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Cobra 427 powered '65 Mustang

17 October 2014 - 05:03 PM

I wanted to build a '65 Mustang to celebrate them being around for 50 years.

Picked this up at the Local Hobby Shop, yep...we have one in Hollister.



I had an extra 1/16th scale SC Cobra 427 engine leftover from a few Cobra 427 builds I had done earlier. I thought the 427 would be nice fit in the Mustang. My goal was to build a "sleeper" so to speak.


​I liked the American Racing Wheels in the kit, but didn't want to go with the Big/Little stance. I was able to get an extra set of wheels from Mike Kucaba in exchange for the Cobra 289 engine. I went with the front wheels on all four corners. My friend Steve Allemand gave me a set of tires beefier than the stock tires in the kit.


The 427 engine went into the mustang fairly easy, just had to fabricate a couple of motor mounts.

I stayed with the cast exhaust headers and went with the dual carb set up.


The body was painted with MM Ford Wimbeldon White and the stripes/interior is Ford Viking Blue from Scalefinishes.


Here is the finished model:



















Thanx for lookin...

oh yeah, it's 1/16th scale

1:25 Small Block Chevy "Heartbeat" Valve Covers

08 October 2014 - 06:09 PM

Just wondering if anyone has ever made (aftermarket) or was a set ever included in a kit...

small block Chevrolet "Heartbeat" engraved valve cover:



thanx  :unsure: 

1/16th '65 Mustang American Racing "200-S" front wheels

25 September 2014 - 06:42 PM

Looking to see if any of you out there have a set of American Racing "200-S" front wheels from the 1/16th  AMT 65 Mustang you don't need.





I wish to put a set of these on all four corners of the 65 Mustang I plan on building.

Just can't see buying a 2nd kit for two wheels.


Open to trading parts from the kit, not using the 289 Cobra engine nor the stock wheels and tires.

Will also buy them for a reasonable price.


Just PM me if you can help me out


Shock Top Special...barstool racing on the salt flats

19 September 2014 - 05:39 PM

At a recent model car club meeting a discussion started on the upcoming NNL West in January of next year. The Special Theme for the show is "Land Speed Record Cars" and someone mentioned they race anything and everything at venues like Bonneville, etc., so I responded "Barstools"? 

Guess what, there is a class for barstools at Bonneville. They must be powered by a 12 volt electric motor and use only one battery.

The current speed record at Bonneville for an electric barstool is over 53 mph!


Here's a photo of a barstool racer on course:



Inspiration and design came from the world speed record holding barstool racer shown below:



I decided to build one for the NNL West. 

It would be 1/12th scale and need a "bar" theme, hence the Shock Top Special - to honor one of my favorite adult beverages. Additional sponsorship would come from "Johnny's Bar and Grill", a local watering hole in Hollister, CA.
















​thanx for looking'...





Lewis Hamilton's 2012 McLaren MP4/27

08 September 2014 - 01:27 PM

I had a friend send me this model to build for his collection.


It's a 1/20th scale model of the McLaren MP4/27 Lewis Hamilton drove in the 2012 Australian GP produced by Fujimi (GP-43).

He qualified on the pole, but finished in third place.


Body is painted with Mr. Color Super Metallic "Plate Silver Next" SM08, kit decals supply the additional colors.


Typical Fujimi plastic model kit, everything fits superbly!


















This is what a front wing with 27 pieces looks like:


only took about 5 hours to build, ooofta!


thanx for looking'