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In Topic: What kind of music.....

14 December 2014 - 05:06 AM

BTW: I just saw Korn & Slipknot last Saturday in N.J.

Wow....... 🎶🎶🎸🎶

In Topic: Vote Revell Share Your Dream

14 December 2014 - 01:57 AM

The problems the 914 had out-weighed any benefits. In 1980 rear brake calipers were $350, and they would seize-up with rust if they got wet..... Plus the Flexi-flyer sensation of chugging around inches off the pavement in a rust bucket (at least up here in NYC) made fir some thrilling rides. But I was so into Air Cooled German cars back then it didn't matter.

In Topic: Excitement here?

14 December 2014 - 01:43 AM

Tom, obviously not ALL OF US are MCM Forum "junkies".  Some people actually have a life away from this place....... I don't see how they could though... LOL :lol:

Rich would get a 👍 too....

In Topic: Excitement here?

14 December 2014 - 01:42 AM

You managed to sit that out?
Some of us have emotional issues because of it!     :rolleyes:

We need a LIKE button.....

In Topic: Excitement here?

14 December 2014 - 01:40 AM

Glad to see all is normal!

Yes, between work, the Holidays, and family I've been elsewhere. I have a Holiday gift I have to finish do my WIP threads will start later today.

And don't get me started on Its a Wonderful Life. I find Mr. Potter's reference to the Italian-Americans as " Garlic Eaters" rather racist. Imagine substituting different food and race today?