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In Topic: Anyone customized seats to fold forward?

13 November 2012 - 12:38 PM

Thanks for the replies. I might try the two pins to bottom seat technique but curve the pins like a "J" so the seat back can rotate forward.

In Topic: Need some help on acura integra type r

12 November 2012 - 08:48 PM

Welcome aboard!

As far as filling the spoiler holes, there are a couple ways you can go.

1. Rough up the area around the holes with some coarse sandpaper or a Dremel tool with a rough grit sanding drum bit. Then fill the holes with either some 5-minute epoxy or Bondo (or another brand of 2-part filler), and sand smooth when hardened. Do NOT use "spot putty" or "model putty", as they will shrink over time and your filled holes will become indentations (usually after you've finished and painted the model!)

2. Another way to go is to hold a piece of scrap sprue over a candle flame until it softens, then pull the ends apart until you get a length of stretched sprue between the two ends. Then cut the sprue apart and jab the stretched sprue into the hole, using liquid model cement to glue the sprue into place. The liquid cement will actually fuse the sprue and the kit piece together. When the glue dries, snip off the excess and sand smooth.

I'm also working on same integra kit but 1st timer on customizing. Still working on body with a lot of customizing. I used Tamiya white putty for filling in joined parts - will this shrink after I primer and paint as you stated?
Thanks in advance. New member, just picked up modeling again from a very long break. Will try to post pics of current build.