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41 Willys box stock quick build

14 September 2014 - 11:25 PM

Something to do in a weekend and get one on the shelf.






Scratch built Lowboy Tri Axle

12 September 2014 - 02:08 AM

OK I decided to build one of these after seeing so many others scratch built.







66 Nova door's ?

08 June 2014 - 10:01 PM

Do they open to the inside edge of the fender?

OR do they swing away from the fender?

Thanks for any help.

God Bless

Black Ice Pete

01 March 2014 - 11:19 AM

Been away a while but been messing with this one when I can.


Every other truck I have started is packed up or busted up  so this is my new start I guess.

Lot of custom work on this one.

It will be trimmed out with a lot of my scratch built and stainless metal items.

That's the reason for this build is to show off the items that I sell for these trucks.


The hood has a straight edge all the way down like the 379 for the look without stretching the hood, cowl, fenders are not finished. 

It has my grille insert on it and it will have Stainless trim with a Stainless turbo and single lights with J brackets.

It will have a wide bumper for the front.


The cab window brace's have been removed, front and side, it will have my parts added Stainless Visor, Vortex style Air Breathers, Lower cab trim, custom mirrors.


The sleeper has my Light panel on it with the visor style rings, my airlines will be added later.

I added a piece of .080 to the top of the sleeper like the high tops have just for something different.

It will have Turbo wing on it also.

Turbo wings came from Eric at P&P Resin


The rear deck is a test run of one I will be selling also, the rear bumper has Aluminum rings for it.


The frame will be loaded with Stainless and Aluminum parts.

Fuel Tanks, Battery box's, Tool Box's, Big pipe's.


The tires have been detailed with small files to look like the Pete rim's, smooth lug nut and center cap covers and valve stems.

Stuffed with foam to fit the rims right.

Not perfect, but there still nice looking.


This is just mock up, still have to tweak some things to get the stance I want, but its coming along just fine.


And it will be painted my favorite color mirror finished black.


It will be pulling a racing trailer that I got from good ol JT on here detailed up a little bit, loaded with a, well I'll keep that a secret for now  ;)  but it will be bad and black also B) DSC07872_zpse39d1ba2.jpgDSC07878_zps78c1379a.jpgDSC07879_zpsb1623ca1.jpgDSC07871_zps7716bc4b.jpg

Air and Electric line kits Photos up now.

16 February 2014 - 05:29 AM

If anyone wants a set send me a PM for details.

I scratch build these for 1/24-1/25 and 1/16 scale Trucks.

My computer is back up again and I'm selling these on E-Bay and here.


Some of you have got some of these from me and know how well detailed they are,for those who don't know about them they look just like the real lines complete with boxes for the electric lines and hanger springs that go on a bar on back of the truck or sleeper.


And for the Revell of Germany Peterbilts I have sleeper panels with simulated lights and aluminum rings with the eyebrow design on them, not just a plain ring.

They replace the kit panel and were test fitted with the kit sleeper.


Photos are big but a least I got them on here now.

Later I will be selling the rear fender decks If you want one let me know.


Shipped in the lower 48 States U.S.A. only.