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In Topic: AMT Cal Drag Combo

Today, 12:26 PM

AMT%20T357-300%20IndyDragVG+.JPG  Merry Christmas  :lol:


I am right that the Willy's trailer has no ramps?

In Topic: Ford Escort RS1800 12/24 Update

Today, 11:06 AM

Thanks Randy & Robert


Here are the fabricated and installed Panhard bar brackets both on the chassis and the axle.



In Topic: 1941 Willy Pickup Gasser

Today, 06:20 AM

Very nice and very purple!  If I can make a suggestion; if your are going to go to the trouble of paint detailing the chassis make the effort to clean up the parts as well by removing the molding seams, ejector pin marks, part numbers etc.  This will lift the overall level of your build and takes no special skills just a little more time to perform.  Keep building!

In Topic: 71 Cyclone Spoiler kit bash

Today, 05:58 AM

Nice work Raoul.  I am anxious to see how you straighten the bent A pillar.

In Topic: Revell Mysterion finished

Today, 04:57 AM

Very nice, love the rear wheel/tires.