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In Topic: Has anyone built any Banthrico metal kits..?

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

Aren't the Banthrico items slush-cast as opposed to die-cast?  (I don't collect early promos so I've never had one.)  Slush-cast, whether resin or metal, gives you inconsistent thickness which would make cutting out the windows an exercise in frustration.

In Topic: Set the Wayback Machine for 1969...

Yesterday, 03:11 AM

$1.77 was on the high side...K-Mart had the $2 retail kits for $1.44!  They seldom had any Jo-Han stuff though.  The 1/20 scale AMX was a $3 retail kit...that one would have been a deal at $1.77 though...

In Topic: AMT Cal Drag Combo

24 February 2015 - 07:55 AM

The Ford and Chevy pickups used different trailers.  The Ford's single axle trailer was sized to fit Trophy Series cars, the Chevy's trailer was bigger and had two axles.  Full size, late model cars could fit on it.  Most of the racing team trailers are based on the Chevy pickup trailer.  It was sold separately in the early Sixties too.  If there is a box for the separate trailer (other than a mailing box) I'm not aware of one, or what it looked like.

In Topic: How much are you willing to pay ?

23 February 2015 - 05:44 PM

You guys are getting killed on the exchange rate lately.  In my job, every so often I deposit Canadian cash at the bank.  I hadn't done that in a few months; when I looked up the exchange rate a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked.  Locally, we get a fair amount of Canadian shoppers at the malls...not as many lately though...

In Topic: 370hp station wagon. 1 out of 8 made.

23 February 2015 - 05:00 PM



I'll assume these guys know what they are talking about.  My older brother was a mechanic all his adult life, so he knew a Q-Jet from a Holley or an Autolite carb.