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Never thought it would happen!

10 October 2014 - 12:23 PM

Some may remember my post a while back about when I finally was able to afford a 1971 vega panel express tube chassis drag car. From there, I continued to work and save to buy things like a distributor, waterpump, oil pan, little nickle and dime things I needed before I could drop the small block chevy my dad helped me put together in the car. It took us two weeks to get it running and driving in the race car. It's nothing special, just a 357 out of a 360 sprint car, it has iron heads, 12:1 compression, and makes about 600 to the flex plate, it's backed up to a TCI super street fighter turbo 350 and 3500 stall continental converter. By the time I got my car together, there was only 3 races left in the season. By the last race after some fine tuning and hiccups that slowed us down, I was racing in the high school class running 11.20's at 120 mph against kids in their Hondas or mom and dads Jeep Liberty running 17's at 80 mph. Bracket racing against a car 6 seconds or so slower than you is a learning curve especially when you're running them down and meeting them around the finish line moving 40 miles per hour faster!
I ended up going going rounds and winning the whole event my third race out in a brand new car running low 11's! To top it off, I cut a perfect light ( reaction time of .000 ) and my worst reaction time of the night was .054. I'm rather proud of myself having not drag raced in two years and only making a total of 9 passes in the car total before that race. Being successful in the car after all the hard work I put in to buy the car and everything else I needed to get it back on the track after sitting for 3 years, really feels good. The car still has some issues, mainly the engine has a really weak bottom end so its a ticking time bomb, I need new slicks, and a higher stalling converter. My goal for the winter is to buy a short block and throw a bigger solid roller cam in it, put my heads, intake, and carb on it, and have a bullet proof motor to get me in the 10's. I really have to give a big thanks to my dad, he has been here helping me along every step of the way, if it wasn't for him getting me hooked up with a friend who has some parts I need for cheap and even being there standing behind the car every pass I make I wouldn't be here right now talking about this. Anyways, here's some pictures of the car (Click on the pictures to make them bigger)

fictional K.S Pittman Willys

28 September 2014 - 12:59 PM

Almost a year and a half ago I started this build. After clearing the paint and decals, I realized the Accel decal is totally wrong for the era. From there I boxed the build for about a year. I recently pulled it back out and told myself regardless of how stupid it looks, it has to be finished. The 426 has ignition wiring and fuel plumbing from the tank to the hilborn injector and the steelies are from the parts box, other than that it's box stock. Try not to mind the silver paint that magically appeared on the radiator or the crooked front wheel in the last picture :unsure:  So here it is,








1970 chevelle cowl hood

08 August 2014 - 09:11 AM

Does anybody make a nice 4" or so resin cowl hood that will fit the revell/monogram kits? Lex's scale modeling has one but the last hood I got from him was 2x too thick, I'm hesitant to order from him again

1990 mustang lx street car updated photos

01 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

I recently completed the new revell five liter kit, here's the buildup http://www.modelcars...10#entry1234298
I did quite a bit of scratch building, I scratch built an 8.50 legal cage, mini tubbed it, and too much more to list, check out the build.
Here's the pictures, it came out pretty good but I'm not in love with the shade if paint
More pictures to come :)

The (re) start of my drag racing career car updates 9/9/14

13 July 2014 - 12:45 PM

I've been racing something since I was four. Starting out in an outlaw go kart that I raced from four years old to about 8 years old when I lived in Washington, my family and I then moved to my dad's hometown in Oregon where I still currently live. The rules at our local asphalt and dirt track were a lot different than those in Washington, our carts were making too much power with no restrictor plate so they were illegal. Slowing the carts down just wouldn't be fun to race anymore so my dad looked into other things. We found a guy with an old junior dragster that was looking to get into cart racing. Coincidence? I think so, we traded our four carts, two dirt and two asphalt carts to him straight across for the ready to race junior dragster. I started racing it almost immediately after we got it, my first racing season when I was 9, I took 3rd in the points race missing 2nd by a rounds worth of points. Between the next season we cleaned up the car and built a new engine for it to make some more power, that season I took second place to the 16 year old veteran who had several years more experience than I did. The very next season was a great season for me, I won two junior Wally's and took 1st in the points race beating my much older rival. From that year on I won every championship and brought home four more junior Wally's, a state championship, and a $300 savings bond.
Here's some pictures of the kart racing and the Junior
Now after two years of working all summer long, I'm stepping up to a full size car, after selling the Chevy luv I bought, and selling some parts laying around the shop, I had saved enough to buy exactly the car I've been wanting since I was racing the junior dragster, a '71 vega panel delivery tube chassis drag car. I bought it from a long time racer and friend who saved the car for me until I could buy it from him, not only did he save it for a couple years, he knocked about 5k off the price that it would cost to someone else. I bought it as a roller as the motor and tranny is coming out of my high school car. The seller left all of the electronics, the fuel system, plumbing, you name it, he left it. I still have to buy a new set of slicks for it, a new 5 point harness, and a new shift gate for the shifter (because it had a power glide and I'm putting a turbo hydro in it) and a few other things before it can hit the track
Pictures in the next post