tough as nails' street machine with modern day 'real-world' upgrades. I'm thinking lowered suspension and monster V8, standard bodywork with simple de-badging and plenty of detail.


If anyone can suggest a good kit source for a Ford V8 I would be grateful. I know the standard engine would have been a FE 427, but I'm thinking of a monster crate motor.


The first area needing attention is the floor/chassis...






Although the exhaust could be made to look good with careful painting, I want to replace it with a 'performance' exhaust and I do want to up the level of detail as best I can.






...after an hour or so of scraping, filing and cutting one exhaust is gone.




With both exhausts removed, this has left two holes where the silencers were - now filled.


Any suggestions for a V8 would be welcome, as would your comments.


Decal question for muscle cars

16 July 2013 - 04:57 AM

I'm building Revell's 1968 Dodge Dart and I got a question about the black stripe decal that I'm sure someone can help with.


In fact, I guess this question would apply to any 60's Muscle car.


It's being built as a factory stock car, but what I need to know is should the decal be placed before or after the clear coat? I would have guessed that the 1:1 car would be painted in the factory and then the stripes applied over the top, but I have seen pics of cars where it looks like the stripes are under the clear lacquer like this...