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ebay items

17 August 2014 - 10:27 AM

So I was perusing ebay looking for datsun models (hoping someone has made a '80 510 wagon...might just give up on that) when I notice there's a lot of Revell Datsun 510 parts for sale.  I really have to give it to the guy/girl for being creative trying to make some extra money.  Selling PARTS of a model for a somewhat reasonable price....typically $3 plus shipping.  Now that would be great if it were a kit that was no longer available for reasonable prices but something as readily available as a revell datsun 510?  this cat is trying to make $200 on one kit!  


I would be willing to pay $3 shipped for a windshield from a Johan Cutlass or maybe a pair of bedsides from a 64 Ford pickup.  I guess if a person needs but one bumper or hood from the kit because in their kit it was either not properly formed or just missing and spending the ridiculous amount for a new kit now-a-days (upwards of $30 for a re-issued AMT 49 ford).


Really I guess I am just ranting now.  I suppose I can't fault the guy for trying to get ahead.  I just wonder how much money I could make if I were to list each of my parts box parts up for sale at $3 each.  ....50 lb of model parts at $3 each...I could retire!



Loctite GO2 GLUE

16 June 2014 - 01:58 PM

Loctite GO2 glue, I suggest you ALL get some!!!!

This stuff is UH-MAZE-ZING!!!! Dries absolutely crystal clear. is slightly flexible when cured. 


perfect for making lenses for dashboards. I don't think it will craze paint, but I haven't tested that yet. I havent tried to see what it takes to de-bond 2 parts, but so far I can't get the aircraft canopy off of the interior bucket that I glued it to.

It isn't incredibly expensive, but just a dot is all it takes so it should last a long time. 

a few drawbacks: it doesn't dry very quickly at all, so be prepared to wait a while. It is very thick and is very stringy so when you apply it be sure to take your time and use a toothpick or other applicator being cautious of strings. I don't know of anything that will remove it and wiping it is a BAD idea.


custom '50 chevy pickup

13 April 2014 - 06:17 PM

Being inspired by George Barris' Dream Truck,


I decided to try my hand at it.  


Starting with the AMT '50 chevy pickup, I destroyed several kits trying to build a custom bed.  Failed, stuck it back in the box for several years.  That's when I pulled it out again and stretched the cab, then it sat for a few more years.  Several kits were started and put back in boxes during this time.  Having not built a model in about 5 years now, I decided, after seeing a few of the Kings of Car Horders episodes, I thought I'd drag this thing out again.  I feel very motivated this time.  I hope I can carry on with it this time around and actually finish something.


Here's where I'm at:





Wish me luck!  It's only been about 5 years since I finished my last model.