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Trabant, but not as we know it.

20 December 2014 - 03:41 AM

There's a few old Irish sayings out there - one of them is "Where there's a will, there's a Trabant with a V8 stuck in it." 


















Stay tuned.


11 December 2014 - 11:54 AM

You may remember that I had a build thread up on my 1:1 scale GTI...

Well, I don't think I posted on the forum about this, but, I took my driving test a while back.. and I passed first time! So proud. Dead chuffed. That explains a bit of a lapse of model building.. but I'm now road legal!

Unfortunately, thanks to insurance companies being horrible, I can't insure the GTI :(

So I was stuck with the Fiesta...


Which, after I had refurbished the wheels to gun metal gray, didn't look too bad. 




So yeah, I passed first time! No faults, flew through the test. Had insurance sorted instantaneously the second I got home, and it was time to go out for a rip! R Plates put on the car, a restriction in the UK/Northern Ireland by which new drivers are restricted to 45mph for their first year of driving. I can honestly say, this is horrible. I can't wait till the year is over.




And literally within two minutes of passing my test, I had a demand for a mini road trip from a certain someone, so that was in order...






And it was all smooth sailing until... disaster struck. Literally within a day, the car was broke beyond repair. Something called an EAC fault, and we tried literally every single plausible thing to fix it, took it to dealers, took it to mechanics, all to no avail. Sent the car into limp mode and lost practically all power. Was practically dangerous to drive. And no.. this wasn't due to me! :P


So now.. I'm in my mother's car. A ford Ka. and this thing doesn't even have the decent wheels going for it.



Spot the difference...



I've also made a point of not washing it, which has led to some funny looks and some interesting artwork...








I do feel bad for the GTI, lying up and not being able to be driven, and now getting snow...




But who cares. Every school boys biggest goal. I can DRIVE!!  :D 



427 Motorsports - American Double Build.

25 October 2014 - 03:24 AM

So I've been super busy doing my most detailed build ever, alongside a pickup that's supposed to tow it..

 I got these kits second hand, and unfortunately the pickup supposedly has a tow bar but it wasn't in the kit. That's why these two are paired together.. the original plan was to have a trailer and have the dragster on the trailer. I'll get round to that eventually.



ANYWAY. Now that that's out of the way...


Coming from where I do, American car kits unfortunately aren't as common as I'd like, so I don't get to build them as much as I want to. But that makes the builds I DO get to do a lot more enjoyable..


I decided one day while bored at school, I'm gonna make a dragster. You know the sort. Big back wheels. Small front wheels. White letters. Scoop. One condition... it HAD to have a Hemi. I also wanted something cool and old to tow it around to shows and races... which leads me with these two!






I'm gonna give the break down in this post, and then I'll post the completed pictures of the two in the next post.


So, to start off. The first one. The Plymouth, the one I started with. 

The paint is Tamiya Olive Drab. 



boot opened, and custom floor made because I no longer have rear seats, and I needed one for the boot. Fuel cell added and wired in.



Hood pins front and rear. Scoop added to the bonnet, from the Hemified 68 Charger kit.

Seatbelts, Custom racing dash, custom steering column. Fire Extinguisher. Don't seem to have pics of the rest but they're there, I do have a pic of when the seatbelts were done though... 




Spotlights drilled out for vents. Headlights blacked out.


Light weathering (rust).


Wired distributor, wired "Moon" battery.



 - I had no room for the radiator. The Hemi was too big and it wouldn't fit in. I'm not sure what to do about this and am open to advice as I feel it looks bad without it. Any ideas?


- I had no BMF left. So, the chrome trim is painted, but on the GTX I used metallic grey for the side trims to make it a bit more subtle. 


- Boot wasn't very precisely cut out. I'm still learning how to do this properly.


So that's the Plymouth... Onto the Chevy!


This kit was made box stock, it's the prostreet version. So I don't really have a lot to say about modifications. I smoothed the badge on the front and added a standard Chevy badge, but that's about it. It was painted Ford Wedgewood Blue. (I know, Ford paint on a Chevy!!)


So, onto the pics.



The GT Collection - #2. GT5 Calsonic.

27 September 2014 - 04:25 AM

#2 - Nissan Skyline GT-R (R35) Calsonic Impul - Gran Turismo 5 (PS3, 2010)


Used in the Suzuka Circuit 1000km Endurance Race, in which I won first place.

For pretty much as long as the series existed, there has been a Calsonic Skyline in it. It is, arguably, the most famous livery of the JGTC/Super GT, matched only by probably the yellow and black Pennzoil Skylines that used to race in the 90s.
The newest version, the R35 GT500, was first featured in Gran Turismo 5, and it was the 2008 version. It was this version I used in the Suzuka Circuit endurance race to great effect, and racked up more miles on this car than any other I used in the game. So, when I think of this game in the series, I normally first think of this Skyline. 


The car in question (I know, this is a shot from GT6 and not GT5, but you get the idea)






I used Tamiya's new kit, which fits amazingly, but unfortunately doesn't match this car exactly as it's a Fuji Speedway winning version.. so there's a few differences. (No canards on the front, bigger arches, different mirrors, decals that aren't in the kit for this car but are on the car in the game.. etc.) So really, it's more of a homage to this car, as it's not a perfect replica.


I decided to make it as a "post-race" version, with light weathering. Thankfully, it didn't rain during the race on the game, so I didn't have to do any hard weathering - as it's the most expensive kit I've ever bought, it would've been a shame to make it too dirty. I had to custom make some canards, they're not perfect, but I'm not really a scratch builder and they'll do the job for me.


So without further ado, and with my obligatory GT Collection licence plate.. here's the Calsonic R35.



















The GT Collection - #1. GT2 Supra.

06 September 2014 - 08:09 AM

So,  I’m starting the Gran Turismo collection of models, since I found that doing a collection inspires me to build more - like it did with the 90s Rally Cars.

They’ll be signified by the Gran Turismo licence plate on ‘em, somewhere, and I’ll mention the game(s) I had the fond memories of playing with that car in.

So, to start off on what will probably be a looooong time going.. is a Toyota Supra.




The Gran Turismo Collection.

#1 - Toyota Supra Twin Turbo - Yellow - Gran Turismo 2 (PS1, 1999)


I've never really liked the Toyota Supra.

I know that some people see the car as a God send, but to me, it's always just been.. bleh. I've never really found any of the variants to be overly attractive, and the whole Fast and Furious scene has meant that most examples out there have been ruined. Somehow, though, it wound up in my stockpile. I never really had any inspiration to build it, it was always sorta just... there. But I had the memory of having one in Gran Turismo 2 all those years ago, not very much, mind - but still. It was a spark of imagination, anyway.




So, I got ahead with building it. Colour is Ford Signal Yellow. I took some wheels from a Toyota Corolla WRC from the stockpile and painted them gun metal grey. I also opted to paint the headlight inserts gun metal, and the rear ones body colour. Box stock apart from the wheels and my Gran Turismo Collection licence plate.















(I know, I didn't paint under the bonnet or fill in the sinkholes.. Truth be told, I never do, my models are never displayed with these open, so I don't see the point. I only really open em to show you lot.)




Thanks for lookin', all comments appreciated. :)