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In Topic: Cars that SHOULD be in the USA

Today, 04:53 AM

Hmmm, I wonder if I'm allowed to buy it there and bring it over to the states?
Man what a car!  I loved the reviews on it.
Another beauty;

Ask your customs people, they will tell you.

In Topic: Cars that SHOULD be in the USA

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

Anything TVR but the Tuscan is super nice!

There is a TVR dealer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and he brings in whatever people want but the demand doesn't seem very high.

In Topic: Another local shop closes it's doors

22 June 2015 - 01:06 AM

In this area we are very lucky. Within 30 minutes drive, I have 4 quality, well stocked hobby shops specializing in model cars, parts, aftermarket, paint, glue. There are probably another 10 hobby shops that specialize in radio control and they also carry model cars and paints. The hobby is well served here.

Recently, my favourite computer/electronics chain (Tiger Direct) closed all their retail stores. I bought my last 4 computers from them, as well as monitors, cables, etc. They also did repairs, upgrading, etc. When I emailed, they said that I could buy online. I asked who was available to show me and explain the new products and they said, 'no one'. Now I have to find a new computer store. I prefer to shop face to face when I am buying a new product.

I understand buying online to save a few bucks but when your 'favourite hobby store' closes, was it really your favourite? :( And when you have a problem with a kit, have fun returning it by mail :( Some of the local hobby shops have had people come in and ask for help with a problem kit, such as a warped body or missing parts, and they tell the person to take it back to the company they bought it from :)

Remember the James Garner movie 'Support Your Local Gunfighter'? Try supporting your local hobby shop as well :)

In Topic: Do you buy warped Promo's and can you straighten them?

22 June 2015 - 12:48 AM

If the promo is an old piece from the late 1950s to early 1960s, it is almost impossible to fix it. The problem is not warping but the plastic breaking down. The old plastic was very porous, filled with miniscule air bubbles, and as the promo sat, the air bubbles would burst and the air would escape, thus causing it to change shape. It may look warped but you cannot reshape it back to it's original shape. The best way to stop it from changing shape is to disassemble the promo and coat all the painted/molded in colour parts with a clear coat, thus sealing the plastic. You will notice that it is very rare for the chrome plated parts to change shape, that is because they are coated. The plastic changed about 1960/61 for most promos and the problem stopped.

(this explanation was given by the late John Hanley many years ago)

In Topic: 3D printing growing as we speak

21 June 2015 - 12:41 PM

What type of paint do you use on 3D printed parts?