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In Topic: What Kits Had/Have Glass-Pack Type Mufflers?

Today, 02:18 PM

Grab a few old magazines, check the ads, and scratch your own.  Those companies often had full-page ads with nice big color pictures, so you can get the colors right too.  A lot of the AMT Street Rods series kits had header mufflers, but those were usually generic looking.

In Topic: I saw this at a car show. Seriously.

Today, 03:22 AM

At least it's not an HHR with pinstriping and peel-and-stick portholes...

In Topic: How many other kits gave you a "Station Wagon" option ?

Yesterday, 06:49 AM

I've got a first-issue roof, it's a bit warped but easily fixed.  It looks like, if it is used, the windshield area won't look good unless you are really careful.


Another thing about that Nomad kit: none of them I have seen have vent window panes.  Just yesterday, I lucked into a huge box of stuff at an automotive swap meet...in there are parts from what I believe to be a first-issue Nomad, judging by the time frame of everything else in there.  No pickup roof, but there is a windshield...no vent panes.  The parts kit I got the early pickup roof from hasn't got vent panes either.


If I ever get to doing one of those as a pickup, I'd do it the way I think AMT should have done it...I'd cut the roof even with the back of the "B" pillar, then rework the opening to fit a rear glass from something like an early Mercury Comet. 

In Topic: How many other kits gave you a "Station Wagon" option ?

Yesterday, 04:09 AM

Both of those Type K wagon kit use the same body, with rounded wheel openings and Firebird fenders and doors.

In Topic: How many other kits gave you a "Station Wagon" option ?

Yesterday, 02:15 AM

The Airfix/Lindberg Kammback body/Monogram chassis was done as an article years ago, in the "other" magazine.  Probably long out of print.


If you throw pickups into this, there's the AMT '65-'66 Imperial convertible, and the MPC '69-'70 Bonneville convertible.


Look closely at that '55 Nomad instruction sheet...it's a first issue.  At some point the pickup roof was reworked.  The first issue roof was smooth and replaced the entire wagon roof except for the vent frames.  Later issues have a roof that splices into the wagon roof midway over the doors.