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In Topic: AMT Shelby USRRC Cobra Update 5/23

23 May 2013 - 06:02 PM

Okay, it's been more than a little while since I threw an update at you.  Time to work on this car was in short, short supply the last few months but even so, I squirrelled away a few minutes here and there.  These are the things I have more or less been working on.  I saw a local contest in 2.5 months is going to be a Shelby tribute so I figured if this thing should debut at any show, that would be the one.  This gives me motivation and a deadline, so maybe this one will be on the shelf soon...


I worked on creating a better looking radiator for her.



I started working with the doors.  Previously I had thinned them more to scale, now I needed to add the missing detail like the door frame.  Once it's in place and painted with a latch and working hinge, It should look pretty good.




I then drilled and filed out the lower control arms to look more like the real car.



I did many other little things like the lip around the hood and trunk, cleaned up the firewall which will be skinned in aluminum, thinned down the front fender wells, created the water collector/fuel log, started workin on the footwell air ventilation tubes, fuel tank, deeper rear wheels, and test fit, test fit, test fit and maybe some more test fitting...


Engine bay so far




And couldn't resist a wheel mock-up.



In Topic: Revell (Accurate Miniatures) Corvette Grand Sport with photo etch and resin

10 May 2013 - 05:25 AM

HRM (Historic Racing Miniatures) also makes some resin parts for this car.  They have more detailed upper control arms and a header assembly that alleviate some of the fitting issues and of course, are cast very well.  VRM (Vintage Racing Miniatures) has a wonderful pair of decal sheets for these cars as well.  The good part about them is they each can do 5 cars! 


I have this same kit and most of the same parts as well on my bench cycle.  I chose to use the clear dash from the kit rather than the photo-etched one.  I wanted the dash to be more 3-D and the photoetch just didn't look right.  I drilled out the guages and then sanded the back of the plate to thin it to scale.  The guage faces provided on the VRM decals are so detailed, you can read the odometer and look great behind the thinned kit panel.  I also chose to use the transmission from MCG that included the shift linkage and photo-etched shifter.  It seemed to be better molded than the one in their GS mulit-media kit.  I also got a halibrand and tire from HRM to replace that fugly spare molded with the rear frame parts so it looks much better.

In Topic: The Best Car Ever Tested?

09 May 2013 - 08:27 AM

Okay, It's not a long trip type car but how many of us drive under 225 miles on a daily commute and don't spend over 6 hours at our destination.  It seems this car is targeted toward luxury car buyers that care about the environment, or at least want to appear as though.  It's not everyones cup of tea but it is, according to CR and others, a very impressive car.  CR is just saying this is the car that has gotten the highest test scores ever, according to their testing.  If I remember right, this is Tesla's first ground up car as their roadster was Lotus based.  For a comany to hit a home run first time at bat, that's pretty awesome!

In Topic: King Cobra Torino

09 May 2013 - 04:21 AM

Funny thing, I picked up an old 280Z kit at a recent swap meet and was starting to think seriously about finding a torino kit to try mounting the front end on. Then i remembered all the other projects awaiting my attention...

About twenty years ago I'm sure I saw one of these on a trailer in Ontario and I even took pics but danged if I can find them. I can remember the four gauge pods in the dash and the datsun-like front piece but sometimes I wonder if I dreamed it becuase I've found no stories yet of an ontario connection to these.



You may have seen a '69 Talladega?  The '68 and '69 Torinos had the four-pod guage dashboard and the Talladega had a nose cone on it with a flush grill.  It was the car that lured Petty away from Dodge for a year or so.

In Topic: mom and pop vs. big hobby shop

09 May 2013 - 04:12 AM

sometimes it has no bearing. sales associates are often given the authority to regurgitate script, and not the authority to solve problems.

 And this happens often.  You just have to explain to them politely that they did nothing wrong but you'd like to talk to a manager.  The manager is usually the one with the authority to make the changes or offer solutions.  That's what I did with Sony.  It won't work every time but it's worth a try.