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Yesterday, 05:01 AM

I have a small business and I have sold a few sets of the AMT Tire Packs at shows and to dealers. They are not a fast mover but they do sell. I think the high cost is due to the packaging and getting the tires made special. Getting parts made one at a time will always cost more and that reflects in the retail price. I often have people asking me about a set of wheels and tires from a certain kit but to break up a kit is not feasible. I have been to shows and seen vendors selling wheel and tire sets at $15-$20 each and they sell a lot of them, both plastic and resin, so there is a market for them. 

In Topic: 1:1 pinstriping

09 December 2014 - 01:54 PM

Look for the books and DVD by Herb Martinez, one of the master stripers. Read the books and watch the DVD carefully, maybe more than once.


There are all kinds of brushes but Mack makes some of the best. I have a 000 and a 00000 Mack brush and they are excellent! I need more practice, lots more :) There are several steps to striping: learning to mix/thin the paint. One Shot is what I was taught to use and I have several colours. Learn to load the brush, don't be stingy with the paint but don't load it so that it drips. Before painting, run the brush over a smooth glossy paper, like Readers Digest. This helps to smooth the paint in the brush so you get even flow. Learn how to clean the brush. Use proper brush cleaner. A lot of people use varsol or thinner and while they will get the old paint out, they may damage the brush. If you are letting the brush dry, hang it so that the bristles are down as this allows the liquids to drip out and not get dried in the ferrule.


Now the hard part...pulling lines :) Start with a series of straight lines. If you use the Beugler system to make straight lines, you will have trouble making curves. Anyone can draw a straight line, even an untrained monkey :) I have spent some time pulling lines and I need more time. 


I have been working with pinstripers for several years and watching them is very interesting. The real good ones have a natural touch and feel for the brush, paint and car. One of my friends does some very expensive restored cars and has striped some recent Pebble Beach Concours winners. Go to my Fotki page, then scroll down to the AUTOFEST 2014, 2013, 2012 albums. In there you will see several photos of people stripng cars. Remember, patience and practice. To become an overnight striper, you will need several years experience :)




21 October 2014 - 11:06 PM

actually the entire kit is available in resin, including (but actually purchased separately) the stand, trophy and girl. regularly sold on ebay out of Australia and the casting is not the greatest especially on the small delicate pieces like the trophy figurines.


guess what, for 25$ each even on speculation, I am in, for 2 of them. evidently judging from the email I just got back from them I am order number 40 so someone is buying them, that would seem to be since yesterday. even if it does flake out this promises to be an interesting gamble. certainly better than some dog catcher thingamabob.


but a dog catcher thingamabob in the hand is worth at least a couple of these in the bushes.



If the kit comes out as it is now being talked about, $25 might cover the shipping cost, not the kit cost. One thread on another site has the kit being produced via 3D printing, which would cost a lot more than some people realize, probably more than an original kit on Ebay  :huh: Don't hold your breath waiting for a new kit. I doubt it will happen. As for the resin copies from Australia, I know someone who bought one and was very displeased  :( This whole subject is getting rather redundant  :(


21 October 2014 - 04:44 PM

The girl is available in resin  :rolleyes:


All this talk about a car that may not even exist, may not have existed since 1969, the last time it was shown. Hmmm... :D  Maybe the real car was never built by Steve...maybe it was built by aliens who used Steve as a front  :lol:


FYI...I still have my Uncertain T from 1966 and the trophy and recently sold my spare built-up.



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08 October 2014 - 01:37 AM

It almost has scam written on it :) However, as P.T.Barnum once said, 'there's a sucker born every minute', so somewhere someone will buy the first registration and think it is really something special. I think it's a load of manure :) 


Now, everyone go to their computer and make your own plates for all your models. Make your own design and your own set of numbers and a proper registration list so you know all your models are yours. Don't forget to charge yourself and pay your bill promptly :)